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MeFi Swap II. Are you interested in taking part? More importantly, are we doing it?
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It didn't fit in any other categories, and it's is a gathering kinda.... ok fine I messed up :)
posted by riffola at 8:52 PM on June 19, 2002

Sure. Wasn't there a website associated with the last one?
posted by dogmatic at 8:55 PM on June 19, 2002

And what is it exactly? Maybe a link to the last one?
posted by ODiV at 9:01 PM on June 19, 2002

A tape exchange, right?

(Original external website)

I assume tapes of my (now dead) english teacher yelling at Marcus Lush are acceptable. I have hours.
posted by holloway at 9:10 PM on June 19, 2002

Tape or CD? And I'd like to be involved.
posted by ODiV at 9:12 PM on June 19, 2002

MeFi Swap was a CD mix swapping program which emerged in a thread about a similar swapping program for bloggers. We talked about it a few times in MetaTalk too.

In round I, everyone was supposed to send out 5 CDs to 5 people picked randomly from the list of participants, and in turn receive 5 CDs from 5 random senders.

Not everyone got their 5 CDs, but a bunch of us did send our CDs. Even though it wasn't a 100% success, the idea was good, and we talked about having a second round in summer.

I suggested in the last round that tapes, MDs, etc be allowed on the basis that person receiving one doesn't mind it.
posted by riffola at 9:18 PM on June 19, 2002

Uh, yes. YES. YES. YES.

Did I mention I want to participate?
posted by mr_crash_davis at 9:26 PM on June 19, 2002

Yep, I'd love to.
posted by bshort at 9:27 PM on June 19, 2002

It sounds like a good idea. Who's organising it? same as last time?
posted by Foaf at 10:20 PM on June 19, 2002

If anyone can recommend a good burner compatible with a first-generation iMac (please email me), I'm in. I had to send tapes last time & don't know how well that went over. : )
posted by bmarkey at 10:32 PM on June 19, 2002

i was in the last one and had mixed feelings... might i suggest something: make it a SWAP. ie, if i am sending a cd to crash davis, he should be sending one to me. this is not what happened last time. i got five cds from five mefi'ers and then sent out my cds to five different people. i thought that was kinda weird.

also, i would recommend that people who participated last time submit names of people who signed up but didn't actually send anything out. they shouldn't be "participating" again.
posted by dobbs at 11:10 PM on June 19, 2002

I'd definitely like to participate, please!
posted by kittyloop at 11:26 PM on June 19, 2002

I sent out 5 CDs last time, and didn't get any in exchange. I'll gladly participate in another exchange though.
posted by drezdn at 11:58 PM on June 19, 2002

I'm in.
posted by bingo at 1:29 AM on June 20, 2002

I would like to be involved, but am not sure whether I will have access to a burner. Having said that, one thing that I would like to suggest is (if it is logistically feasible) it would be fantastic to see tracklistings of all of the cds on a website somewhere.
posted by urban greeting at 1:35 AM on June 20, 2002

sorry for the long post...

urban greeting: some folks posted the tracks of their mixes for MefiSwap I here. once it was requested i think a lot of people blogged or posted their track lists on their own sites.

as for the MefiSwap website, i think it got all our email signups to deviant, but it didn't go much further than that. i can't even log into it now.

in regards to those who didn't hold up their end of the bargain in round one, deviant said: "And those of you with complaints - would you really want me sending your address/email to everyone that you were to send a CD to? I didn't think so. Please, don't ask who's list you where on. If they didn't hold up their end of the bargain, that's their bad karma to deal with." also, dobbs, anyone who didn't receive five cds in the last swap has no idea who didn't send them a disc, so they can't submit the names.

should a round two go into effect, here are some suggestions:

1. during registration allow participant to state a) whether they will be sending cds or some other media and b) if they'd rather receive only cds, or are open to some other media. this would hopefully open up the swap to many more people. along the same lines, i think overseas (from the USA) participation was an issue that came up as well.

2. i like the suggestion of making it an actual swap. groups of six--five cds sent out to the folks who are each sending you a cd. this makes the first suggestion a much easier proposition, it seems. it also might up everyone's accountability.

