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I seem to be the first one back home and at a PC, so I guess this'll be the NYC mefi meet...please post links to pics and whatnot...Rob the EMT does exist and he says fire away with reports from the feild brothers and sisters...
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reports from the field:
#1) JonMC owes me a mix tape
#2) Pale Girl is my evil twin sister
#3) Goneill owes me a phone call
#4) the Real Janet Kagan signed my book!
#5) my attempt to impersonate matt haughey "after the operation" was surprisingly ineffective.
posted by lizs at 12:20 AM on April 26, 2002

Wait, Liz... you weren't Matt?

posted by anildash at 12:38 AM on April 26, 2002

photos coming...

see, I do post!
posted by 10sball at 1:25 AM on April 26, 2002

-- JonMC does not -- I repeat -- does not have a mullet.
-- CamWorld is becoming Master of Swag
-- Pale Girl has a bottomless purse
-- Did Miguel ever call?
-- Everyone was *very* easy to talk to, good news for any shy people who didn't come this time. Now you know, so you can come next time!

Had a great time, guys... :: cheery wave ::
posted by metrocake at 4:33 AM on April 26, 2002

Hmmm... My eyes shouldn't be this red this morning. Either I developed a nasty little coke habit in my sleep or I have a hangover (you bastards!).

posted by lizs at 5:42 AM on April 26, 2002

First-rate socializing, indeed...but next time, could we do this on a Friday night?
posted by BT at 6:11 AM on April 26, 2002

evanizer's strip tease was my favorite part of the evening.

posted by witchstone at 6:16 AM on April 26, 2002

damnit! i missed a striptease?
posted by captain obvious at 6:28 AM on April 26, 2002

ooh my head hurts right now! but what a good time, although unless it came after I left, we did not get calls from Miguel and unclefes :(, but we felt their ghost hovering over the room...
posted by jonmc at 6:53 AM on April 26, 2002

I had a fabulous time, although the beers were going down a bit too easily.

-Jonmc does have a mullet in his driver's license photo. And is way cooler in person. I'm holding his picture as ransom to make sure he doesn't release my mullet picture.
-Evanizer owes me samples of his art.
-I got a book signed, too!
-Cam, after his disasterous attempt to be Dave Winer, gave me a shirt. And a business card.
-Witchstone humoured my futuristic philosophies about web interfaces.
-Lizs is a doll to talk to.
-For that matter, so are goneill, palegirl, witchstone, and captain obvious.

I'll have to get an all-night pass next time. I did have a very nice time. Just hope I didn't make too much of an ass of myself. I'm impressed by the brain trust we seem to have in the New York area.
posted by rich at 7:00 AM on April 26, 2002

Wow, sounds like fun. Too bad I had to miss it. I gave a bunch of shirts to Dave Winer to pass out for me. I hope you got them.

- The Barrett tripletts made yet another appearance
- No get-together is complete without Anil
- Bars make my clothes smell of cigarette smoke
- Pioneer Bar has a nasty Amaretto Sour
- CamWorld T-shirts are good for mopping up spilt drinks
- Grrrrrrr!!
posted by camworld at 7:13 AM on April 26, 2002

pictures! pictures! pictures!

WARNING: I don't think I got shots of a bunch of people but there where 38762 other cameras so oh well. Oh, and I don't know what a flash is.
posted by 10sball at 7:51 AM on April 26, 2002

Hahahahaha... pictures of our iPod geekery! Will have to post more of my thoughts later, but it was definitely a fun time. (Damn you all for keeping me out 'til 3am on a weeknight!)
posted by nstop at 8:01 AM on April 26, 2002

It was nice to meet everyone last night.

I didn't learn a long list of things, or maybe I did and forgot them already. After a week of low sleep, last night didn't help much...
posted by andrewraff at 8:01 AM on April 26, 2002

Great pics Chris, thanks for posting them.

Oh and I already mentioned it in the other thread, but I was on the train from CT to NYC at the time after hanging out with my mom all day, and by the time the train rolled in to Grand Central, it was late, so I went home instead. Sorry I couldn't make it.
posted by riffola at 8:02 AM on April 26, 2002

Who is the bearded man?
No, not this bearded man.
posted by anathema at 8:12 AM on April 26, 2002

things i learned through the haze of alcohol:

-palegirl is a gardener
-jonmc was sure someone was going to kick his ass
-anildash & mathowie were once lovers
-realjanetkagan is a very generous author
-camworld is obsessed with underwear (his own and other people's)
-rich likes to argue
-cowboysally has a nice big belt buckle
-nstop used to work at the village voice
-monickels has a terrible memory
posted by witchstone at 8:13 AM on April 26, 2002

Hey! I do not like to argue!

Oh, drat.

