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Were you intending to engage in the practice known as Dry January? Were you derailed by [gestures broadly at everything]? Anyone up for giving it another shot starting January 21st, the day after Inauguration February 1st?

Dry January, if you're not familiar, is that thing where in the interest of giving your health a boost/backing off from holiday excess/re-evaluating your bad habits you swear off booze for the first month of the year. Seems like that may have been a rough one to stick with this year. And that's understandable!

January 1st is an arbitrary day anyway. We can pick another day and try again, together. How about January 21st, the day after we finally get a new president?

Joe Biden's inauguration isn't going to flip a switch and fix everything, but it is a red letter day in what will hopefully be a climb out of general awfulness. It's as good a day as any for some self-care. You can toast that night and start the morning after.

That said, a month may still be a lot to ask with the pandemic and all. So, anyone else up for taking 21 days starting on the 21st?
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Given the 20th is the day most likely to devolve into the worst of any immediately pending violence, you might want to consider just going with Feb. 1. Just a suggestion.
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I’m in for Feb 1!
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I'd be okay with February 1, but I'd be out in 13 days... we drink the good wine for Valentine's Day; it's a tradition.
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I'm Australian, and I made 5 days (not related to US events) so I would like a restart with you guys.
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I've managed to stay dry (so far), so I'll likely be with you all in spirits Feb 1!
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For some reason, the Canadian Cancer Society is promoting Dry Feb as a fundraiser, so Feb 1st would probably work for Canadians.
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I made it as far as last Saturday.
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we are doing dry january. the coup attempt really rattled me and there were a few moments I really wanted to climb into a bottle and hide. but we didn't!!! still going strong on sober january and yes I am proud of myself.

(I was diagnosed with 2 (yay!) sleep disorders recently, so I'm going to try to permanently alter my relationship with booze, le sigh. also I have lost 5 lb of covid so I'm happy about that)
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Dry since end of September, here, though I'll admit to hitting the gummies pretty hard. The feeling of pressure to drink has been slowly increasing over the last week or two -- i'd be so happy to join in and just know that there's a community of mefites here with me.
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I've been doing dry January, but thankfully I have a partner in my (temporary) sobriety so we keep each other accountable. They live with two heavy drinkers, and I live with a 10 year old, so I think they are doing a much better job of resisting temptation. Last year I made it from ~Christmas through mid March (right before the original lock down in CA). I hadn't necessarily planned on quitting forever, but just sort of decided to give it a break. Surprisingly enough, my sobriety was not stronger than a global pandemic.

That being said, I support everyone in their efforts and will not be joining you in practice, but I will be there in spirit!
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I'm in for a restart on February 1.
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Mods, should we just reconvene here as needed for Dry February support? Or make a new post on 2/1? Which is better/easier?
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I used to look sideways at Dry January because I thought people were treating it as a a game or a lark and that rubbed me the wrong way because it's not a game to me and many people close to me. I'm sorry for thinking that way and I've come around to the belief that there are many reasons to do it and it's not for me to say that any of those are right or wrong.

That's a rambly way of saying "Yay you!" to all who are giving Sober January/February/Post-Inauguration/Life a shot. I'll be cheering for you! It's not an easy time to do it. This is the first time in years I've had real thoughts of using. I'm hanging in there and if you choose to you can too!
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giving it another shot starting January 21st

Wait, is Dry January a drinking game? I've been doing it so wrong...
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Yep, we were going to do Dry Jan as well, but since my spouse also has to deal with our new shitstorm of a legislature led by the "you-knew-him-as-the-reporter-punching-representative-but-now-welcome-him-as-your-governor!!!" mess of a human, we're starting Feb 1. See y'all there!
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Feb. 10th for me. The 9th is my birthday.
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Mods, should we just reconvene here as needed for Dry February support?

