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By tradition, the first gift recipient gets to start the annual swap THANK YOU thread....

And this time it's me! A HUGE and happy thank you to oceanjesse for sending me the PERFECT shade of watercolor that I've been wanting for two years now -- payne's gray! It's one of the last colors I needed to complete my current working palette of misty/moody grays and greens. oceanjesse, I don't know how you were able to get it here so quickly short of some kind of miracle but I am utterly delighted and will use your gift all season with joy!

Wishing oceanjesse and everyone at metafilter all kinds of good cheer throughout the season!
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Hooray thank you thread!
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Only having one comment in here is making me feel much better about my SQ efforts.
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I can confirm that as of this writing there are a few other packages currently in route! It's like popcorn! Pop pop!
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Thank you for the shoutout, and I’m glad you like the gift! Also you should be getting some Italian orange and lemon hard candies!
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Off to the shops & PO tomorrow, looking like local produce is the way forward.
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Pop pop pop pop!
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Post office today! The Google form for tracking info is a great idea.
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I received a package, will open it on Thanksgiving so I can enjoy delicious anticipation.
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Holy smokes, the Disney x Betsy Johnson Haunted Mansion Statement Necklace? For me?

Oh my god, this is amazing, thank you.
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The bright yellow Otamatone that I received is so wonderful! It’s quickly become a family favorite (my son learned Ode to Joy on it AND figured out how to make fart sounds! The baby will do hilarious call and response trying to duplicate its sounds). I don’t know who sent it but thank you for this incredibly silly noisy toy that brings us all so much joy!
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I ordered my Secret Beans member their gift today and it will ship tomorrow because the local store I go to for things like this is good like that. Anyone who has got one from me before knows what it will most likely encompass because I'm predictable mostly.
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Payne's gray is a lovely shade!

Holy smokes, the Disney x Betsy Johnson Haunted Mansion Statement Necklace? For me?

That necklace is AMAZEBALLS.

I have the elements of my gift assembled and based on the recipient profile I have been inspired to do CRAFT that I have not done in over a decade. (CRAFT used to bring me much joy before specific parties sucked all the joy from creation - thus the long hiatus). If I can't finish it before the mailing deadline, Secret Beans is getting a two parter this year. I'm really excited to get started!
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Priority secret beans mail went out today!
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Yeah, gift has left the station! And it's still November. Personal best.
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I couldn't get it together this year but I love the gift swap! I still think so fondly of my extremely thoughtful gift from you one year, mochapickle!
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My lovely Kentucky themed gifts (spices, pie, bourbon black tea, lucky horseshoe and a coloring book!) from deezil just arrived. I made the mistake of opening the box in front of my husband and "bourbon black tea" was, well, I think he's already hidden the container from ME! We could all use a bit more luck right now. Thanks so much!
My Secret Beanee (that's what I am calling my giftee anyway) has to wait for the last thing to arrive so I can put it all together and get it out. It's supposed to come before the deadline, but if not, I'll mail it in pieces with a note from the coordinators.
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A mysterious package arrived for me today!! I’m extremely grateful and excited, both for the gift AND for the chance to practice my least best virtue: patience!!
I’m going to hold out and wait to open this until Tree Time, but many thanks to my Secret Gifter in advance!
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mysterious Quonsmas parcel arrived yesterday from Massachusetts... we shall see if I can maintain patience!

meanwhile, some of my nonsenseries seem to have been delivered (apologies Quonsee, most are not wrapped)
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I received wonderful and thoughtful gifts today from maurice! Beautiful, locally made coasters that make a perfect addition to my living space AND a story collection, including one written by maurice! I so look forward to a coaster-protected beverage and some reading time in front of the fireplace this weekend to get all cozy and shit.

