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A picture of weblogs shows a cool gridded pattern of many weblogs and the incoming, outgoing, and shared links. Not all blogs listed (but you can add yours, or request that it be taken off). A cool representation of the blogging community. (via daypop top40)
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As seen here, with a new URL.

I'd love to see Blogdex generate something like this, especially if it could track the spread of links that pop up on a third of blogdom ("Which fictional alien disease are you?").
posted by snarkout at 3:38 PM on May 8, 2002

Altairian Toe Pox.

And you?
posted by Kafkaesque at 3:49 PM on May 8, 2002

Ah, crap. my bad. i didn't even think to search MeFi, seeing as how I thought it was a MeTa thing.
posted by Ufez Jones at 4:05 PM on May 8, 2002

I like looking on that applet for yellow spiders -- sites with a lot of outgoing links and no incoming links. It's a good way to find weblogs I've never heard of before.
posted by rcade at 4:35 PM on May 8, 2002

Maroon spiders are fun too - just to see the pretensious fucks that don't link to anyone, eh?
posted by Ufez Jones at 12:14 AM on May 9, 2002

Hey, careful there. There are plenty of people (like me, RebeccaBlood) who have very large portal pages but don't link to a lot of weblogs from the front page in the traditional sidebar/blogroll. Different design choices, not pretension.
posted by Medley at 4:29 AM on May 9, 2002

Ufez: Maroon spiders are a great oversimplification. First, we would have to find out how this thing was seeded in the first place, as it doesn't seem to be what would be expected.
Case in point: Kottke(because he's always the example, isn't he?) If you look him up, you'll see that he's one of the "pretentious fucks" you're talking about.
Problem is, he has a good-sized link list on his page. For some reason, the picture only shows three or so outgoing links, but LOTS going in.

Zeldman isn't in there at all. Neither is someone else I know who is in one of the "other" A-lists. And for some reason, SurvivorBlog is there, though not linked in or out at all, but Ernie's main blog page doesn't appear.

And what Medley said.
posted by Su at 6:30 AM on May 9, 2002

What's fascinating about this to me is that this applet is over two years old. I know, I know, almost nobody was reading weblogs back then, but it's interesting that the meme has been dormant for so very long, and then suddenly is experiencing a revival.

I wonder if, once we have ten years of weblog history behind us, we'll be able to look back and see repeated waves of interest in Lego Monty Python, Mega Flicks, Art Frahm, etc.
posted by jjg at 9:17 AM on May 9, 2002

I was wondering if it was just my memory that had told me the site was that old. My initial reaction to hearing that Ernie's LYD wasn't on it was, "well, it's probably older than his site."

Glad I'm not nuts.
posted by anildash at 10:22 AM on May 9, 2002

I almost posted this here the other day, because in the last week or so a few people in some MeTa thread or other were discussing how neat it would be if "only" someone would do something exactly like this.
posted by sudama at 12:47 PM on May 9, 2002

Yeah, the results for my webjournal aren't accurate. I have quite a few more links pointing out/in than are listed. Come to think of it, a Google 'links to' query for my site is wrong too. And Blogdex. Strange.
posted by evanizer at 4:34 PM on May 9, 2002

i would kill to see this done for web comics.
posted by clango at 8:23 PM on May 9, 2002

a few people in some MeTa thread or other were discussing how neat it would be if "only" someone would do something exactly like this.

I was one of those people, and the really embarrassing thing is that I've seen this before, too. Yay for me! Time for a new brain, weirdo!
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 1:35 AM on May 10, 2002

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