3. along the lines of getting lots of people involved, i think a mention on the mefi gatherings page would be keen (it'd also validate the category for this thread)

i got four cds last time, all of which were jam-packed with awesome music (settle, that transition from iggy pop into the roxy music track really was killer). i had a blast making the mixes and the liner notes. so i'm down for round two.
posted by carsonb at 3:18 AM on June 20, 2002

Count me in.
posted by adampsyche at 4:08 AM on June 20, 2002

I'd like to take part again, as well. I was very pleased with the selections that I received, and pretty pleased with the mix I put together. I would've appreciated a bit more feedback on my disc, so perhaps this time around we could have a forum or something. (I'd gladly host. I have a BB system that's not being used at the moment.)

I was 3/5 on the receiving end, though, so I would like to see heightened accountability this time around. Bad karma doesn't quite cut it in the temporal world -- those who renege on a pledge should bear a little consequence for that, if only not being trusted to be a part of such schemes in the future.
posted by Dreama at 4:24 AM on June 20, 2002

Did you guys send the same 5 mixes out, or did you make 5 different ones?

Count me in.
posted by ODiV at 4:45 AM on June 20, 2002

I'd participate-- I did Burn, Baby, Burn, which had the 5 people, 5 CDs thing. I got all 5 of my CDs, so that is one way to enforce accountability, if such a thing is important.
posted by yerfatma at 4:47 AM on June 20, 2002

I'd love to participate; I'd prefer it if we avoided Deviant's system, however. Although I signed up, I never got emailed a list of addresses, and wasn't able to later log in. the frustration!

Also, Miguel, where's my cd? :)
posted by Marquis at 5:03 AM on June 20, 2002

Totally up for it.
posted by kebab at 5:15 AM on June 20, 2002

So who's going to organise? I'll do it if no one else wants to. I have a little teeny bit of free time.
posted by Dreama at 5:18 AM on June 20, 2002

I want in but am in the UK.
posted by Frasermoo at 5:55 AM on June 20, 2002

Sure, I'm in. Let me know if I can do a useful deed like host a mailing list or write some software or something.
posted by majick at 6:12 AM on June 20, 2002

I would like to be in on this one. Please put me on the list.
posted by lampshade at 6:20 AM on June 20, 2002

Sounds cool. I will now ready my burner and large collection of Mel Tormé bootlegs...
posted by lupus_yonderboy at 6:39 AM on June 20, 2002


hhmmm...Mel Torme.....

posted by lampshade at 6:42 AM on June 20, 2002

I'm in as well
posted by jnthnjng at 6:51 AM on June 20, 2002

count me in.
posted by modge at 6:55 AM on June 20, 2002

Count me in!
posted by sigma7 at 7:01 AM on June 20, 2002

I'm in... I have a 4X mitsumi mechanism IDE CDRW to give away if someone needs it to partake. It should work with Nero or Direct CD.
posted by machaus at 7:02 AM on June 20, 2002

I'm in.
posted by tdismukes at 7:26 AM on June 20, 2002

Me too.
posted by i_cola at 7:46 AM on June 20, 2002

As if you had to ask,

posted by jonmc at 7:48 AM on June 20, 2002

Last time jpolous and deviant were running the show, I am not sure they would mind it if someone else organized it this time around.

A few things that we should keep in mind this time around. Everyone should have to send out a mix to at least one person outside their country. Each participant can opt for their preferred mix formats i.e. audio tape, CDs, MDs, etc. For example, I don't mind receiving a mix in CD, MD or audio tape format, but I will send mine out as CDs. Also the CD could be regular CD audio (which I prefer), or a CD ROM with MP3s on it (which I think we should avoid.) Everyone who joins is held accountable for their mixes. I only received one out of the five mixes I should have got last time. So this time it would be nice to know who I am supposed to receive the mixes from, so at least in future, the ones who didn't hold up their end of the deal get excluded.

It would be great if there was a way to keep track of the mixes, although there will be too many mixes and participants to do this manually. Perhaps we could have registration open only for 5 - 7 days, and then once registration is closed, and the mailing lists are sent out to everyone, we could give everyone one month to send out their five mixes. At the end of the month, I can just post a status report on a site. How many mixes did I send out, how many did I receive, who sent them, and who didn't send their mixes. Now say if someone sent out their mix but I don't get it within one month, I can later go mention that I did receive a mix from that member, and it would not count as a strike against him/her.