Thank you, maurice - so, so great!
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I sat down and opened my set of gifts from the marvelous Gemmy last evening after dinner. My thirteen year old nephew sat with me as I explained who my invisible internet friends are. His eyes grew wide when he saw all the candy that came in the box. We both loved the teeth from ancient beasts long dead. I especially love the tree ID book, because I have an abiding love of all things tree related. I also loved the crafted tree, made of stone and wire, it's absolutely beautiful. But the most beautiful thing of all is the mug Gemmy made, fired with this glorious green glaze, inscribed with leaves, all the way around. It is perfect and I love it. Thank you Gemmy!! Mefites are the best sort!
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I’m so glad you liked the various tree things, msali!! Happy to have gotten it to you before the deadline for once! :)
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I received a lovely winter care package from a mysterious stranger full of teas and cocoa and snacks for these cold winter nights in the Pacific Northwest. ❤️❤️❤️, looking forward to slowly savoring this in December (except for the almonds, which I am currently stuffing in my face).
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Jason6 send me a Boston Freedom Trail Ornament along with a video (via QR code) with more info on the Trail (and it was nice to put a face to username!) It really is the perfect thing! I am looking forward to hanging it on my tree soon (and for many years more!)
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Sent my gift yesterday in the mail, so hopefully it'll arrive early next week!
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My husband picked up my gift from my parents' house yesterday (I'm in the hospital and have been for 13 months so packages are routed there.)

Thank you, Kate, for the Star Wars teas they are lovely.
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I've received my gift but am keeping it sealed until gift-opening-day. Thanks sleeping_bear!
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My gift has arrived! I won't be able to pick it up until I get home tomorrow, but it's been delivered.
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Omg, Twicketface's gift arrived last night and it was an experience. I will try to narrate the events.

I get home and open the box. First, some delicious chocolate! Then, some packing plastic, which I drop on the floor because I'm a goblin. As I take out what appears to be a pickle-shaped cat toy, my 17 year old cat attacks the plastic, rubbing her face all over it, flopping on top of it, just generally having a good time. I'm trying not to laugh as I read on the back about Silvervine, which has two cat attractants and is therefore much more potent than catnip. I give her the toy and she LOSES HER ENTIRE GODDAMN MIND. Like my girl you have arthritis, you should not be able to flail that wildly over this toy! You're gonna give yourself whiplash rubbing your head back and forth so fast!

She's going so crazy over it that I vaguely feel like she needs to be supervised with it or she's going to bonk her head on some of the junk I have on the floor, so I take it away (it is covered in drool) so I can go shower. She immediately goes to the plastic again, so I put that away too. She keeps walking around the spot where the plastic/toy were, sniffing around and looking up at me. I'm losing MY mind at this point laughing.

Commence shower. I return and find her rubbing her face all over the plastic that the toy came in, which I forgot about. I put away that plastic, and finally get to take out the remaining object, a fidget toy that got forgotten in the Silvervine commotion. I read the back and a immediately smitten by the description, which I transcribe here as accurately as possible:
A little body , to satisfy your all hand addictions.

Modern people face a variety of emotional states such as stress, frustration, tension, and distraction.Now you only need to move a finger, to give yourself an effective psychological suggestion and adjust mood quickly. DoDoMagXanadu decompression magic cube is full of 12 small trivial organs,come on and try it.
The instructions inside refer to it as "Holy Crystal Decompression Magic Cube" and detail the various sides; here are some of the highlights:
Rotating disk: Do you want to a rotating disk? You can come and try it.
Switch: You can have experience of the ubiquitous switch rhythm.
Silicone rope: Free shrinkage,it can be hung anywhere and not afraid of missing.
Soft button: People who like pressing ball pen can try it.
Sliding block: Sliding the sliding block to adjust own life rhythm.
Smiling face: Is little face,very cute,it won't be angry no matter how to pinch.
My partner tries it out before I'm done reading the instructions (guess which one of us is autistic and which one is ADHD?) and complains that it's too awkward to hold because it's too big. I pick it up and find out that it actually fits perfectly with my giant piano hands with fingers that don't bend properly and thus could never get much use out of the original fidget cube. Perfect! Also, the bar code describes it as "Fidget Dodecagon-1...Autism (B3 Blue Sky)" which is my new proposed DSM-5 diagnostic code.

I then I look up and discover my cat, having been denied the plastic, has gotten into the box that the gifts came in and is getting high off that. At this point, I am seriously doubting those webpages that insist it's "not addictive." My partner gets up and closes the flaps over the box, looks at me, and says:

"I think I just hotboxed our cat."

