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The first version of the digital-only music swap 2020 is up for comments / testing.

The idea is:

1) You sign up and upload your mix sometime before August 1, 2020.
2) We send you your swap group.
3) You enjoy your group's mixes , maybe comment on them.
4) You can browse and comment on all the other groups' mixes or tags, too.

There's 4 platforms at present: Spotify, Apple, Youtube and filesharing (where you submit 1 or more links to downloadable files). Not sure if there should be any others. There's no option to upload files directly to the site.

The groups will be figured out after the deadline. If there's not that many people in a platform, the group could be the whole platform. If there's a lot of people, it could be random or maybe (very maybe) some sort of clustering algorithm. Open to suggestions.

Please comment here on errors, issues, ideas, complaints, etc., or send me a memail.
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Yay! Thanks for putting this together, signal.
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Surprised no one mentioned Mixcloud in the prior thread. I haven't uploaded there, but I've seen MeFites or MeFi adjacent people use it.

Also, this sounds fantastic, thanks for setting this up!
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I love this, and that's such a cute little website! I was just thinking yesterday about making a beachy mix to play while hanging out in my backyard, now I have motivation to actually do it.
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You sign up and upload your mix sometime before August 1, 2020.

How many songs -- or how long? -- should one's mix be?
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Organiser of last year's swap here. This is fantastic, thanks for doing this and congrats on the slick website! I've signed up and will start thinking about my mix soon. :D
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How many songs -- or how long? -- should one's mix be?

I don't know if there have been guidelines like this in the past, but I'd say however long you want to make it. For me, I'd think about how long I'd want to listen to a mix or playlist.

If you feel like you need a few more songs in your mix, but don't want it to be too much longer, look to Short Music for Short People, 101 punk songs in under 50 minutes (Wikipedia).
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Wow, what a great interface. Lovely work.

(I haven't put any thought into what my mix will consist of this year, but it may be that I have it on Spotify and downloadable. I just picked one semi-capriciously since I was asked to make a choice.)
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Yay! Thank you!
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This makes me happy. This is something I can dig into right now without the added challenge of packing a CD or getting to the post office, which I struggle with even when things are good (and things are so very much the opposite of good right now!)

Very excited to pick a theme and get working. Thanks for making this happen!
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This is wonderful! Thanks. Can't wait to put some fun music in!
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Thanks for all your kind words. Let me know thoughts, ideas, problems, etc.
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Yay! This is so exciting! The project is great and just what I need right now, and the site is adorable. My contribution will probably be bangers and bops by artists from various countries with rambling liner notes.

Really looking forward to this!
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This is fun. Mine is up. I went the Apple Music route as it was easiest for me, but as I state on my submission, if someone wants the files via another method I will.

Thanks signal
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great, terrapin, you're the first, I think. Was it ok, simple to understand? Any hiccups?
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The only thing it took me a second to figure out, but may not be obvious is that one has to be in code mode to paste the embed code. Everything else was intuitive to me.
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I did not expect such a polished web page. Neat! (Also, I love the idea itself.)
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Yay! Clearly I need to check MetaTalk more often!
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I'm dumb. How does one create a mix in Apple? And if you create a mix in Youtube, it's permanently attached to your account, right?
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koucha: I have been making playlists in iTunes for years, and have had an Apple Music account for a few years too, and I had to look it up! Here's what I found...

Apple has a how-to on their website.

If that's not clear, feel free to MeMail me.
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Now that I'm about to upload things. . . I'm a bit befuddled by the idea of tags. (To be clear, I don't object to them at all.)

If you're using them, what are you using them for? Genres? Artist names? Abstract ideas? Emotions?

(This also prompted me to look back through old swap files. I realize that I now know IRL and have eaten meals with someone I sent an album to from thousands of miles away, having no idea who they were. Which is kinda neat.)
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If you're using them, what are you using them for?

I used them for genres.
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Can someone with such powers add this thread to a sidebar so others can find it once it rolls off the front page?
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Woop! I was just wondering if that was gonna be a thing. I am excites.
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Started planning out the songs I'm gonna put in there. Last year was entitled Love and Dread (terribly illegal filesharing link). This year is shaping up to be Love and Dread II: Love Harder.
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If you're embedding a spotify player and adding a cover image, set the embed's width to 600 so it matches the pic and give it a more generous height:

[iframe src="" width="600" height="900" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"][/iframe]

(notice the width and height parameters)
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Or, actually, set the width to 100% so it works on cellphones, etc:

[iframe src="" width="100%" height="900" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"][/iframe]

I'll fix the width of the images so it matches.
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Added the option to change background and text color.
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It doesn't seem like anything is getting saved when I hit "save and preview" - if I then open up the site in a new window none of the text I entered is there (also I'm not seeing a preview, just the same page again with the stuff I entered prepopulated). I tried disabling my adblock and firefox tracking protection, but it didn't change anything. Don't see any javascript errors in the console. Any advice, or am I just not understanding how to use the site?
posted by whir at 10:40 AM on July 10

Huh. It should save. Could you try with another browser?
posted by signal at 1:21 PM on July 10

I think the form isn't being saved, let me check it and I'll let you know.
posted by signal at 1:26 PM on July 10

I just tried various times, leaving all the fields blank and it still saves, let me know if you keep getting this problem.
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Thanks for checking, signal. I tried it in Chrome and creating and editing the mix worked fine there. Once it was created I was subsequently able to edit it in Firefox, so I'm guessing the problem (if it's not specific to my own setup somehow) was with initially creating the mix in Firefox. Anyways, I'm good to go for now, thanks!
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Just an update, there's 37 people registered so far, with about half on Spotify, one third on file links, the rest on Apple and 1 on Youtube Music.
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