Also if a participant fails to send out more than 2 mixes he or she should not be allowed to take part in future swaps.
posted by riffola at 7:51 AM on June 20, 2002

lampshade: A friend of mine is interviewing Groening and Castellenato (sp?) next week. He will, of course, record the interview. I'm begging him to let me get Homer to say something personalised for me...

posted by lupus_yonderboy at 7:52 AM on June 20, 2002

Late to the party again.... I'm definitely in.
posted by bifter at 8:04 AM on June 20, 2002

I'm in too.
posted by evanizer at 8:07 AM on June 20, 2002

Me too!
posted by some chick at 8:14 AM on June 20, 2002

I'm definately in - despite my own mixed success of last time....I made some comments on 'guidelines' for next time....I made them here...and there was even some agreement...

Is there any change to the process this time round?

Other than that....where do i sign?

posted by mattr at 8:23 AM on June 20, 2002


I'm in.
posted by plemeljr at 8:23 AM on June 20, 2002

I want in this time, too. I promised jonmc some David Alan Coe and I intend to deliver, dagnabbit.
posted by yhbc at 8:30 AM on June 20, 2002

I'll participate.
posted by rocketman at 8:34 AM on June 20, 2002

Yeah, I'm all over this thing. Can offer use of BB, mailing list or blog if wanted.
posted by D at 8:40 AM on June 20, 2002

Damn, "I Live in a Giant Mushroom" by Eric the Gardener got burglarised a few years ago... :-(
posted by bifter at 9:10 AM on June 20, 2002

I took the liberty:

MeFi Swap II

(Deviant and jpoulos, if you want to retake ownership, just say the word, and I'll pass any info I collect to you.)

Thanks to a recent upgrade by my host, I've got the BB, mailing list and blog space to spare, if people are interested in those kinds of adjuncts. We'll see what's needed as time progresses.
posted by Dreama at 9:12 AM on June 20, 2002

Go Dreama! I signed up. :)
posted by riffola at 9:27 AM on June 20, 2002

thanks for taking the liberty, dreama. looks like a pretty sweet setup.

i have signed me right up.
posted by carsonb at 9:39 AM on June 20, 2002

I want in too.
Didnt realize that audio tape format was acceptable last time round. Thought if I can figure out a burner really cheap, I would probably do CDs rather than tapes.
posted by justlooking at 9:59 AM on June 20, 2002

rock and roll. thanks, dreama, for making this easy and painless.

now to start planning my mix...
posted by one.louder.ash! at 10:24 AM on June 20, 2002

ditto to the whole I'm in thread...
posted by gloege at 10:27 AM on June 20, 2002

I'm in.

Whoever gets me is going to end up with some sweet black metal/techno tracks, and maybe some j-pop.

It will be extremely random.
posted by insomnyuk at 10:59 AM on June 20, 2002

I'm in this round. Just signed up. Thanks, Dreama!
posted by jazon at 11:00 AM on June 20, 2002

So I didn't really get an answer... Did those of you who participated in the last one make 5 different mixes or 5 of the same mix? I guess it doesn't really matter all that much, I can do what I like. But I'd still like to know what the norm is.
posted by ODiV at 11:07 AM on June 20, 2002

5 of the same mix
posted by carsonb at 11:10 AM on June 20, 2002

I did 1 mix, 5 copies. I had a hard enough time doing that, no way was I doing five different mixes!
posted by Dreama at 11:41 AM on June 20, 2002

i made 5 copies of the same mix, but i sent out a double cd.
posted by dobbs at 11:43 AM on June 20, 2002

blessed are the CDmakers...
thanks for the setup, dreama. i missed the last one.
posted by witchstone at 12:03 PM on June 20, 2002

Nice job, Dreama! I did a private swap with anathema, which went well, after I missed the last round. I still need to get around to sending him my comments about his terrific CD, so the idea of some sort of forum to do this is a great idea.