What a fucking delightful and hilarious evening. Thank you Twicketface, for all the laughs, and gifts I will most certainly continue to get use out of!
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PS please someone take these sockpuppet names:

12 small trivial organs
free shrinkage
hand addictions
honey i hotboxed our cat
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PJsky, thank you! The present was really impressive! (I’m suspicious that you may have gone over the price ceiling.) The gifts matched all my wants and preferences perfectly — definitely a comforting and pleasant and very thoughtful package. I’m delighted. I am already wearing the fluffy, soft socks and will have the tea with breakfast tomorrow, if not sooner. Thanks! (And now I need to get my giftee’s package out the door…)
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emmling sent me a lovely airmail card (with wonderful handwriting) in advance of something coming on a boat! Stand by for part #2...
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I came home from some brief thanksgiving travel to find the most delightful selection of salts from an anonymous gifter. I am in the process of buying my first home (closing December 17, knock on wood) and, while it's been stressful, one of the fun parts is planning how we will equip the new kitchen and what we will cook in it. This salt definitely has a place of honor, and I'm so excited. In particular - sesame sea salt? Incredible. I could use that on everything.

(On the other hand, to my giftee...I ordered your gift a week ago and am still waiting for it to ship. Ack. But it is coming! I promise!)
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That was me, mosst! Glad you liked them!
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Thank you to the mystery gifter for the board game! We love it. Wishing you all a peaceful winter.
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I got an awesome stuffed Wooly Mammoth from NorthernLite! I told my four year old it’s name was Mega, short for Megafauna. She replied no, it’s name was Hairy Elephant ;)
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Thank you, brook horse, for the wonderful recap of events - the other option was a shark but glad I went with the pickle!
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renren, you are most welcome! Glad to know your gift arrived on time and it’s bringing you “comfort and joy.” Hope your holidays are wonderful!
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SuzySmith, glad you enjoy the teas! There's one more little package coming your way!
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Just sent mine off! A little later than usual, but should be there soon. Love reading the thank you threads every year and marvel at the ingenuity of MeFites...
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Received the most delightful surprise today from tangaroo! Two absolutely hilarious books that are exactly my taste: Men to Avoid in Art and Life and The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds. They have already brought levity and delight into my life! Thank you so much, tangaroo and swap organizers! <3 Seasonal cheer to all!
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I got such a LOVELY little package from to wound the autumnal city! A sweet calendar that is handmade with art, some awesome looking chocolate and a tote bag with mushrooms on it.

THANK YOU! What a lovely gift! And thank you to the awesome organizers, this made my day.

Sent mine off but realized I think I forgot to put my mefi name on the package. OOPS. Hope it works out ok.
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LOL triage_lazarus, I'm glad you liked it.:) Your four-year-old sounds cool.
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I just opened my package from the wonderful mollymillions, who sent me the most astonishingly beautiful wooden bowl handmade by her friend's dad. I appreciated both the cute postcard forewarning me that it was on the way, and the nice note with the gift. And oh gosh that bowl is just so incredibly beautiful! Not only beautiful, but so amazingly soft and smooth that I just want to hold it up to my face to feel the softness! It will fit perfectly on my shelf of wooden art things, and will serve as a perfect candy dish for the holidays. Thank you, thank you!
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After a long, rough day I got home to a lovely package with everything beautifully wrapped from yarntheory! The calendar pages as cushioning were a particularly nice touch!

It included chocolate from a local Michigan place I had never heard of including chocolate with blueberries (yum) and something called panela (which I also had never heard of but am now super excited about).

There is also what looks like a truly lovely romance novel in exactly the vein of what I like to read.

There was also a lovely card. Thank you for a truly wonderful experience and some very nice stress relief!
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I just ordered the stuff for my giftee and will send the tracking information to the elves as soon as I get it. As of now, estimated delivery date is December 8, but that could change once it actually ships.

The site did not give me an option to add a gift message, so giftee, please post when you receive it and I will reveal myself. : )
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damayanti - After a long, chilly Minnesota Monday, I opened the package you sent me. And just like that, all of my hygge dreams came true: color, coziness, and cheer took the form of an absolutely gorgeous blanket shawl, a cable knit cup cozy, and an adorable bonus scrunchie. I’m wearing the blanket shawl to school tomorrow (très, très chic!) and will be giving my sparkling water cans a glow-up with the cup cozy. Thank you for making my week shine!
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Glad you enjoy them WaspEnterprises! They're from a fellow MeFite's shop, watch out for turtles.