I think we can change the type on this thread to be one that is open longer so if this thread works may as well use it.
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Thanks to the mods for letting us set up shop here and for the edit above the fold. February 1st it is. Hang in as long as you're able.
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I'm a nondrinker but I was observing Dry January along with some drinking friends by drying out on high calorie snacks. I must admit we all lost some steam, what with being unnerved, and I am grateful to have a reset. Thanks for getting this going DOT, we all need as much help as we can get.
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I may join you all, but I have to get through next week before I can make that kind of decision.
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Hi- I have had a REALLY bad two years, but maybe with some support from you guys I would like to try Drybuary? (February)
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Last Wednesday I had my first alcoholic drink in quite a while. NGL, every month is dry for me in a typical year, for medical and other reasons. This year I can make no promises. Suspecting I’ve seen the last of “typical” for some time. I wish y’all success though!
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I am doing exactly what you described in the OP. I blame not just the state of the world, but too many January birthdays.
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The stress these last four years has been mind altering enough and I've noticed that alcohol hits me very differently now so I shouldn't and I've been the only adult here most of the year so I mostly don't but I discovered an abuse situation a couple weeks ago that punched all my buttons and I drank and all of a sudden the sun was coming up. So yeah, I am in. My Gurdjieffian reality is alternate enough.

I need to be effective. We all do right now. We are not designed for the anxiety amplifying tech available to us and I'd suggest not embracing it and seeing if that cuts down your urges.

And what the fuck is up with pot these days? I don't want to chat with gnomes. Where is that shitty seedy brown bricked stuff? This is Reagan's fault for shutting off the imports and creating the domestic industry.

I'm in whether things calm down or not.
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This could be a nice place to share stuff that may have helped folks in staying dry.

For me personally I replaced alcohol with kombucha, and it's been pretty nice. Also these matcha green tea coconut water jawns that the local store has.

I'm in the market for another non-alcoholic beverage so please share if you have a fave!
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I am actually making my first batch of kefir right now!

In past dry times, kombucha helped me a lot. Also my local grocery is now filled with CBD seltzers. The brand Recess has some of my favorite flavors.

I tried to get into mocktails, but it just made me think about the alcohol I could be drinking.
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I really like Tost. It's a sparkling, dry ginger/tea/cranberry drink that is intended to fill the same role as sparkling wine.
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Previously I've enjoyed the MeFi Valentine's Exchange as a fun distraction when I'm looking for non-drinking activities. Plus, valentines! There's still time to sign up!
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I quit today cuz it felt right.
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During all this news I had some personal issues come up that were pretty severe along with a loss of a job due to the company having issues. I was completely sober for close to a year and before that I mainly drank on weekends, due to not having anything to do and not wanting to deal with life I spent the last two weeks at a bar during Covid, 5-6 beers a day. If you stretch that from 4PM-9PM that's really close to a beer an hour. Didn't think I was drinking long enough or high enough quantity to have any withdrawal symptoms. Yesterday was really bad with anxiety and cravings like i never had before, I just focused on sports on television. I just now woke up from a seizure, I'm having a friend come pick me up and take me to the hospital. Dazed and confused but fine, feeling better actually.

If you're quitting alone have a friend call you to make sure you're okay for a couple days, I was lucky and in bed.

Ironically I got a new job and today was to be my first day. I was quitting drinking a day early because i didn't want to look hung over. Now I get to miss my first day with a trip to the hospital, but if it doesn't work out with the new company at least I'm not drinking.

I hope this doesn't scare anyone from quitting. Wanted to post this before I got embarrassed and also remind people to be careful.
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Jesus, that's so scary geoff. I hope you're okay. Do let us know when you're out of hospital.
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I've tried a few of the new non-alcoholic drinks on the market. Here are two shops that specialize in non-alcoholic spirits if you want to try a few yourself:

One annoying thing I've found is that some of these drinks, unlike normal liquor, require refrigeration. My fridge is constantly at capacity so I am unlikely to purchase those going forward, but they make it really hard to tell in advance of ordering if a drink will require refrigeration. Even though Ghia covers this in their FAQ, I am still unclear!

Review so far:
Ghia - Ghia is an extremely bitter aperitif that fills the negroni-shaped hole in my heart. I would say more than half the people I introduced it to found it too bitter, at least in the proportions they suggest that you use. I personally use about 1/3rd Ghia to 2/3rds other stuff, and try to always include some sweet element. My favorite so far is apple cider and Ghia.

