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Were you intending to engage in the practice known as Dry January? Were you derailed by [gestures broadly at everything]? Anyone up for giving it another shot starting January 21st, the day after Inauguration February 1st?

Dry January, if you're not familiar, is that thing where in the interest of giving your health a boost/backing off from holiday excess/re-evaluating your bad habits you swear off booze for the first month of the year. Seems like that may have been a rough one to stick with this year. And that's understandable!

January 1st is an arbitrary day anyway. We can pick another day and try again, together. How about January 21st, the day after we finally get a new president?

Joe Biden's inauguration isn't going to flip a switch and fix everything, but it is a red letter day in what will hopefully be a climb out of general awfulness. It's as good a day as any for some self-care. You can toast that night and start the morning after.

That said, a month may still be a lot to ask with the pandemic and all. So, anyone else up for taking 21 days starting on the 21st?
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Given the 20th is the day most likely to devolve into the worst of any immediately pending violence, you might want to consider just going with Feb. 1. Just a suggestion.
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I’m in for Feb 1!
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I'd be okay with February 1, but I'd be out in 13 days... we drink the good wine for Valentine's Day; it's a tradition.
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I'm Australian, and I made 5 days (not related to US events) so I would like a restart with you guys.
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I've managed to stay dry (so far), so I'll likely be with you all in spirits Feb 1!
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For some reason, the Canadian Cancer Society is promoting Dry Feb as a fundraiser, so Feb 1st would probably work for Canadians.
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I made it as far as last Saturday.
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we are doing dry january. the coup attempt really rattled me and there were a few moments I really wanted to climb into a bottle and hide. but we didn't!!! still going strong on sober january and yes I am proud of myself.

(I was diagnosed with 2 (yay!) sleep disorders recently, so I'm going to try to permanently alter my relationship with booze, le sigh. also I have lost 5 lb of covid so I'm happy about that)
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Dry since end of September, here, though I'll admit to hitting the gummies pretty hard. The feeling of pressure to drink has been slowly increasing over the last week or two -- i'd be so happy to join in and just know that there's a community of mefites here with me.
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I've been doing dry January, but thankfully I have a partner in my (temporary) sobriety so we keep each other accountable. They live with two heavy drinkers, and I live with a 10 year old, so I think they are doing a much better job of resisting temptation. Last year I made it from ~Christmas through mid March (right before the original lock down in CA). I hadn't necessarily planned on quitting forever, but just sort of decided to give it a break. Surprisingly enough, my sobriety was not stronger than a global pandemic.

That being said, I support everyone in their efforts and will not be joining you in practice, but I will be there in spirit!
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We have actually set a slightly different target - no bringing any alcohol into the house for 100 days. We didn’t have a huge stock to start with, and since we are under lockdown we can’t go to a pub or bar. This means we can drink if we want to be a)every drink reduces the supply and b)if we don’t take it very minimally it will end up being dry February and March... It has taken the pressure off ‘I had one drink so that Dry January screwed, I give up.’
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I'm in for a restart on February 1.
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Mods, should we just reconvene here as needed for Dry February support? Or make a new post on 2/1? Which is better/easier?
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I used to look sideways at Dry January because I thought people were treating it as a a game or a lark and that rubbed me the wrong way because it's not a game to me and many people close to me. I'm sorry for thinking that way and I've come around to the belief that there are many reasons to do it and it's not for me to say that any of those are right or wrong.

That's a rambly way of saying "Yay you!" to all who are giving Sober January/February/Post-Inauguration/Life a shot. I'll be cheering for you! It's not an easy time to do it. This is the first time in years I've had real thoughts of using. I'm hanging in there and if you choose to you can too!
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giving it another shot starting January 21st

Wait, is Dry January a drinking game? I've been doing it so wrong...
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Yep, we were going to do Dry Jan as well, but since my spouse also has to deal with our new shitstorm of a legislature led by the "you-knew-him-as-the-reporter-punching-representative-but-now-welcome-him-as-your-governor!!!" mess of a human, we're starting Feb 1. See y'all there!
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Feb. 10th for me. The 9th is my birthday.
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Mods, should we just reconvene here as needed for Dry February support?

