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Are the IRL RSS feeds expected to work?

When I saw that IRL had location-based RSS feeds I subscribed to the Melbourne, Australia feed and assumed that I'd hear about it if anyone was looking to get something together... And finally, there's something in the feed! Only problem is, it's from 5 months ago...

Do these location-based feeds generally work? Has this just been some minor insanity in Safari's feed-client? Did that item just get nudged because, hell, it's Australia Day and there's got to be something going on?
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They only just added "proposed" stuff to the RSS. I had sent a private message about the feeds because I had subscribed to the state of Florida feed, and assumed I'd see if anybody was proposing a meetup here, but when I popped into IRL and saw there was a proposed Tampa meetup, I wondered why I hadn't seen it in the feed. Turns out that only confirmed meetups were being included, but everything's in there now. Yay!
posted by Gator at 4:25 AM on January 26, 2011

I just learned yesterday about a great exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago which ended THIS week because an old IRL event popped up in my RSS feed for the first time. I was pretty bummed that I hadn't heard about the exhibit before.
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As Gator mentioned we just added Proposed events to feeds yesterday. When we added the 'Proposed' category, we weren't sure yet how it was going to be used. We were concerned that a location like NYC could have dozens of proposed meetups and the feed could be mostly events that aren't actually events yet. So until yesterday only confirmed events with a date and location were included in location feeds. We haven't been inundated with proposed meetups and it sounds like most people want to see an IRL post whether it's a confirmed event or not.

Sorry about the confusion. Some old posts are going to show up as new in your newsreader because they weren't in the feed before.
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ah, fair enough...
posted by russm at 1:52 PM on January 26, 2011

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