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For those of you with your own weblogs who also are heavy contributors here: How do you split your "output" between your own joint and Metafilter? Is there so much to say and link that both places get a lot of original stuff? Do you post/talk about the same things both places? Do you only comment in threads here, and save links for your own blog? I'm curious. What brought it to mind was Miguel's prodigous posting here, knowing he's got that crazy-remunerative blog gig (blig) going on over there.

Also, for the first 38 yrs of my life I said "renumerative." ::shrug:: It seemed to make sense.
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I think Miguel has a Portuguese brain and an English brain and he needs to keep them both busy or they'll start fighting in the back seat.
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Also, for the first 38 yrs of my life I said "renumerative."

I said "connivial" for convivial for about the same length of time.
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There's generally a difference in the type of stuff I post on my site versus what I post here. On the occasions when the topic fits both, I usually post it in both, but generally with different phrasing.

Also, for the first 38 yrs of my life I said "renumerative."
You said renumerative when you were 2?

For all intents and purposes, I always thought it was "for all intensive purposes," and said it that way. No one ever called me on it.
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Luser: my blog is work; this is fun. I prefer having fun. Though the harder you work, the more you need to have fun. So it's a delicious circle. It's perverse, really. Money means work means no fun. Writers who say they enjoy their work are filthy liars and frauds.

If I got paid here, I'd be one of those 0 links, 1 comment to MeFi correcting someone who said Lisbon was the capital of Spain and 1 comments to MeTa about foreign accents being OK now and thanks, Matt.

*Yeah, I know: "So pay the guy, already!"
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"On tender hooks" for "on tenter hooks".
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You said renumerative when you were 2?

I said it in the womb. Over and over! We laugh about it now but my parents at the time were reaching for the coathanger.
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For years and years - especially as a precocious teenager - I said (and wrote!) "for all intensive purposes" in the place of "for all intents and purposes". It was only when a friend laughed at my pronunciation - which they had interpreted as the Oh So Witty Marquis Making A Subtle Pun - that I learned the truth. My chagrin at the countless English teachers who never corrected my misapprehension (in spite [or because] of my consistent use of the phrase in essay after essay) continues to this day. Also, with the discovery that I was a linguistic dumb-ass, my self-important delusions were permanently dissolved. All is swell that ends well!
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I tend to think much less (with the occasional exception) about what I post on my personal blog, believe it or not. Also, I put in random stuff or whatever I'm thinking about, stuff I couldn't justify posting on MeFi. That's the difference for me. Also, the fact that feedback on that stuff is so low, I don't care what people think about it. I post or say things that generally interest only me. Much of it is completely inane.

I spend much more time posting on MeFi than my own blog, and I try to consider how people here will react to what I say. I try to post things which other people may find interesting, so only some of what I say on MeFi is completely inane.

I think thats the difference.
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aaah, abortion humor. nice.
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Marquis, I'm just glad I'm not the only one.
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I think you guys should just change it "intents and purposes" is redundant, whereas "intensive purposes" implies more focused, driven purposes.
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I think you guys should just change it...


Done. ;)
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I don't know about the writing, but I definitely read MeFi more than my own blog.
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most of the stuff i link on my blog is unsuitable for mefi. (so i just wait a week or two and someone else'll post it here. )but that band pictures post from earlier today - that was hilarious, i'm stealing that one for myself tonight.
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My personal blog (which I started last year and then re-started this year) isn't actually "personal," since it's primarily about the nuts-and-bolts of researching and writing literary history. Unless it's absolutely necessary, my personal life, political opinions, etc., stay out of it. MeFi is for non-professional stuff--fun, as Miguel says.
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My Weblog, Pop Culture Junk Mail, is pop-culture themed, but doesn't offer an opportunity for comments. Many of the links I post there aren't really the kind you can have a big discussion about--they're a fun new food product, a memory from childhood, etc. But sometimes a link comes up that makes me wish PCJM had discussion capability--I want to hear what others know and think about the topic--and that's when I post it here as well as on my site. I'm not a heavy contributor here, but when I do post a link, that's generally why.
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since i run what i suppose would amount to a journal, i don't have much to reconcile between what i post to my own website and what i post on metafilter. for me, metafilter is a great compliment to my other writing, because mefi becomes the space where i post whatever interesting links i find and tpk is the place where i post any other interesting stuff. not that you need or should have that sort of dichotomy, but i do and it works out well for me.
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Similar situation; my weblog is mostly stuff that is interesting (to me, at least), but maybe wouldn't be good for discussion.
Looking back at my posts here, maybe that criteria applies as well. Hmm.