(and I did end up kicking jonmc's ass)
posted by rich at 8:16 AM on April 26, 2002

I wound up leaving -- sadly -- at 10:45. Trains out to Boonieville, Long Island only leave once per hour; I just made my train. Got home at 1:00 am. :P If I didn't say goodbye to anyone, I'm sorry! :(

Side note: On the train ride home, someone's cell phone/beeper began playing Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" over and over and over again. For 45 minutes. Straight. No pauses. I'm guessing they set an alarm of some kind -- to tell them their stop was coming? -- but slept right through it. There were people literally standing over them, trying to wake them up; one guy was shouting, "Homes! Homes! Wake UP, homes!"

LIRR. Feh!
posted by metrocake at 8:19 AM on April 26, 2002

Is it me or does this pic make evanizer look like Suge Knight?
posted by jonmc at 8:20 AM on April 26, 2002

Could be, rabbit...but I think this pic is an album cover. Quite nifty!
posted by metrocake at 8:24 AM on April 26, 2002

God, what happened to the stamina of my youth? I had a really great time, crapped out somewhat early, and still woke up under-rested this a.m. I should have stayed out 'til 3 with the rest of yous. NY MeFi'ers are a handsome, charming lot. (To think that my boyfriend wanted to know if I'd be wearing my prescription pants and bringing my multisided dice with me.) Nice photos, Chris! Much thanks to realjanetkagan for the book. Also thanks to Dave Winer for the Camworld t-shirt. I'd be up for doing this again.

posted by cowboy_sally at 8:33 AM on April 26, 2002

Thank you all so very much...sorry for my early exit but I'm a total lightweight, and when I started getting more beer on my shirt than in my mouth, I knew I had passed "go." (I promise to pace myself more effectively next time, and eat dinner before beers.)

But yes, very easy to talk to people, and some of the best conversation I've had in quite a while. More, soon, please.

posted by ltracey at 8:48 AM on April 26, 2002

Lotta smokers in enwye. I recognize jon and evan, but can the rest of us get some captions and I.D.'s on the others?
posted by yhbc at 8:50 AM on April 26, 2002

Apparently, the New Yorkers know how to socialize! Look at that turnout! Let this be a lesson to the LA crowd. 15 guys huddling alone and afraid in a Santa Monica bar does not a MeFi-together make!

Ye gods!
posted by Kafkaesque at 9:04 AM on April 26, 2002

sorry I didn't make it - ended up being uptown until past 10, past 11 by the time I got back down this way - I swung past pioneer on my way home but didn't immediately see the group & was tired anyway: but next time I'll be there. Cool pics. also sounds like a plethora of free stuff...
posted by mdn at 9:16 AM on April 26, 2002

ok, this is a little bit freaky.

Looks like a lot of people were there. MetaFilter has a posse!
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:50 AM on April 26, 2002

Got there late & had to leave much too early -- still managed to fit in two quick beers and talk to a bunch of y'all. Maybe we should do this at Remote the next time, for the instant gratification webshots. Now, can we see some footage from that cute intel camera?
posted by muckster at 9:56 AM on April 26, 2002

Please, for the benefit of those of us non-New Yorkers, someone, post a referenced pic like steveis did for the L.A. gathering.
posted by bingo at 10:37 AM on April 26, 2002

Okay, here's my synposis: Total turnout about 25. Not only was everyone good-looking and brilliant, but they brought free books to hand out (thanks, Janet), free t-shirts (thanks, Cam), pancake batter (thanks, Aunt Jemima), a bunny rabbit (thanks, Baby Jesus), Hello My Name Is tags (thanks, Evan, who also sculpted realistic pancakes with butter for a few special people) and everyone seemed heavily invested in supporting the tobacco lobby. I'm pleased to see that there are, so far, no pictures of *my* fat ass, but three of Anil, and three pictures of a picture of Matt, who was not even there (and so not embarrassed by the candle-covered shrine). I should add that Cam was more full of shit last night than I have ever seen him. I had three of four really rock-solid geek conversations in one of which the phrase "multi-bayed striped Firewire RAID" came up. Also discussed: sign language, what it takes to get a Hugo Award, Carolyn's belly button, French, various web personalities who are assholes, stylish tampon carrying cases, university, work, play and love. Cam discussed his sex life. I couldn't tell if he was lying, but he seemed tired.