I got my gift yesterday. I opened up my mailbox and immediately got a whiff of coffee and got very excited. Inside was a lovely bag of grounds from a local shop in Ohio, plus a couple of samples. My giftee signed with their real name and not their MeFi handle, so I won't post it here, but thank you so much! I look forward to drinking it all!
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Hello all from the thrilled recipient of Secret Beans from the phenomenal Lawn Beaver!

First of all, y'all. Look at this box! Hello friend in the corner with the hairflip and the smolder yes! So of course I ran around squealing with glee before I calmed down enough to open it.

There was a whole trove of treasures!

A fabulous assortment of weird and magical cards (I am currently living for the avocado-wielding style icon in the dice-emblazoned onesie because how can you not?) were tucked in with a very beautiful little notebook.

Then I found the sassiest change purse (Hell Yes I Do! Thanks for seeing me, change purse.) full of otherworldly shiny gorgeous shells and a tiny Bastet brooch.

And then the most perfect dream of a pot handmade by Lawn Beaver! I wish you all could hold it in your hands. It is so lovely to touch and also just the right size and shape and colors.

Dear Lawn Beaver, your care and thoughtfulness and creativity have made my heart so happy. All of the thanks in the world!
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A mystery box arrived for me! I'm waiting awhile to open it, but will update when I do. Thank you!
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Hi damayanti, I was the one who sent the coffee, I'm glad you enjoyed the smell.
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I got a lovely handwarmer device from zoetrope, which will come in handy as winter starts in northern Ohio and on my ski trip to Colorado in February.
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Thanks to emmling for the Kaki no tane snacks - peanuts and crunchy rice pieces with various flavorings, wasabi, etc. Delicious!
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Present arrived, from someplace artsy, feels rather soft. Hmm.

What could it be?!

But I don't want to open yet, so not sure if gift-giver is ID'd inside. So, thank you, Anonymous For Now!
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Thank you to my anonymous gifter, who sent me not one but TWO beautiful notebooks and five different pens with green ink. These are bringing me so much delight!
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Finally sent off the parcel today, and it is supposed to take 2-3 days for delivery.
Entered it into the Gift Swap Tracking. Hope it arrives safely.
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Got my package yesterday! Thanks for the socks and pen, I’m wearing them now (the socks, not the pen). The card was mysterious and made it sound like we have a friend in common, but I don’t know who!

I mailed out mine today, right in the nick of time. I love participating in this every year but always wish I had more time!
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Mailed a package out today, having already received the main part of mine a few days ago. The note I was forwarded has just enough hints to be intriguing without being revealing. So, we’ll see if I make it until the card that’s coming separately arrives, or if my curiosity gets the better of me first!
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Received a perfect wee package of candle + soap bits + chocolate + cat toy from buildmyworld! I am thrilled with all of it, and especially excited about getting to try several different glorious soaps, all with very exciting smells (charcoal rose fire is probably my favorite so far, but i'm holding off on a final decision until I actually use all of them). My cat is equally thrilled with his gift, and chased it all over the kitchen floor yesterday.
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To the mysterious sender from South Africa, thanks for the amazing gift! The spices and sketch of a random person are so great and purrfect for the spirit of the gift exchange! The sketch on the bag are really fun.

P.S. Goth kitty art is always a good time and I would love to see pictures of it, if I get the chance.
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* appears in a puff of smoke *
Hey there Nackt! I'm so pleased that your gift arrived, apparently I sent it just in time before postage got disrupted by the latest developments.
Will share some of those creepy goth cat drawings :)
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Mine went out yesterday, by some coincidence to someone who was assigned me in the past! If someone sees this and wants to tell me where the tracking number google form is, it’ll be appreciated.
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Centrifugal, it’s in an email called “ Your assignment in the Metafilter Gift Swap is...”.
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Link to our google form tracker is here!

If you have questions, or if you want to check on a gift, or if you want to send a message to your sender or recipient, you can email us at We check the account several times a day and aim to get back to people quickly.