My favorite part of making mixes is doing the package design, so anyone who gets me, besides the eclectic, proggy mix of music, will get a free painting/artwork in the sleeve to boot! Oh joy!
posted by evanizer at 12:20 PM on June 20, 2002

Just to get this out there, if you receive a mix I send out, I don't treat this as a "put the most obscure stuff I've got on a disc" opportunity. I have zero interest in establishing indie cred in this group.

Rather, I'll probably throw in the things I'm listening to these days. Kind of an insight-into-me exercise. So I hope nobody is disappointed if they see an act that's signed to a major label.

I will try to be conscious of the "flow" of the mix, and don't be surprised if 80's goth makes the cut. It always does.
posted by rocketman at 12:20 PM on June 20, 2002

I'm sending out a CD with thirteen different dance remixes of "Oops, I Did It Again". Just so's you know.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 12:32 PM on June 20, 2002

posted by lotsofno at 1:31 PM on June 20, 2002

This time I ain't sending out nuthn' but Barry White, ya'll.
posted by dong_resin at 1:33 PM on June 20, 2002

I'm in.

I also seem to not be able to access Dreama's site.
posted by nath at 1:35 PM on June 20, 2002

Just to get this out there, if you receive a mix I send out, I don't treat this as a "put the most obscure stuff I've got on a disc" opportunity. I have zero interest in establishing indie cred in this group.

The songs I'll be putting on my mix are likely to be (relatively) obscure, but that's only because I happen to have pretty non-mainstream musical tastes. Besides, isn't wanting to let people know about great, but overlooked songs/bands part of the fun? It is for me, at least.
posted by nstop at 1:43 PM on June 20, 2002

I have the same problem as nath, and I'd love to be in.
posted by Apoch at 1:46 PM on June 20, 2002

I think Dreama's /mefswap page is for some reason down. I can't access it either. His other pages seem to be up.
posted by justlooking at 1:50 PM on June 20, 2002

80s goth... rocketman, can I be on your swap list? ;)
posted by Sapphireblue at 2:10 PM on June 20, 2002

I got there earlier. Now, when I try to go back, I get redirected to: infinitum.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 2:11 PM on June 20, 2002

on preview....i get the same as mr_crash_davis
posted by lescour at 2:12 PM on June 20, 2002

same problem as crash and lescour when trying to sign up..

otherwise I would be in...
posted by PugAchev at 2:16 PM on June 20, 2002

Looks like we've overloaded Dreama's server already. Dreama, please post when things are fixed so we can come sign up.
posted by tdismukes at 2:23 PM on June 20, 2002

It's back up now -- you didn't hose my server. I goofed a bit of .htaccess and it was causing a never-ending redirect loop. Damned semicolons. My apologies.

Despite the downtime, there have already been 40 signups. Not bad for four hours or so.

<whisper> btw, justlooking, I'm a her, just so ya know. </whisper>
posted by Dreama at 2:35 PM on June 20, 2002

Darnit, those fake tags worked in preview. Should've known better.
posted by Dreama at 2:36 PM on June 20, 2002

isn't wanting to let people know about great, but overlooked songs/bands part of the fun?

Indeed. As is re-evaluating commercially successful bands that may have been unfairly written off.

No worries: I'm not going to dish out 74 minutes of Michael, Janet, Britney and Justin. But some of it might have hit the charts at some point.
posted by rocketman at 3:01 PM on June 20, 2002

I just signed up...can't wait for this.
posted by Benway at 3:09 PM on June 20, 2002

Hell, yeah. Count me in.
posted by aine42 at 3:10 PM on June 20, 2002

I'd love to be in for this, but I haven't got round to buying a CD burner yet. I intend to in the next few weeks. What sort of timescale are we talking about for this?

And despite the fact that I disagree with pretty much everything evaniser says, I have to admit, what he's planning on putting on his CD sounds quite enticing!

Like frasermoo, I'm in the UK. I don't mind posting to the States as long as people are OK about posting their stuff over here.
posted by salmacis at 3:21 PM on June 20, 2002

I suspect few of you would like my taste in music-- eclectic as it is, it seems to operate in a different universe from y'all's, so as much as I would like to play, I'd better pass.
posted by rushmc at 3:38 PM on June 20, 2002

do tell, rushmc. Gregorian chants? tuvan throat singing? Bollywood soundtracks?