I'm really sorry I didn't get to talk to more people but there were just too many: maybe we should do it like speed dating next time. Seven minutes of quick conversation, then rotate, with group mingling after.
posted by Mo Nickels at 10:47 AM on April 26, 2002

Let the wild excuse making begin! I'm sorry I didn't call - I throw myself upon the mercy of the Posse. That said, here's why: (a) I was travelling yesterday, back to St. Lou from suit-HQ in (of all places) Greensboro NC; My travel plans included a lengthy time cooling my heels in Cincinnati (my assistant, who handles my travel arrangements, takes a certain not-so-secret glee in generating hours-long layovers in not-very-handsome airports; it's bad when you start wishing, 'man, why couldn't this be Atlanta?'), from which I was going to call at the appointed time, but (b) a pair of jagoffs in Greensboro decided to skip their flight, which was not mine, but the flight at my gate directly before my flight, prompting (c) a generalized holdup of all linearly following flights to be pushed back about 40 minutes, to which I figured (d) no problem, but (e) Cincinnati had it own problems, including some bolts or something falling off a plane, to which ComAir (a subset of Delta that I generally fly) responded not by pushing back flights but pushing them up - my 9:50 flight subsequently began boarding at about 9:10; and I ended up in a sort of business-class herding pen, where I (f) wondered when the dudes with the boltguns would show up; concomitantly, one of my least-unreasonable bosses (g) telephoned me on my cell, whilst I was in the holding pen, and kept me on the phone through release from the pen, the walk across the tarmac, up the steps into the plane, into my seat and up to the point where the steward (ahem) notifies me with a glower (not even close to goneill strength, but still) that it's time to stop being a yuppie fucko and hang the hell up, which being a non-troublemaker when it comes to air travel I do - but not before observing that the charge on my phone is 1/2 a bar, to which I respond by (h) turning it off to conserve power and (i) writing myself a mental note to call Pioneer as soon as I get off the plane, which I totally forget because when I do eventually get off the plane it's (j) late (after midnight EST, which I am on), and I'm (k) super-tired from (l) lack of sleep coupled with (m) tons of turbulance during the flight. About halfway home, I (n) remember I'm supposed to call! So I (o) fish out the trusty cell, (p) fire that mutha up, only to confronted by (q) the low battery signal (duh!), I dial Pioneer anyway and get (count 'em) ONE ring, to which of course no one responds, and at which point the phone (r) calls a battery-oriented audible and (s) turns it's fool self off.

Add this all to the well-known fact that I am a legendary dumbass and what do you get? No call :( I'm sorry, mostly for myself, since I didn't get to participate even vicariously in what was obviously a good time.

Next time, I swear.

Great pictures, btw, save for the massive blurriness and what looks suspiciously like, um, matt pr0n?? Evanizer! :)
posted by UncleFes at 10:52 AM on April 26, 2002

- Mo Nickels watched me stick a lit match in my mouth
- Everyone at the other end of the bar was asking "What the fuck is Metafilter?"
- When witchstone has to pee, she really has to pee.
- Can any one tell me who that guy is who showed up that looks exactly like me? I'm gonna have to kill him.
- I'm wearing CamWorld™-brand boxer shorts right now!

posted by camworld at 10:59 AM on April 26, 2002

I think it's really precious how nicwolff and joemaller support jon in his delusion that there is someone named Rob who is his friend and an EMT. Riiiiiight.

I was reluctant to go last night but I'm glad I did. I had a fantastic time. I was surprised by how glad I was to see again all of the kids from the Brooklyn MeFiesta. I've grown attached to you guys!

Especially BT.

I've always suspected that I am an evil twin, so it was great to finally meet my other half, liz s. I was surprised by the girls club that was quickly established and that I'm glad to be a member of. Monthly meetings, commence!

Even if Nic Wolff isn't a girl. Still.

I was convinced he was a girl because of the spelling of his name. I discovered in Brooklyn that he is not. In fact, he's a pretty cool guy.

Chris! Those photos! Your camera is a digital Lomo!

Cowboy Dana had me confused with someone else, for which I teased her without mercy, but it was okay. She's a very cool girl.

Certain people are exactly like you would expect they'd be. (Cam, Grant, them.)

The confessional nature of online posting does sometimes extend to real world gatherings. It's great to become fast friends with people you never expected you would.

I drove in so that I wouldn't drink but that didn't work. People kept buying me drinks (thanks guys!) and it was not until I woke up this morning with much hangover that I realized how much I had imbibed. Yikes. Well, I got home in one piece, anyway.

Thanks everyone who came for being pretty cool.

p.s: I like how my pale friend renee's only comment in this thread is disappointment at having missed a striptease. oh renee.
posted by palegirl at 11:10 AM on April 26, 2002

Oh the envy, the bright-green envy! Still, this thread shows it knows what is meant by "vicarious". Gnarled, reluctant thanks to you all. :)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 11:20 AM on April 26, 2002

all of the kids from the Brooklyn MeFiesta

Dammit, there's been two Brooklyn MeFi get-togethers, and y'all keep referencing the second like it was the only one!

Why must I be tormented? Why? WHY?!
posted by anildash at 11:41 AM on April 26, 2002

Why must I be tormented? Why? WHY?!