Curious Elixir #4, "Citrus. Ginseng. Fizz. Holy Basil" - the package describes this as being spritz-like but my boyfriend described it best: "this is weird juice."
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Day One, for anyone joining in. Take care of yourselves.
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Good luck to you all! I hope everyone finds what they are looking for from a defined break, if that is what they are doing, or from the beginning of long-term alcohol sobriety, if that is what their goal is.

geoff, I hope you are safe home soon. Thank you for the important reminder that it can be dangerous to abruptly stop drinking alcohol. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned that it is unsafe for you, folks.
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That's the first day, in the books. Would love to hear from anyone else on board. I had some trouble settling down to sleep, but I felt okay.
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I had trouble settling down to sleep last night.

I've been busy looking about for replacement rituals that don't involve making a beverage, as that is the part of the ritual I really miss.

Yesterday it was a short bath with citrus smelling bath salts. Today I will exercise and then go sort out LEGO bricks.

I ordered a nice set of colored pencils (92 colors) and a new sharpener, which is due to arrive this evening, so I think I will be coloring tomorrow.
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I can't find Kaliber. Wasn't that Guiness?
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It is. Pretty sure they still make it. Comrade Doll always liked Buckler NA before I brought her over to the dark side. It's actually way easier to behave in Romania because all of the major beer companies there make semi-palatable NAs and everyone stocks them since the legal limit is 0.00.

I bought some Ghia. That sounded good. I'm a huge bitters person.

I read where Jason Isbell says his go-to is "shots" of bitter citrus. Like, just squeeze lime into a shot glass and shoot that while everyone else drinks.
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I tried a different Curious Elixir and it also tastes like weird juice or wet salad.
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Jason Isbel is really, really nice to his tour bus driver. Guy couldn't say enough to me.

So I am Polish and we outdrink morons because no defensible borders or something. I do think my uncles would have benefited from psychiatry.

I've been on something called Vralar since the coup attempt. I could drink on it but I don't want to and my genaral loopiness is preserved in useful ways.

Maybe quitting leaves you in a hole. I am not paying the 1700 a month for this drug wbecause I found unadvertised state agencies. Vocational Rehab here has money they would like to spend. Check around.

Bud zero. WTF? It goes with nothing.
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OK, there's two days.

That wasn't too bad. Still not as easy to sleep without some wine in me but I do wake up feeling better. So that's cool.
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I dreamed that I had some beers at a restaurant and then fussed myself in my dream. "It's been only two days!!!!"
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Oops, I totally forgot I was supposed to be doing this. Thanks for the reminder, Recent Activity! I actually cut back to almost nothing during January anyway, except for the night before last, which, no regrets. The difference in my waistline has been amazing (kind of appalling, really) and I'm excited to see what no drinking looks like. So I'm in.
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I'm excited to see what no drinking looks like


Anyway, welcome on board.
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I tried Fre Non-alcoholic Chardonnay tonight.

It's grape juice in a wine bottle.
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Okay, that was three days. First weekend coming up will be a different matter.
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you got this DirtyOldTown
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I'm rooting for all of you!!!!!!
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While weekends are initially difficult, one post that I saw over and over again when I used to hang out every day at r/stopdrinking went like "Holy hell, weekend mornings exist and they are wonderful!" (Everyone eventually made this post, as well as "I can't believe how great it is to not be hiding from/fearing my neighbors when I take out the recycling" and "So relieved to not have to check my phone to see what horrible things I posted or said last night and find out who hates me now").
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what thelonius said 100%

also was important for me to keep snacks on hand (pretzels, peanuts, chocolate covered raisins) as I found that many cravings could be diminished by snacking and getting the sugar / calories that the booze was providing before.
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I had some of the Ghia. It's good! It's essentially a juice mix that has all of the strongest flavor markers of something like Campari. Since alcohol is not the strongest flavor in bitters, it works. When I mixed Ghia with sparkling grape juice and seltzer and topped it with an orange slice, I got something approximating an Aperol spritz. This was a nice way of having a Friday night "cocktail."