I'm in, too.
posted by vacapinta at 3:50 PM on June 20, 2002

Actually, I do have a couple of Gregorian chant CDs, and I have just begun to explore Bollywood soundtracks a little lately and am enjoying them immensely.
posted by rushmc at 4:19 PM on June 20, 2002

What kind of time frame are we looking at here? Deadline?
posted by ( .)(. ) at 4:23 PM on June 20, 2002

rushmc, that doesn't sound like a whole 'nother universe to me. Perhaps a bit out on the edges, but nowhere out of bounds. I'm likely to submit some things just as odd or obscure. If you're not willing to sign up from fear of alienation, I'd be happy to talk about a private exchange.

To the rest of you: fear my koto music CDs!

Actually, I'm planning to put all sorts of things into the mix, only some of which is likely to induce head scratching.
posted by majick at 4:32 PM on June 20, 2002

And given that there's already been some interest in international activity, anybody have an idea of what it costs to get a CD across the Atlantic? Domestic stuff I'm planning to send out USPS Priority -- it's less than $4 and takes three or so days to get just about anywhere, after all -- but I know bupkus about international shipping.
posted by majick at 4:35 PM on June 20, 2002

Global Priority is probably your best bet, at around $5 a pop.
posted by dong_resin at 4:42 PM on June 20, 2002

Okay, not to hog the thread but has it occurred to anyone that the swap doesn't have to be implemented as a one-off event? What if it were kind of a cross between MeFi Swap I and BookCrossing? Sort of a permanent list of people who are willing to fire off a CD once in a while, and willing to receive them?
posted by majick at 4:54 PM on June 20, 2002

What kind of time frame are we looking at here? Deadline?

What do people think about signups till July 1st, with mixes mailed by August 1? Is four weeks (really five+ from today) enough time to put a mix together and burn/tape five copies?
posted by Dreama at 4:58 PM on June 20, 2002

fear my koto music CDs!

I want to be on your list, majick.

Hmm... Gregorian, check; Tuva, check; don't have any bollywood yet tho. OK, put me on rushmc's list too.
posted by ook at 5:00 PM on June 20, 2002

That sounds like plenty of time, I should think.

I've been thinking about this this afternoon---mostly, do I want to participate, as honestly (please don't run me out of MetaFilter on a rail!), music is not one of my really big interests, so anyone hoping to get an indie-cred CD from me would be sorely disappointed.

But also I've been thinking, I can see how it'd be logistically easier to have little circles of five people each where they're all exchanging the same five CDs, but the whole idea sounds a lot more appealing to me if I'm not going to be receiving from the same five people I'm sending to. As a community-building exercise (which I understand is not The Point here, but hear me out), it seems much more exciting to send to five people who don't know they'll be receiving from you, and to receive five surprises from random people in return. Otherwise, it's not one big exchange, it's x dozen of separate little music rings. Which just doesn't seem as much fun to me. I would think half the fun would be coming home from work every day of the first week of August all eager to check my mailbox to see who in the world is sending me music. As opposed to finding out on July 2---oh, looky, I'm in Jane Doe's ring, she posts way too many Dave Matthews Band links, can't wait to get her CD full of watered-down frat-rock---etc. All the suspense is gone.

So... just something to think about.
posted by Sapphireblue at 5:07 PM on June 20, 2002

Uh, yeah. What she said. Randomness = suspense = more fun.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 5:11 PM on June 20, 2002

I think the July 1st to August 1st time frame is perfect. The problem with not knowing who sends out you the mixes is not getting the 5 mixes that you should've got. I don't mind it being random though.

