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What day is the NY MeFi Meet? I signed up thinking it was in August, but I've just responded to an RSVP request from meetup. com with a date for this upcoming Thursday. Since the August date is still listed here, I'm mighty confused. So -- which day is it? Both? Neither? Anybody? Beuller?
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see, pumpkin, you signed up for two (2) different 'meetup' events. the metafilter meetup (where you greeted us all with a *cheery wave*), is still tuesday, august 6th. but you're also signed up for the blogger meetup (where you only said 'howdy' to the gang); and that party is this thursday. there is some overlap between the two events (cam barrett, anil dash, elizabeth spiers, andrew raff, gen kanai, lilboo, dogmatic, and raaven (mefi username unknown)), but don't be fooled; they are two separate events.
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but since you've been nice enough to start this thread, may i propose a change of venue?

double happiness (mott at broome street; southwest corner) is a great place with room for a big group but also lots of little nooks where the inevitable newly formed-couples can slink off to be alone. the drinks are decently poured and not too expensive; there's a small but excellent menu should anyone get hungry; considering the time of the party and day of the week, it won't be too crowded; the tuesday night bartender is rather gorgeous and a sort of friend of mine...
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: blink :
: blush! :
Ooooops. My big-time bad. I'm a total doofus. Apologies, all... :: slinking quietly away... ::

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Double Happiness is good, but we need to arrive before 8 to avoid the crowds (even on a Tuesday), and there's not a good seating area for more than, say, 10 people in one group. Also it gets waaaay to smokey, but that's the hazard of NYC bars.

If we do choose Double Happiness, everyone should be aware that it's almost invisible from the street. It's down some steps. There's no signage, but the more-ornate-than-usual hand rail (shown in the picture in the link) and the big bouncer can be good clues.
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