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Did something change in the embedded image in ask.mefi RSS feeds?

I have what may not be the most common usage - I get ask metafilter as an RSS feed in Pulse on the iPad.

I like being able to glance at the headlines and part of the question, tap to expand if it piques my interest, and tap again to open the full page if I want to answer/see others' answers.

There is usually one image embedded in the post in rss, which tells me how many answers are already there. But either Pulse has change its display method, or metafilter its embed method, because now the number image is considered the primary image of the post, and instead of seeing part of the question, I see the image and the headline.

Not sure if this is clear, so here's an image of the line. The way I like it / the way it was on the right, the new and less useful way on the left.

Is this on mefi's end?
posted by mhz to Bugs at 11:56 AM (3 comments total)

No, sorry, we haven't changed anything about the feeds. This sounds like a question for Pulse.
posted by pb (staff) at 12:04 PM on October 19, 2012

posted by mhz at 12:06 PM on October 19, 2012

rss is fine, soooooooooooo fine
posted by rocketman at 1:38 PM on October 19, 2012

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