favoriting is broken on some AskMefi pages November 26, 2017 9:42 PM   Subscribe

Maybe this is a known problem but I just stumbled across it. I was on this page https://ask.metafilter.com/travel-transportation/hong-kong and tried to favorite the first result by clicking the little plus symbol (+). Nothing happens. I was able to favorite it by going into the post and clicking there. Firefox 56 (ha) on Ubuntu Linux, accepting cookies. Can someone confirm? You can unfavorite if it works.
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Doesn't work for me either, OSX + Chrome.
posted by Rumple at 10:11 PM on November 26, 2017

Same deal, Firefox 57 on Windows 10.
posted by Harpocrates at 10:47 PM on November 26, 2017

Can also confirm. Looks like it's on our side, and I'm taking a look.
posted by frimble (staff) at 12:27 AM on November 27, 2017 [1 favorite]

The location search page, specifically, wasn't setting a javascript variable correctly, which meant that favouriting was broken on that page (and had likely not worked on that page for some time). I've fixed that and it works for me now; it'll probably require reloading the page to get it working, but it should do for you as well.

Thanks for letting us know about this. If you're still having problems, or if there are new ones, let me know and I'll deal with those as well.
posted by frimble (staff) at 1:05 AM on November 27, 2017 [1 favorite]

May I piggyback here? I am sure it is probably my end, but I am also having a strange fav problem.

On my desktop, when I try to fav anything, I get a popup saying "this page is still loading, please wait to add favorites". The page seems fully loaded, and no amount of time removes the issue. Same deal with my laptop. This is with Chrome, Windows machine. Just tested with Edge browser, same problem...

It wasn't like this a couple months ago.

On my phone, it works fine and I can add favs. (few years old Android)

I am in China where the firewall and general connectivity seems to f up all kinds of stuff, not sure if that is relevant.
posted by Meatbomb at 2:23 AM on November 27, 2017 [1 favorite]

What that normally means is that jQuery failed to load. If you pull up the Chrome debugging/developer console, (right click on the page, choose "inspect",) then go to the "Console" tab and reload the page, do you have any error messages?
posted by frimble (staff) at 2:43 AM on November 27, 2017

Hey frimble, yeah that seems exactly the problem:

GET https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
members070215b-min.js:39 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
at members070215b-min.js:39
(anonymous) @ members070215b-min.js:39
jplayer-jsp-mscroll-v3.min.js:44 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
at jplayer-jsp-mscroll-v3.min.js:44

posted by Meatbomb at 3:32 AM on November 27, 2017

Eurgh. That means that you're not getting through to ajax.googleapis.com, likely, as you said, due to firewalling, which is definitely going to screw with things.

All that should be, off the top of my head, affected on MetaFilter is flagging, favouriting, some of the April Fools' stuff from years gone by, and maybe the "2 new comments" loading at the bottom of a page.

I'll think a bit more about a low-impact fix for you, but as that's a problem likely to affect lots of websites, would definitely be interested in hearing if there's an easy way for you to reach that content delivery network from where you are.
posted by frimble (staff) at 5:37 AM on November 27, 2017

Confirmed fixed, thanks!
posted by intermod at 6:35 AM on November 27, 2017

This is a well-known problem. China blocks google and its content delivery network, including the apis jQuery libraries.

How Goggle's CDN prevents your site from loading in China.

Internally hosted JavaScript libraries:

It should be possible to replace all Goggle CDN calls with Chinese equivalents for ip addresses originating from within mainland China. But I have no idea how feasible that might be. Or how much work would be involved.
posted by zarq at 6:37 AM on November 27, 2017

Ah, so that's why all my comments didn't get a million favorites!
posted by aubilenon at 11:19 AM on November 27, 2017 [1 favorite]

Frimble it is not such a big deal so don't lose a lot of sleep over it. Just confirming that yeah, because China, I can live with that.
posted by Meatbomb at 11:25 AM on November 27, 2017

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