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Morgens from seven to nine is Joerg Kantel, 48, to speak for nobody. The breakfast igelt itself right after the EDP leader citizens of Berlin of the institute for Max-Planck for science history with half-breed dog Zebu at home in the work room. Then Kantel surft by the World Wide Web, fishes important and funny out and spreads its booty, with comments and left garniert, over the web page "shock wave rider". Kantel loves the net Anarchismus: "pressefreiheit for all", demands the ex publisher of an underground newspaper.
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Well, yes. Now is the time on Sprockets when we blog. (That
is from the German Focus magazine via Google’s lovely autotranslator.)
But, with 99 percent of blogs just linking to the 1 percent who write anything,
and now with all of these stupid articles about blogging, and then, of course,
the constant links to those articles, is there any way in which blogging could
possibly shove its head farther up its ass? Besides this post, I mean.
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I'm kinda confused... and why is this filed under bugs?
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It should have been "general weblog-related" -- it was in the first preview, but I must have screwed up the category setting somehow after that.
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Oh. For a second there I thought that clavdivs had somehow morphed into pracowity.
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Has anyone started work yet on an "average English" --> "brilliantly disjointed clavdivs English" translator?
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Actually I've noticed an odd and disquieting clarity and paucity of creative spelling in clav's posts of late.

Are we facing the end of the world as we know it? (If so, I'd like to state for the record that I feel fine.)
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I think we spoiled everything by making him aware of his artistry. Now he's a master natural athlete suddenly looking down at his feet because someone said he has an unusual style.
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Administrator! Hope M....

Oh, forget it. It's funny, but I used to skip alot of clav's comments because I couldn't make any sense of them. But then, suddenly, there arose a clarity and simplicity in them that became perfectly lucid. It was if the scales had fallen from my eyes. I'm now his number one fan.

He even made a breif appearance in a dream I had last night: In the dream I was at a computer and I followed a link to a clavdivs blog! I don't remember anything about it, other than that it was pinkish-lavender and had lots of little neon-coloured flowers in the design. A prophecy, perhaps?
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> I don't remember anything about it, other than that it
> was pinkish-lavender and had lots of little neon-coloured
> flowers in the design.


Anyway, I really did come here to discuss blogging (as if it hadn't already been discussed and discussed and discussed), or even to discuss discussing blogging (to discuss why bloggers discuss what they do so much -- that was the head-up-its-ass bit of my comment above), so I hope no one thinks this was intended purely as a joke thread.

But now that pinkish-lavender bit made me forget what I was going to say.

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You were saying something about a fish and a dog and a subterranean newspaper.
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Odd. I thought we were discussing his booty. :D
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i have size 11 bowling shoes. i like to avoid attention...(whurls cat by the tail around head) well its either the disjunct histrionics or dusting off the MLA...blogs a workin...Buick grey background so far.

on topic, translator tech is something im brushing up on. Blogs are getting a lot of attention due to old premises...decentralization of media and perhaps it creates a state of continual polemics that many see. who knows. the blog is gettin flogged out with attention. i say where at the gates of the gates to the golden age. (so, anyone think Bill Gates will get involved with AOL/TIME.)

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I hope no one thinks this was intended purely as a joke thread

if it was, wouldn't it be funny? Or am I missing the joke, yet again?
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We entered the terrace with a bread for solvent, but dismissed the keeping with the strays. Queen Mab had been to bed but slept only between the dreams of candy corn and mistaken identities. Never to be forsworn a cobweb's fortune in slender grass, the rain tore through the air like rays of sun. Baking in the noontime breeze, she lifted her lids to behold the sight of a new dawn, crumbling at the feet of a majestic bluff. The poker game was fixed, and the blade cut deep into the jack of hearts. Passion is a lost art when the decks are stacked against them. Still, some lived to see a new day, and marked their calendars every year hence for hope of a new understanding.

I know for not what of that I speak yet still I shall speak yet again anon.
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> Or am I missing the joke, yet again?

posted by pracowity at 10:29 PM on May 6, 2002

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