How about having it so that we get a mail on August 15th listing the five people who were supposed to send you a mix?
posted by riffola at 6:34 PM on June 20, 2002

Or how about some kind of secret inner circle, a subset of folks who would send out extra CDs after it's all over to folks who got gypped? It sounds like there were a lot of no-shows last time around, and I'd be willing to kick down to some folks who get a goose egg on this attempt. There's a stack of blank media 100 tall sitting next to me with nothing better to do... (Although I'm planning a dual- or triple-disc set with one or two Redbook CD Audio discs and another MP3 & OGG disc with playlist, so I can't cover infinite number of folks on that supply, not to mention postage)
posted by majick at 6:56 PM on June 20, 2002

Be happy to do direct trades with ya, majick and ook. Since I don't listen to electronica, hip hop, punk, grunge, metal or related genres, I feel like I don't speak the same language as most here. But I think I can promise you an interesting disc, if you're openminded enough to listen. :)
posted by rushmc at 8:07 PM on June 20, 2002

rushmc, we're all open minded, just join the swap, and spread your musical tastes, no one will complain (much). I hate Hindi music, but I'd happily give your CD a listen just to hear what you listen to.
posted by riffola at 8:26 PM on June 20, 2002

Just to be clear (although I think I already know the answer...) tapes might be OK, yes?

I lack the burning edge of technology, but I have some kick-ass stuff on vinyl (remember vinyl?) that I'd love to share...
posted by anastasiav at 8:29 PM on June 20, 2002

I voted for tapes being OK, since my car still has its factory-installed tape deck.

I'm not willing to let several hundred dollars worth of never-paid-for Columbia House tapes just rot, you know.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 8:56 PM on June 20, 2002

I think tapes are going to be okay for folks who indicate they will accept them. Otherwise tape-givers won't pair up with folks who won't. For example, I have no way of playing a tape, so I've indicated that when signing up and I won't get paired up with someone who only has tape to offer.

rushmc, I'd encourage you to sign up regardless of your tastes. I don't think anyone will be offended by your offerings, and if you dislike what you get in exchange, ah well, easy come easy go.

To be honest, I'm not expecting to get a lot of music I'll actually like, but I'll more than gladly accept a lovingly crafted gift for what it is, and maybe gain a sliver of insight into my trading partners' inner selves. That's worth more to me than getting some CD of stuff I know I'll enjoy.
posted by majick at 8:59 PM on June 20, 2002

I really want to make a mix of classical music, but I feel obligated to include it as a bonus, because some people might be really disappointed with a mix of classical music. It's the kind of music I listen to most, so I get very passionate about it and forget that it's not some people's thing. Hope there's a way to contact my swap partners and make sure the extra classical CD won't just get coasterized.
posted by evanizer at 9:03 PM on June 20, 2002

just signed up (late, yes) - thanks dreama!

posted by hannala at 10:19 PM on June 20, 2002

thanks dreama for putting up with my add while filling out the...

Umm... Form.

Personally, I don't care what type of music I receive as long as people try to put on stuff they like. I believe people asked for obscure stuff last time, and that's kind of what I went with. I consider myself "an underground music fan" and might put some lesser-known Wisconsin bands on it, But more because they're incredible bands, rather than trying to earn credibility. I'd love a mix tape of good stuff from the 60s and 70s or 80s era industrial.
posted by drezdn at 12:55 AM on June 21, 2002

ooh, classical!

Okay, I signed up. Now...where did I put those Britney Spears CDs....
posted by rushmc at 12:55 AM on June 21, 2002

So did people go with "themes" last time and are they going for that now? Or is everyone just banging together an ecclectic mix of things in random order??
posted by cyniczny at 1:10 AM on June 21, 2002

What the hell, I'm up for it too. Apple's got a firewire CD-RW drive at their online store for 99 bucks, so I really have no excuse not to at this point.
posted by toddshot at 1:31 AM on June 21, 2002

i'm reconsidering on the whole direct exchange idea. i did enjoy the suspense of receiving cds from random people. if there's some way to ensure less people welch on the deal than last time (i like riffola's idea for this) then a random swap would be very cool.

a lot of people adopted a "summer mix" theme for MefiSwap I. as for a theme for this round, and for what folks want to include on their cd in general (rushmc), i say include what you love. make your cd a little musical window into your life, personality, whatever. the best mixes are the ones you'd want to have in your own stereo all the time.

oh, let's see...majick: i just sent a slim (single) case w/ cd from arizona to france USPS priority for about US 3.50
posted by carsonb at 3:22 AM on June 21, 2002

I lack the burning edge of technology, but I have some kick-ass stuff on vinyl (remember vinyl?) that I'd love to share...