I really don't seem to have a physical dependency on alcohol so much as a pronounced psychological dependency. I need some new habits, I think.

(Side note: I am aware that non-alcoholic beers are one of the best ways of approximating the social/psychological aspect of drinking, but as someone who had bariatric surgery, beer emphatically does not agree with me.)

Pandemic had turned me from a two glasses of wine kind of person into a bottle a day (and occasionally more) person. Long term, I'd like to not only dial that back but maybe spend March just drinking on weekends to see how that goes.
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Yeah, I hear ya. I'd like to get to that stage of control at some point.

One thing that really shocked me and kept me motivated was learning what level of consumption is needed to be considered a "heavy drinker". Now granted I spent 12 years working in bars and restaurants, which means that I engaged n the industry's favorite pastime: afterhours drinking at someone else's bar once all the customers are gone and dunking on the worst guests of the night. So it makes sense that my conception of "normal" quantities of alcohol could slowly drift over time. But when I read that more than 15 drinks per week = heavy drinker, I was shocked. 15 per week??? In the industry that's like...2 days. Maybe slightly less.

It's a normalization of deviance thing, I guess. But when I realized just how far I had deviated, well...that helped to scare me a bit into making changes.
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Many of the heaviest drinkers I know come from restaurant/bar backgrounds. I sure did. It's... the lifestyle.
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I know what time the bar closers leave and I try to turn the app back on and be in position so I get them instead of the fireball guy with no pants because the closers are in the same headspace as me at 3:00 am and they tip well and don't pee in the car.

The bartenders I have been driving around for years, the ones who can hold a job for a long time, don't drink and they get a little depressed about what they do for a living. Especially on Sundays.

So last Sunday I pick up this guy for the umpteenth time and he gives me directions cause he doesn't remember me at all and I go back to get the bartender. She isn't ready but she gives me some pork wings when she comes out. My passenger peed in a potted plant and he is banned. Good for both of us.
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Part of it is the pandemic. The other part is one of the truly wicked aspects of the onset of perimenopause is the making of drinking any amount of alcohol a crap shoot in terms of how I will feel the next day.
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That's got to be hard.
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I have discovered that a real trigger for me is food. I associate certain meals with certain drinks. Maybe this is the use case for non-alcoholic beer.
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Okay, there's one week in the books.

I think I need a new hobby, as "drinking a bunch of wine" was doing a lot of work for stress relief/giving me something to look forward to, etc.

I had not fully appreciated how the pandemic had laid waste to my ability to pursue many of my interests and how I just drank more instead.
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if you find one weird trick to reinvigorating interest in hobbies please do share. i quit drinking start of september and pleasure in doing stuff has still not returned.
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I think the answer is exercise because it's always exercise but I hate that answer.
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[hissing at exercise]
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Today's coping mechanism: soda with bitters.

(FYI, I know bitters has alcohol but I'm not talking about a bitters that's a cordial/liqueur. I mean like a shaker bottle of D'Angostura. I'm not worried about the alcohol content of eight drops.)

Anyway, sipping that was nice.
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Yes, soda with bitters is my favorite carbonated bev even aside from the whole alcohol question. It is MIRACULOUS for releasing trapped gas anywhere in the digestive system. And even better, sad to say, is an Old Fashioned (the version with soda water), which to the soda/bitters magic adds a little sugar (always soothing to an upset tummy) and alcohol, which relaxes the digestive tract. I learned about soda and bitters in my youth when a kind bartender heard me saying I had a stomachache.
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Used to drink shots of ango when the fernet ran out. Love the stuff but can’t trust myself to have it in the house.
posted by lazaruslong at 8:16 AM on February 10, 2021

About 40% of the way in. I'm from inking more coffee and kombucha, but I feel good.

I have to admit, getting started in the morning is easier.
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It was a crap day. I want a margarita. Or an Old Fashioned, there is still a couple of Cara Cara oranges about the house.

