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"The Good Life" - In there among Angling, Summer Camps, and Dating are "Web Logs". Forbes Best of the Web.
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Breaking the silence, I'll issue the expected complaints:

Nuzee is a weblog?


Ah. That feels better.
posted by RJ Reynolds at 2:04 PM on June 5, 2002

The "reviews" are nothing more than barely descriptive paragraphs. I was hoping to read some juicy gossip or maybe a little well-deserved praise about y2karl's wonderful drylongso radio program, but it barely gets a mention.

I think it was Lance Arthur who said, "They can say whatever they want as long as they get the url right", so I guess one sentence is better than none.
posted by iconomy at 5:47 PM on June 5, 2002

yeah, but 'the Drylongso'?

< moe howard>I'll 'the Drylongso' you..< /moe>

*smack!* *nose pull* *whappity whappity*

y2karl: now plutocrat approved.

My new platform:

Lower taxes for the rich!
Brutalize criminals!
Corporations uber alles!

yada yada & so forth...
posted by y2karl at 8:23 PM on June 5, 2002

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