There are ways to convert vinyl to cd. Anyone else know of different methods?
posted by insomnyuk at 6:37 AM on June 21, 2002

carsonb: I've already got a theme in mind. 2 actually. I think I'll save one for next time.
posted by ODiV at 7:04 AM on June 21, 2002

evanizer: If people here aren't interested in giving other types of music a shot, then the swap probably isn't for them. If classical is your thing, do it.

Stuff like this is (in my mind) why we're getting 5 CDs. If you get a mix that isn't your cup of tea (after at least a few listens) you've got 4 more CDs to try.

I'd be fine with receiving a mix of classical. The whole point of this I thought is that we put what we like on here, and try not to pander towards the general taste. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

Oh, and is it possible that I somehow don't get matched with anyone else from Canada. I'd rather send my CDs to other countries.
posted by ODiV at 7:09 AM on June 21, 2002

ODiV: Why, are you planning to fill your CD with Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies, Rush, Tragically Hip and Max Webster?
posted by salmacis at 7:12 AM on June 21, 2002

salmacis: Actually, I was planning on going for more obscure Canadian stuff. And Bryan Adams doesn't count as CanCon anymore. He's deserted us.
posted by ODiV at 7:14 AM on June 21, 2002

Worried he'd stolen your thunder Salmacis...? ;-)
posted by bifter at 7:20 AM on June 21, 2002

I'm with majick - if someone doesn't receive their CDs by the deadline, I'd be happy to burn an extra tape or CD to compensate. Dreama - can you set up some sort of feedback tool for the folks who get shorted?

I signed up for both tape & CD format. Any one who wants tapes will get a different mix from the CD folks, because I've got a lot of old tapes that I can't convert to CD.

Classical, indie rock, gregorian chants - it all sounds good to me. Even if I hate a mix the first time through, I plan to listen to each mix at least 5 times before I consign it to the bottom of my music heap. Sometimes things just need a little time to grow on me.
posted by tdismukes at 7:28 AM on June 21, 2002

insomnyuk, that's pretty much it. I do it all the time. Just run a good filter on the wav files after you've recorded them onto your computer and make sure you give'em a good listen, too. Gotta get the major pops out. :)

And remember that the "phono" setting on your amp jacks up the bass and drops the treble, so you might have to mess around with equalisation to get the songs to sound okay when they're not being boosted by the amp.

Email me through my profile if you want more info. :)
posted by some chick at 7:30 AM on June 21, 2002

salmacis: Please await my Glass Tiger tribute band compilation CD. Or maybe "Gowan and John Tesh, live in Gimli." Howzabout "Honeymoon Suite play Whitesnake."

Wow. There's a combination that instills fear into the heart of anyone with ears: "Glass Tiger" + "tribute band."

Run away, run away...
posted by lupus_yonderboy at 7:34 AM on June 21, 2002

looking forward to sending some CDs
posted by mkelley at 7:36 AM on June 21, 2002

Oh, and I'm totally willing to throw some CDs the way of people who get burned by others. (Although maybe that's not the best thing to offer after my post above.) Also, maybe a list of who is sending what to whom posted prior to the exchange might lessen scofflaws.
posted by lupus_yonderboy at 7:39 AM on June 21, 2002

some chick: I'll only be needing it if I pick up some vinyl this weekend (anastasiav asked about vinyl earlier in the thread), but I didn't see your email in your profile...
posted by insomnyuk at 7:41 AM on June 21, 2002

(I actually saw Honeymoon Suite + Platinum Blonde play not too long ago at a suburban strip mall show bar. Tons of soccer moms and frat-boys-gone-to-seed in the audience, let me assure you. Perhaps the most disturbing realization of the night was that Platinum Blonde -- who, unlike congenitcal cheeseballs Honeymoon Suite -- are not that bad and seem to have actually kept on playing and evolving since their late-80s hair pop glory days...)
posted by lupus_yonderboy at 7:41 AM on June 21, 2002

Max Webster?! check THIS out! (thanks for the flashback, salmacis!)
posted by modge at 7:50 AM on June 21, 2002

Dreama, i signed up but i'll be moving in a few weeks - will i be able to edit my mailing address when i get the new info?
posted by modge at 7:54 AM on June 21, 2002

evanizer, I expect a few people to be disappointed with what I have to offer if they're just looking for things they already like, since 99% of the music people talk about on MetaFilter is stuff I've ignored or never heard of (much like rushmc) and I have absolutely zero indie cred, but that won't keep me from putting a Moog-ified fugue, a live performance of the Super Mario theme song and a couple of Parliament tracks on there. Please don't hide your tastes with apologia.
posted by majick at 8:01 AM on June 21, 2002

For example, I have no way of playing a tape, so I've indicated that when signing up and I won't get paired up with someone who only has tape to offer.