At this point, I'm mostly a reader here as well. Actually, looking back at your question, I'm not a heavy contributor here, so I will stop talking now.
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I try very hard not post stuff on here that I have put on my blog, though I will happily nick stuff from here.
Sometimes I fail miserably though, in fact I think I'm going be doing it again in a minute; some stuff just demands a wider audience.
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A couple people I know say that they "renember" things. I annoys the hell out of me.
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You annoy the hell out of me, too. [Not really. I just thought I'd make the obligatory snarky comment regarding your typographical error.]

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I dunno, Miguel; I get a Huge charge out of writing... beats the dickens out of digging ditches for a living. But, on the other hand, I never, ever said I wasn't a fraud.
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I think watching trackback for a while will answer some of those questions. Maybe. I actually trackbacked a link today from one of my sites, and I found it very Star Trek. Anyway, my experience has been that Metafilter intersects my blog as a Mobius strip. Err, tesseract. Umm... Something nerdy that overlaps but exists distinctly in a different dimension (because Miguel can't live in my space time continuum. (insert stupid jokey-face emoticon here)).
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I spell check the stuff I post on my own blog.
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monju: ouch... I didn't even see that.
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I say "nucular" if I'm not concentrating.

Drives th' wife insane.
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Luser, let me give you my take to part of your question.
A blog, for self posting, if authored by you.
Meta, Matt's blog, that we are members within a community.
The main difference I notice for our community, posts are authored by others and.......biggest difference I see,

Since you're about to be schooled, I thought I'd try to be good cop first. The cardinal sin at Metafilter is self-posting. Never link to your own site (unless it is in a comments section and your page has something to offer the conversation.
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PS, There was a MetaTalk thread recently and I'm unable to find it. Yet, his name makes for a great tag line, for those who do self post, especially for profit.
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Several people I know say "pacifically" when they mean "specifically".

I mean, don't people think about what they say....(",)
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My blog is a serial fiction thing, so I don't have much of a conflict. Although, I blatantly steal links from here all the time. :) Well, not so much in the last couple of months, but silly Friday stuff ends up there a lot. :)

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Several people I know say "pacifically" when they mean "specifically".

My sister said Pasketti instead of spaghetti until she was probably 6 or so. Since it was one of the only "baby-talk" things she ever said, it was pretty cute...and periodically, if we're all together having pasta, either my mom or I will refer to it as pasketti. :)
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My friend can't say "abominable". It usually comes out "abonimable", but sometimes she keeps adding "able"s to the end until it sort of fades off.

As for the weblog/mefi thing - I'm mostly a lurker here (shy!), so I post much more to my own site. However, most of my posts are utter drivel, so I'm really doing mefi a favour.
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If any of you really give a rat's ass about my cats killing rats, I'll post about it here. Is that clear?
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Damn! I have an English degree, and I was saying "intensive purposes" up until last year. No wonder they were all sniggering at me.

*checks to make sure fly is up*
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Due to the wonders of syndication, MeFi is my blog. I haven't had to write anything remotely original in months.
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i'll top you all: i once believed that "ELEMENTO-P" was a letter.

oh, also: i've been making "whassa problem, occifer?" jokes so often that i really can't say officer any more. i've got a bad feeling it's going to land me in big trouble one day.

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"I say "nucular" if I'm not concentrating."

Here's how to keep it straight:

It is a brand new clear day, perfect for going fission.

See? Simple.
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I said "connivial" for convivial for about the same length of time.

Mine was "subsidiary." I said "subsidairy."
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Fishfucker: Et tu? I almost caught myself saying occifer once. It's a good thing I didn't.

I always slur problem for some reason, saying probbem, really fast. I don't even speak that fast, I just trip over the L.
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My personal blog is what rcb called at what time a "notebook," and I've always liked that title. A little of this, a little of that. It always feels personal, though. I can check my referral stats and see that I have visitors, but it still feels like I'm all alone over there.

So I come to Mefi for the sense of community. And like any community, there's a variety of flavors of people. There are the quiet, lurking sort, the goody-goodies (okay, I think maybe I'm one of them), the violent drunks (who shan't be named), those who are argumentative just for the sake of being so, and so on.

