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In an article about how 'push' technologies to give users personalised news are returning (second page), Wired mentions Metafilter as "[a weblog that] provides a personal, human editorial slant that machines can't mimic." I don't see Metafilter as a weblog that brings me personalised news - there's a lot of links and discussion that I skip over - but I do think it serves a useful purpose in bringing me interesting news that falls outside of my usual preferences.
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After reading the article, I can say I have zero clue what one has to do with the other. My Yahoo, My Netscape, etc are far more customizable than these news summary apps. Newsblaster doesn't appear to be personalized, customized, or push, so I have no idea what the author is talking about. It is a neat idea, however.

My guess?

The author of the article got over her head with some buzzwords, and trying to find an angle.

Also, the reference to metafilter as newsfilter stings.
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