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It's our first Monday update after having done these on Fridays the last few months. We have team meetings every Sunday, so this is a more natural fit for getting these updates ready to go and keeping them up-to-date come posting time.

- Loup has completed a revision of the site’s Microaggressions document, and the updated version is now live on the site. This rewrite aims to shorten and simplify some of the original language and better center the document on the experiences of and expectations for all MeFites.
- We’ve added a Creative Commons license to our Guidelines, Microaggressions, and Content Policy documents. These are intended to be useful documents and applicable outside of just MetaFilter, and we want to be explicit that it’s okay for other people, groups, and organizations to make use of them. This license makes that intent unambiguous.
- Privacy policy work continues; we’re currently reviewing an updated policy draft, more when it comes.

- A couple users helpfully noted an issue with outdated meta tags on the site that could be negatively affecting search/SEO visibility; we’ll be updating those shortly.
- MeFi had a brief outage on Saturday; I manually restarted things, and we’ve updated our service alarms to more quickly catch and automatically resolve that kind of issue in the future.
- Google has recently deprecated an older style of ad unit that MetaFilter has used in the past; frimble and I double-checked to make sure that MeFi’s current ad setup wouldn’t be negatively affected by the change.
- We’re a step closer to updating the style of display of mod comments to be easier to read and to pick out on a skim, thanks to some CSS plumbing frimble got done. We’re hoping to show off some user-visible progress there soon!

MeFi Global BIPOC Advisory Board
- From thyme: Please fill out this Google Form if you’re interested in joining the board. This information will be made accessible to board members and travelingthyme to foster more transparency and efficiency around communications with potential members.
- Apologies if there have been any missed communications! The Google Form process will ensure that we get everyone accounted for and will hopefully remedy any future barriers around email inquiries.
- The next meeting is in the scheduling phase and is projected for sometime in April. More updates to come!
- PS, here’s the board page for future updates.

Thanks for reading! As always, you can reach out at the contact form if you have any questions. The next update will be posted Monday, 3/29.
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