It's been compared to one big dysfunctional family here, and yeah, I like that. (Oh and yeah, I've never posted a FPP in ~2 years, so I definitely come here just to comment.)
posted by precocious at 6:05 PM on July 25, 2002

Britney's financial problems have kept me on my blog more than Mefi as of late, working late nights with her cuts into my blogging. It's tough sometimes.
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i used to pronounce "awry" as "aw-ry". it just didn't occur to me that they were the same word.
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Well, it appears that I've just learned how to spell "remunerative" *shame-faced*

I also learned here at Metafilter, how to pronounce 'synecdoche' (you dont want to know how I pronounced it). So ... I've learned a lot here.

BTW, 'pikachulolita', just for its euphony has to be one of the best MeFi usernames - friends have caught me saying it out loud in public
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<brief thread hijack>
Has anyone noticed any problems with Google lately, or is it just me? I'm turning up a page cannot be displayed error, which is giving me the shakes. I'm as addicted to that search engine as I am to mefi.
</brief thread hijack>

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Precocious - I was getting the dreaded "specified server not found error a bit ago on google. (I completely understand the addiction - I even have a webpage that logs my google searches, which google has, um, googled.....anyway..)
Since I have only recently began commenting a bit more, and really slacked in the personal site area, there really isn't any type of crossover worries there. But, as for word pronunciations, due to my aim laziness I now use "prolly" instead of "probably", even when I speak out loud and not just in that voice in my head when I type.

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It is a brand new clear day, perfect for going fission

Crash: is that some kind of tool-ass engineer joke or what? b/c it sure made me groan ;)
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most of the links on my personal weblog are comic strips and pictures... plus, a lot of the comment is a lot more "emo" then what you'd typically find here.. besides, i'm not much of a link-poster on mefi.
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Ufez, believe it or not, I remembered that lame-ass joke from a paperback collection of MAD magazine strips that I had when I was a kid. This particular one was a spoof of the Mission Impossible TV series (which tells you how long ago it was), and I'm pretty sure it was drawn by the recently-deceased Dave Berg.
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Jimmy Carter used to say nucular, which was disturbing given he was a nuclear engineer by profession. Not to mention the president of the U.S.

But when Dubya says it, it's all right, baby! We expect so little.
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I, too, have been getting Google time-outs frequently. I wondered whether they were due to using Mozilla's search bar and/or AOL.

Common English Errors, including a page of non-errors you should be aware of. I know there are one or two misusages I've been guilty of in the past -- I swear! -- but for the most part I'm lexically advantaged. (And I actually like this one. Pet peeves: enormity not used to mean "evil", and {ack} Here! Here!. With a bullet: lose/loose.)

Wait a minute, that wasn't on topic. But it sort of answered the question by example: I do blog separately, and rarely the same item. I tend to enjoy being stimulated by topics here, things I wouldn't comment on left to my own devices.
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dhartung: I feel it is my civic duty to direct you to this page. You've led your readers to leap over his virtual turnstile and rob him of hits, poor man.
posted by walrus at 4:44 AM on July 26, 2002

Here's how to keep it straight:

It is a brand new clear day, perfect for going fission.

See? Simple.

Unfortunately I also mispronounce "clear".
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 6:29 AM on July 26, 2002

I got knocked out of the district-wide middle school spelling bee due to the word "rhinoceros".

What really sucked is I knew how to spell (most of) the words that everyone else got after I was knocked out.

I got this really ugly trophy, though, and I got to go to the state spelling bee (didn't get anywhere near a high enough score to make it to the spell-off on the stage, though). Bonus: day off of school!

I still am annoyed by spelling bees, though.
posted by beth at 7:42 AM on July 26, 2002

I would have thought bees was quite simple to spell.

I'll stop making unproductive comments now, and go home instead.
posted by walrus at 8:00 AM on July 26, 2002

don't worry beth, i got knocked out of the school spelling bee (2nd grade - 8th grade; i was in 6th) for missing "costliness." bah, it's such an easy word, too! third place isn't even first loser.. it's 2nd..
posted by lotsofno at 12:00 PM on July 26, 2002

..knowing he's got that crazy-remunerative blog gig (blig) going on over there.

Blig Blig.

"Dirty south" bloggers in the house.

posted by zpousman at 2:49 PM on July 26, 2002

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