Instead I had large mug of tea, another glass of water and brushed my teeth.
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Today is the halfway mark, which is cool.
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Sixteen days in, I am both extremely relieved to note that I do not see to have a physical dependency and can, in fact, actually stop drinking when I wish to do so... and also am embarrassed that my habits were so shitty that I drank that much anyway. I think in March, I'm going to allow myself a bit of wine on weekends and special occasions, but will stick with bitters and soda the rest of the time.

I have spent more time working and pursuing my interests this month. Still not with the focus I would like but it hasn't been that bad.
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Hell yeah and great job!!!

The increase in sleep quality really is no joke too
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Invested in a five pack of Hella brand bitters. Bitters seems to be my official jam. I realize it's not helpful for people fighting a chemical dependency on alcohol, but bitters have been aces for me as someone fighting off a psychological one.
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Along the bitters line, my happy new discovery is soda with bitters and a little bit of the liquid from my Tillen Farms Merry Maraschino jar. To my surprise this goes most of the way toward satisfying the desire for an Old Fashioned. Apparently the cherry was more important than I realized.
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Hella bitters are tremendous. Love 'em. The smoked chili is an unexpected surprise because when you shake it into soda it tastes not unlike a smoky, peppery scotch in soda.
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I quit on Inauguration day so its been a month.

We've been under a lot of stress and I was worried that if the kids saw any change in me it would rachet their anxiety.

I was driving yesterday so 13 answered my phone. She told my shrink I haven't turned into a dick like when I tried to quit smoking. Love her.
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I'm doing fine still. Only six days left then I'll go to my weekends-and-special-occasions-only plan for March.
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The real tricky one will be my March goal not to eat anything after dinner. No snacks or desserts after the last meal.

I figure if I just try and improve one thing per month, I can positively impact my health over the year without taking on too much at once.

(My goal for January was not to end up in the street in front of my house begging for garbage trucks to run me over. Nailed it!)
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Making my once per week trip into my physical office to do the stuff I can't do remotely today. Had a moment where I was reminded that my habits have slowly drifted away from what they were when I was around other people regularly. I drink a not-insignificant amount of kombucha every day to scratch the 'not water, coffee, or tea' special drink itch that booze used to fill. So today I have my 1.5 quart clear water bottle filled to the brim with bright garnet colored kombucha and a coworker was like...umm....sup?

Anyways. Awesome job to yall, home stretch is here!
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Kombucha is a very very good "special drink" substitute.
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I have not done well. But I'm going to try again.
posted by theBigRedKittyPurrs at 2:30 PM on February 24, 2021 [3 favorites]

There is always a chance for a new Day One.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 4:20 PM on February 24, 2021 [2 favorites]

Hey, I made it! I drank a bit of wine last night, but that was a conscious thing. Since I have decided not to drink Monday through Thursday, it made more sense to have a celebratory bit of wine at the end of February than on Monday the first.

Now for March, it's time to work on better snacking behaviors.
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How’s the snacking thing going? It is after midnight here in Europe and I just had a snack which I know it’s not a healthy thing for me but very hard for me to stop eating late.
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Yes DirtyOldTown, do tell how the snack work is going!

When I quit drinking back in Sept, my therapist made sure to impress upon me that snacking is 100% okay and acceptable response to stopping drinking because of the sugars -- "Candy is dandy" they said. I have...definitely indulged in that area, lol. We're on a pretty serious cookie phase in the house here at the moment, rediscovering Chips Ahoy has been lovely.

In my office upstairs I just keep one of those massive plastic jugs of pretzels on hand. Not sugary but just enough carby filling to satisfy late night snacking urges without overloading myself with sugar or calories before bed.
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Hey! I have turned my attention to diet now too and am having the most surprising success. I can't believe I'm even doing this because I've never formally dieted in my life but I'm trying to track my macros and not only am I losing weight but I'm never hungry and am actually having to make an effort to eat as much as I'm supposed to. Weird! So the snacking problem takes care of itself because it's not verboten snacking. It's more protein than I'm used to and I guess that's what's so filling. I've got more of a "scientific experiment" mindset about it and am finding the whole thing fascinating. Still not drinking very much, I find I've lost the taste for more than a small glass of wine a couple of nights a week, which is where I was hoping to end up.
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