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I really feel the need to put some positivity into the universe on January 20. I'd like to know what my fellow Me-Fites may be planning for Inauguration Day this year.

I've spent the past two Inauguration Days taking the day off work and watching the TV coverage all day while eating various snacks and (sometimes) crying happy tears. This year I won't be dignifying the event by watching any of it, but I really feel the need to put some positive vibes out there that day. I'm just not sure what that's going to look like yet.

I'd love to hear about any plans you may have for Inauguration Day this year. Are you making an extra donation that day? Volunteering? Meditating? Committing a random act of kindness? Attending a gathering? I'd love to know how Me-Fites may be planning to bombard the universe with positivity on January 20!
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Buying 10,000 bees and throwing them at the White House is positive, right?
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My ion acoustic wave cannon is positive.

Kidding, TrumpStasi, kidding. Don't build a wall around my heart. That's what plaque is for.
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Listening to AC/DC's "If You Want Blood You've Got It" on endless loop.
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I was considering becoming a Nazi, just to make my life breezier.
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I have to work. After that, massive infusions of alcohol.
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Kid Ruki and I will be spending the day driving eight hours to DC to attend the Women's March the next day.
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Wishing I knew how to build a bowel disruptor. I could probably dig up a suitable Chair Leg of Truth, but it's not the same unless you got both things.
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Animal Planet. Even if I'm not home, it'll be on Animal Planet, just to goose up the ratings for something else.
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building a wicker man large enough to hold all republican members of congress
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Working with my Mexican immigrant colleagues and talking about the pinche pendejo that just got elected.
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I live in DC but we're not planning to march because we have a baby we don't want to take downtown during the inauguration. We do want to support protestors as much as possible so we're offering childcare for the resistance; we don't have a ton of space but if you need a safe place for your kid while you fight fascism hit me up.
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building a wicker man large enough to hold all republican members of congress

I find your proposal intriguing, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
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Getting lit and seeing Vin Diesel ski through a jungle.
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Working, then heading to DC for the March (along w/Mr Moon).
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I'm working all day and then we're seeing a play on Broadway that night. Just living my life as if it were every other day. With maybe more alcohol.
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My office building has a "welcome center" with a TV and they usually put the inauguration on for anybody who wants to drop by. I remember how we call crowded in there to watch Obama 8 years ago. Sure gonna be different this time.
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I'll be wearing my rainbow sweater with a Black Lives Matter pin. Screw the fascists, this is our country too.
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I will be working at a large urban public library, watching over all of the people who soon will be slipping even further through the cracks of society.

Then I'll go home and hug my dog and husband and glass of wine.
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Working. In Dupont Circle. Which is not as bad as it could have been since I just got that job. Previous job was 19 and L. My new job has no remote work so it'll be exciting getting into the city.
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real talk though: if trump and obama decided to duel to the death right there at the inauguration, who would the secret service protect? would both of their secret service teams have to battle one another? could either man override their protective details to demand that they be allowed to fight?

tbh trump's ego is so weak and pathetic that i am certain he would insist upon being allowed to fight lest he seem unmanly
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anyway my plans have been revised from "construct human sacrifice device" to "incite the holmgang"
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Make Thunderdome great again!
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I'm going skiing in Utah and so, at the end of the day, I will raise a toast to Egg McMuffin.
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I will be teaching Kindergarten. We will be finishing our unit on MLK and equality and peace and love and "using our words instead of our fists" and standing up for what's right, even when it's hard. And hugs. There will be lots of hugs. And tears when I get home.
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I'm going to a wedding that day, so I'm going to try and do a total media blackout and just enjoy myself. Then the next day I'm going to take all the money I've saved since the election from not getting my hair cut or colored and donate it to Planned Parenthood in Paul Ryan's name.
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I realize that not everyone is on Facebook (and good on ya!), but for those of us who are, has anyone heard if there are plans afoot for people to change their facebook profile pictures to....something else* on the day of the inauguration? I'm thinking of doing it, but it seems like it might be more impactful if THOUSANDS/MILLIONS/BAJILLIONS of other people were to as well.

*So what could that something else be?
>Total blackness (to signify a day of mourning)
>An anti-Trump meme (e.g., many found here or here)
> Sad-face emoji
> ???
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It looks like my "plans" for Inauguration Day include getting fired on the 20th, losing my health insurance, and becoming homeless shortly thereafter as I won't be able to pay my rent, followed by going through potentially deadly withdrawal from medications I will no longer be able to afford -- and, should I survive that, becoming basically non-functioning due to loss of said medications.
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Dragon Quest 8 re-releases on 3DS on Ascension of the Orange Reich Day. These games are pretty deliberately paced and take around 80-100 hours to complete.

I figure that'll get me to maybe February.
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I'll probably spend most of the day working on dissertation writing, and then plan to go and see Moonlight and Hidden Figures at our local theater.
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Drinking the same amount of beer as usual but ignoring all American media while doing it.
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Sleep in, make, tea, do some homework, then march with Anarchists in Seattle.

Milo Yiannopoulos is also due to speak on Inauguration Day at the University of Washington, so there'll be protests there as well.
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I'm going be doing the same thing I did on the night of November 8th: lying in bed all day hoping that if I don't get up, it won't become real. I guess I'll get out of bed on Saturday.
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I'll be joining in the One Resistance Protest Rally in my local city, Austin. If anybody else is too, let me know & we can meet up.
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I will find a walk to attend, in my new town.
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Writing super-gay fanfic*, probably, and then teaching ESL to Muslim and Latino immigrants.

*If I can find some way to turn that into a fundraiser, I will.
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I'll be in Washington, killing time until the next day's march. Thanks to Metafilter, I now know that the National Museum of Women in the Arts is opening specially for women like me who are in town but want to stay as far away from the inauguration as possible. I will also be creating my sign, checking my pussy hat and pantsuit nation pin, drinking prolifically, and shedding tears for the way we were. Maybe starting Russian lessons.
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I'll be in Washington, too. I didn't know about the National Museum of Women in the arts, raisingsand--maybe I'll go and check that out while I'm in town. I will probably spend it either walking around museums and thinking or sitting in with family, depending on what my grandmother would like to do with me.
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Blocking the last of my pussyhats to hand out the next day.
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Writing super-gay fanfic*, probably, and then teaching ESL to Muslim and Latino immigrants.

*If I can find some way to turn that into a fundraiser, I will.

I got a buck that says you can't write 1,000 words on the day.
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1. Hug my wife and kids
2. Hope for the best while preparing for the worst
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Working, then hiking on an affordable, accessible, clean, natural, pipeline-free Blue Ridge Mountain trail before it is sold to the highest bidder and no longer any of those things.
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Haven't decided yet whether to join the general strike and stay home from work or actually go do HIV research while we still have an HHS secretary who knows what HIV stands for.
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Working my regular job from 9A to 5:30P, then getting shitfaced with The Husband. The following day, we will head for the winery we have volunteered in for the past 11 years to get other people shitfaced. We will follow suit at close.
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The day is here and I'm not sure that I'll watch. I might just skip this and not give the media the extra ratings spike. It's so mentally, emotionally and physically draining to think about this man becoming the next POTUS. So maybe I'll just listen to a podcast instead. I'm hoping the events, protests, etc are all safe. Good luck America.
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I am volunteering this morning at Berkeley's homeless shelter for young adults, making sure everyone gets a shower & breakfast this morning before they have to leave at 8am. Focusing on other people, and helping them, will get me through the next four years. It feels good to directly help my community.
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