Absolutely, the matches will be limited to those who can receive the media types that you intend to use, and vice versa. So far only a handful are limited to only tapes, so if you indicated that you couldn't play a tape, you simply won't be matched with them.

The info on what media works for your recepients will be included in your "Where to Send" list.

As I noted on the signup form, Minidisc is the only media type that may end up unsupported, I think right now three or four people have indicated a willingness to make and/or receive them, so we'll see.

Dreama - can you set up some sort of feedback tool for the folks who get shorted?

I do intend to have the bulletin board customised and ready to go as soon as I have a moment. (I'm in the midst of trying to burn 20 discs for another megaswap I'm in, and that tends to tie up my cpu.) There will be a feedback element there, and I may have a "Report a Short" form when the time rolls around, too.

Dreama, i signed up but i'll be moving in a few weeks - will i be able to edit my mailing address when i get the new info?

Modge (and anyone else who finds themselves moving) I'll flag your entry in the database, and I'll tell the people who are sending to you to hold for a new address if I haven't received it before I send out the "Where to Send" lists.

For those who are already signed up and haven't seen, I've changed the sign-up page to indicate the deadline for signup (11:59 p.m. EDT on Monday, July 1) and delivery (August 15) and to inform that your swap list will be sent out by Friday, July 5.

So far we're up to 77 submissions, with a healthy dose of European and Canadian involvement. (No antipodean MeFites on board yet, though.) Keep those sign-ups coming!
posted by Dreama at 8:30 AM on June 21, 2002

yes, you will all suffer from my pitiful emo tastes of late.
posted by lotsofno at 9:36 AM on June 21, 2002

thanks, Dreama - i'll email you as soon as i get my new address.
posted by modge at 9:38 AM on June 21, 2002

Dreama - just in case there's an odd number of people signed up, i'd be happy to have however many more people on my send list.
posted by carsonb at 9:52 AM on June 21, 2002

I would love to be in. Could only send tape or md though, from U.K.
posted by Fat Buddha at 3:49 PM on June 21, 2002

Carson, that's a cool offer. I'll let you know. Somehow the fates tend to prevent such conundrums.

Fat Buddha, feel free to sign up, there are plenty of people who are willing to accept tapes, and minidisc's numbers are growing.
posted by Dreama at 5:14 PM on June 21, 2002

Just ordered a new Gateway with a CD burner yesterday. It should arrive here on Oahu on July 2nd. If it gets here on time, and I learn how to use it, and anyone doesn't mind some obscure boomer age tunes, I'd love to join in.
posted by scottymac at 5:59 PM on June 23, 2002

Sounds rockin' scottymac.

Btw, since there were a lot of affirmative responses to the question, a forum just for MeFi Swap discussion has been set up: MeFi Swap Talk. Feel free to use it.
posted by Dreama at 6:33 AM on June 24, 2002

Whooo! I actually noticed this thread before it was too late! Oh yeah. Get ready for some scary dark industrial synth-pop dance music. Or something.

I got married (again!) a month ago. We made a three hour playlist for the event, from "quiet music while people gather" through "stuff to make people dance so hard they'll get tired and go home", and gave our guests mix CDs containing the most interesting tracks. It was a fun project.
posted by Mars Saxman at 1:15 PM on June 24, 2002

Confirmations have gone out to all who have signed up thus far. If you do not receive a confirmation, and you've signed up, something's gone awry. Please e-mail me (see my address in my profile, please) or resubmit the form so that we can be sure that you'll be a part of MeFi Swap II.
posted by Dreama at 5:06 AM on June 26, 2002

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