I think we can change the type on this thread to be one that is open longer so if this thread works may as well use it.
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Thanks to the mods for letting us set up shop here and for the edit above the fold. February 1st it is. Hang in as long as you're able.
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I'm a nondrinker but I was observing Dry January along with some drinking friends by drying out on high calorie snacks. I must admit we all lost some steam, what with being unnerved, and I am grateful to have a reset. Thanks for getting this going DOT, we all need as much help as we can get.
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I may join you all, but I have to get through next week before I can make that kind of decision.
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Hi- I have had a REALLY bad two years, but maybe with some support from you guys I would like to try Drybuary? (February)
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Last Wednesday I had my first alcoholic drink in quite a while. NGL, every month is dry for me in a typical year, for medical and other reasons. This year I can make no promises. Suspecting I’ve seen the last of “typical” for some time. I wish y’all success though!
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I am doing exactly what you described in the OP. I blame not just the state of the world, but too many January birthdays.
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The stress these last four years has been mind altering enough and I've noticed that alcohol hits me very differently now so I shouldn't and I've been the only adult here most of the year so I mostly don't but I discovered an abuse situation a couple weeks ago that punched all my buttons and I drank and all of a sudden the sun was coming up. So yeah, I am in. My Gurdjieffian reality is alternate enough.

I need to be effective. We all do right now. We are not designed for the anxiety amplifying tech available to us and I'd suggest not embracing it and seeing if that cuts down your urges.

And what the fuck is up with pot these days? I don't want to chat with gnomes. Where is that shitty seedy brown bricked stuff? This is Reagan's fault for shutting off the imports and creating the domestic industry.

I'm in whether things calm down or not.
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This could be a nice place to share stuff that may have helped folks in staying dry.

For me personally I replaced alcohol with kombucha, and it's been pretty nice. Also these matcha green tea coconut water jawns that the local store has.

I'm in the market for another non-alcoholic beverage so please share if you have a fave!
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@lazaruslong - if you can get your hands on sparkling kefir water it is pretty good.
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I am actually making my first batch of kefir right now!

In past dry times, kombucha helped me a lot. Also my local grocery is now filled with CBD seltzers. The brand Recess has some of my favorite flavors.

I tried to get into mocktails, but it just made me think about the alcohol I could be drinking.
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I really like Tost. It's a sparkling, dry ginger/tea/cranberry drink that is intended to fill the same role as sparkling wine.
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Previously I've enjoyed the MeFi Valentine's Exchange as a fun distraction when I'm looking for non-drinking activities. Plus, valentines! There's still time to sign up!
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I quit today cuz it felt right.
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During all this news I had some personal issues come up that were pretty severe along with a loss of a job due to the company having issues. I was completely sober for close to a year and before that I mainly drank on weekends, due to not having anything to do and not wanting to deal with life I spent the last two weeks at a bar during Covid, 5-6 beers a day. If you stretch that from 4PM-9PM that's really close to a beer an hour. Didn't think I was drinking long enough or high enough quantity to have any withdrawal symptoms. Yesterday was really bad with anxiety and cravings like i never had before, I just focused on sports on television. I just now woke up from a seizure, I'm having a friend come pick me up and take me to the hospital. Dazed and confused but fine, feeling better actually.

If you're quitting alone have a friend call you to make sure you're okay for a couple days, I was lucky and in bed.

Ironically I got a new job and today was to be my first day. I was quitting drinking a day early because i didn't want to look hung over. Now I get to miss my first day with a trip to the hospital, but if it doesn't work out with the new company at least I'm not drinking.

I hope this doesn't scare anyone from quitting. Wanted to post this before I got embarrassed and also remind people to be careful.
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Jesus, that's so scary geoff. I hope you're okay. Do let us know when you're out of hospital.
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