Did the first one suck? Maybe that's it :)
posted by UncleFes at 11:43 AM on April 26, 2002

Damn, jon, you must be hungover seeing as you posted this to "bugs".
posted by Ufez Jones at 4:17 PM on April 26, 2002

BTW, what happened to the group portrait and the 4 million other people with cameras' pics?

and rest assured fellow mefites, we're not that blurry in person, well not early in the evening anyway....
posted by jonmc at 5:52 PM on April 26, 2002

I want to hear from anyone who showed up, looked around, and left. Respondents may be eligible to test Offline Ease, a new drug which smooths the sometimes difficult transition from online expectation to offline reality.
posted by Opus Dark at 6:08 PM on April 26, 2002

Opus, if anything the NYC crew is even cooler in person. BT is still funny as hell, Evanizer is still the ultimate Master of Ceremonies, and to shatter all stereotypes about web people the MeFemme's are all major babes.

So thaks for the idea, but Offline Ease wont be neccessary.
posted by jonmc at 6:18 PM on April 26, 2002

Dear Lord, non of the digital pictures in the Apple commercials look like that.!
posted by ParisParamus at 6:18 PM on April 26, 2002

Good God, jonmc, your enthusiasm is...well...almost contagious...I'm leaving before I catch something.
posted by Opus Dark at 6:33 PM on April 26, 2002

posted by holloway at 6:36 PM on April 26, 2002

People, the NYC crowd of metafilterites are one hot and sexy bunch - men and women alike.

I felt like a mutt at the Kennel Club dog show.
posted by rich at 7:06 PM on April 26, 2002

Now now, rich, don't be modest. You have the sleek lines and proud bearing of a prize greyhound.
posted by BT at 9:14 PM on April 26, 2002

You have the sleek lines and proud bearing of a prize greyhound.

You mean like this prize greyhound?
posted by jonmc at 9:24 PM on April 26, 2002

Hey, mullet-head.. don't go throwing stones, now..

I've only nice things to say about you so far...
posted by rich at 9:28 PM on April 26, 2002

Opus, when are you going to start a blog?
posted by normy at 10:18 PM on April 26, 2002

Great pics.
You are a bunch of sexy bastards, aren't you.
Also, you're all going to die from lung cancer.

posted by dong_resin at 12:47 AM on April 27, 2002

I wish I had showed up earlier, but, as mentioned earlier, I was busy getting myself indoctrinated at kaplan up the street. still, i got me a book, had a great conversation with realjanetkagan and mr. realjanetkagan, and said a quick howdy to a couple other people. Noted that the gender balance was close to the outside world's. oh yes, and thanks to camworld for the shirt, which i'm wearing right now (ooh, a new muscle shirt!) i played with pancake bunny, and got my week's worth of passive smoking. Pretty good for being there only an hour and a half.

As well, I learned that it was the MTA's spring subway cleaning and I learned the F doesn't go everywhere it's supposed to go for the next month. Oh yeah, and relearned that the subway exit I usually take at Union Turnpike is closed after midnight. I got quite a bit of exercise getting back home.
posted by meep at 10:57 AM on April 27, 2002

I'm finally chiming in here. I'm going to make a purty page featuring descriptions of everybody and my fun photos when I get back to Connecticut tomorrow evening, so check back here for more meaty Metafilter fun.
posted by evanizer at 11:06 AM on April 27, 2002

Opus, when are you going to start a blog?

It's a secret. Hints: Astrology, planetary alignments, golden trumpets, and the Book of Revelations.
posted by Opus Dark at 2:02 PM on April 27, 2002

Its a rainy sunday afternoon and I'm quickly becoming bored. I know I saw some other cameras out there... so where the pics at???

In other news, forgot to mention above that I had a great time, even as an almost full time lurker around here. There was a great mix of people and personalities... I think all of them friendly. Nowhere near enough time to talk with everyone though.
posted by 10sball at 2:15 PM on April 28, 2002

I did fell very weird, though.. since everyone I introduced myself to was always like;

"Hey, I'm palegirl" or "I'm captain obvious" or "10sball" and I turn around and say "I'm rich." And I get blank stares, not knowing if they're waiting for my handle, or just didn't know who I was, or, well, both.

Although, a funny thing would have been if someone said "So, what's your real name?"

Evanizer - where are those pics?
posted by rich at 7:52 AM on April 29, 2002

"I'm rich" seems like a rather snooty thing to say.
posted by shinybeast at 7:51 PM on April 29, 2002

I am so fucking jealous of you bastards that I'm literally seething.

Cool. I don't think I've ever seethed before.
posted by ColdChef at 8:21 PM on April 29, 2002

If it's any consolation, ColdChef, we talked about you.
posted by BT at 9:27 PM on April 29, 2002

It's true, we did....I said "How 'bout that Cold Chef, huh?"

posted by jonmc at 9:34 PM on April 29, 2002

When you speak of me--and you will--be kind...
posted by ColdChef at 5:00 AM on April 30, 2002

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