And if you're running late on sending a gift -- it happens! -- please let us know so we can keep your recipient in the loop and help out however we can. Elf Station Colorado is hopped up on holiday bonbons (oceanjesse, omg these fancy italian lemon candies you sent are the best!) and there's no judgment, just delightful citrusy love.
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I usually beat the deadline for sending Beansmas gifts by a week, but events conspired against that this year. I got the package to Canada Post yesterday, so Canadian Beansee, you should see your gift in about a week. Hope you like it!
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I just got the most wonderful package from hellogoodbye! A selection of lovely Knit Picks yarns in such fun colors (I'm thinking of them in various combinations in yokes for sweaters for my daughters!) and some really lovely-looking coffee from a roaster local to them, which I am very much looking forward to trying. It's gray and rainy and very windy here and this has brightened up my day so much. Thanks, hellogoodbye!
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Package sent. One day past deadline. Failure to live up to expecations is my super power
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It's a funny anomaly on the 2021 calendar, but I doublechecked and it just so happens that December 1 this year lasts until Thursday. :)
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Mine's out! A little late, but the story is boring. I was able to get mine out within about an hour of learning I have one coming (and a random gift for my dad showing up in my mailbox at the same time).

i am excited.
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Package received, and it's just delightful--some excellent-looking local food, and a beautiful card.

I'm going to put smoked habanero powder on ALL THE THINGS.
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Thanks so much to nayantara for the word clock! It will go straight into my department office tomorrow.
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Got a notice yesterday from the site where I purchased my giftee's gift that it shipped yesterday (right on deadline!) Tracking info has been submitted. : )
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Thank you Servo5678 for the perfect Christmas hot chocolate and peppermint sticks. Looking forward to curling up under the throw blanket with hot cocoa, a book, and holiday music!
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Thank you randomquestion for the tasty treats! I'm not saying I'm going to dip the chocolate in the maple syrup in an orgy of sugar, but I'm not NOT saying that either.
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Thank you, obol for the gifts from Seattle! Your package arrived a few days ago but I wanted to wait and share it tonight with a good friend who is celebrating his 79th birthday. The Aplets and Cotlets are a terrific fruit confection, and the Marketspice huckleberry tea is intensely flavorful. I'll be enjoying this throughout the season!
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Holy cow, you guys! I got such a wonderful haul of treats from RobinofFrocksley! She is fully excellent and I am filled with delight!

There was an interesting vintage book about the history and development of cities in Medieval Europe (you would not believe how many woodcut maps there are). There is a vintage postcard set from New York (and I don't mean vintage like 1993, I mean vintage like Rockefeller Center is the hot new building, La Guardia is shown with DC-3s and NYC is "the terminal of more than a score of railroads and more than 150 steamship lines").

And there are a ton of edible treats! My word, the cross-cultural, international haul of treats. English fudge, Dutch salted licorice (this one causes some trepidation), Polish milk fudge and a Taiwanese black sesame thingy. I haven't tried them all yet, but the winner so far is the Ukrainian jam-and-toffee delight, Minky Binky. Just say that name again, Minky Binky; my wife and I amused ourselves by shouting it to each other, and we're going to do it again. And to finish the treats, there's an intriguing assortment of Penzey's spices that I'm sure are going to wind up in my next meal.

Thank you so much! It really filled me with joy!
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Tracking info received and I am excited!
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I hope you see this, Nackt, here are some of my Goth Kitty drawings. From the sketch book of the Random Person drawing I sent you. Scroll to see all of them.
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I just wanted to let my secret fidget know the package arrived and I’m waiting to open it, but I am very excited! Thank you!
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Thank you, rekrap, for the beautiful homemade ornaments and the little kit so we can make our own! So cool, this will be fun to do with my kids. And I love my other items as well!
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(Fun coincidence - rekrap was my recipient in 2018)
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RhysPenbras, you excelled!

I got some awesome pencils that say Team Oxford Comma from the Grammar Police, a nifty rocks glass and chocolate covered sponge candy. A fantastic haul!
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So glad you like the ornaments, ThePinkSuperhero! I enjoy that craft because I am no kind of artist but these turn out pretty cool-looking no matter what I do. They have the added feature of not breaking when rambunctious kids or pets knock them off the tree.
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You know the drill when it comes to this swap -- you sign up, fill out the little form, try to be easygoing and not demanding, and then hope for the best. So this afternoon when I received a box that is MUCH LARGER than anything I put on my list, my heart started to beat a bit. I mean, marmosets are cute, but I have a scampy dog that wouldn't appreciate one. I opened the box and found two gifts and a card.

