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"I was seduced by bloggers." CNet copy chief Jennifer Balderama writes yet another press piece on the blogging phenom. The difference? She keeps a blog herself, and knows full well what else has been written on the subject, and what she's getting herself into. This strikes me as a better attempt than the usual auto-generated weblog press à la megnut. Thoughts?
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It reads like every other blogging piece I've seen--but she noted that some of her email got nasty after she commented on hotbutton political issues. Surprise!
In an earlier MeTa thread I noted this happens a lot among webloggers--especially on the Israel/Palestine issue which likewise divides the MeFi community.

That's about the only thing I noticed about this piece which doesn't cover the same well-trampled territory of "You've Got Blog" and all the rest.

I don't really have much to say here but since nobody else had a comment, what the hey.
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