The card is a gorgeous 3D card of a Christmas cactus from MOMA! I love cards so much and I can (and will) bring this one out every year as a desk decoration.

The smaller gift was a toy for Murphy, my dog! A bag of Dogritos! It's adorable! Cool Ranch Doritos is my snack of choice and has been my emotional support chip throughout 2020 and 2021. I have staged poignant photos with Doritos. I love Doritos.

So when I unwrapped the larger gift and found that IT WAS FULL OF COOL RANCH DORITOS I nearly lost my damn mind! LOOK AT THIS!

Glee. Pure glee.

This amazing, thoughtful, 110% effort gift comes from the marvelous Spacewarp13! Thank you so much - Murphy and I will enjoy this for a long time and smile about it forever.

Thank you also to curious nu and mochapickle for organizing!
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Finally made it here today to see all the comments, which are always a joy to read.

@Gemmy, I’m SO glad you like the bowl! I’m not craftsy (ha! such an understatement…) but luckily know a lot of folks who are.

Beansies for me must still be on the way, which is awesome.
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Thank you to craven_morhead for the delicious dark chocolate assortment! It was the best thing to come home to after a long work day.
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The pic of Murphy with the Dogritos is simply amazing.
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Thanks for the book Sublimity! I'll be sure to do some trashy-fun reading this weekend.
posted by gtrwolf at 8:07 PM on December 3 [2 favorites]

I have been generously enplaidened in the holiday-est of ways by theora55! My cats immediately knew there was something in the package for them before I even opened it. The beautiful plaid ornament is already on my tree, and the lights will be going up in my office tomorrow (the built-in six hour timer is so cool!). How did you know I recently ran out of googly eyes? Seriously - I just used the last of my supply a few days ago. Now I can just grab some off the fridge and Do What Needs to Be Done. The note and postcard are lovely, and the vaccine card holder had me cracking up. Thank you for such an on-point, charming secret beans bag!
posted by Munching Langolier at 10:13 PM on December 3 [2 favorites]

WAIT how could I have forgotten to mention the bespoke spice blend?? I can't wait to dredge some tofu in the curry goodness and bake it crispy!
posted by Munching Langolier at 10:27 PM on December 3 [2 favorites]

My parcel from guster4lovers arrived yesterday. I opened the box and set all the little wrapped gifties out where I could enjoy gazing at them in anticipation. I only made it a few hours, though, before I needed to discover what smelled so good. A fir-scented candle! I love the smell of pine, and have always had a hard time finding oils, candles, &c. in nice piney scents. The glass votive holder the candle came in sadly did not survive the journey from North Carolina, but the candle has been neatly transplanted into a little canning jar—perfect, as I can put a lid on it and freshly enjoy the flood of wonderful Frasier Fir scent every evening.
Candlelight, a set of cards and envelopes, many wonderful & weird local flavors, and a little wooden pig have all helped make my season bright. Thanks so much, guster4lovers!
posted by obloquy at 12:10 AM on December 4 [2 favorites]

Yay! So glad you got it!

I should have wrapped the candle more carefully - I totally forgot about it having glass in it in my rush to get it in the mail.

Also in my rush I didn’t add to the note that I stalked your mefi comment history for ideas and saw you comment that you hadn’t heard of Duke’s mayonnaise. I hadn’t either until I moved here, and I felt like that was something I could help with at least.

My three year old had a lot of fun helping me shop for you.
posted by guster4lovers at 5:11 AM on December 4 [2 favorites]

Thanks very much, meinvt, for a cheerful dish towel that makes me want to visit your state, as well as the journal and fancy markers. The Chrstmas-star-ifying glasses are also great! In my neighborhood we have not only folks who put up outdoor lights, but also this quirky guy who decorates his bike with lights and pedals around at dusk in a Santa suit…looking forward to starifying him :). Happy holidays and New Year to you!
posted by homelystar at 5:42 AM on December 4 [2 favorites]

Received a fun package from jilloftrades and waited til today to post the thank you so I can report that I used some of the baking tools already to make pumpkin bread for my in-laws. She must have read my mind that I had been needing a sifter specifically.

Can’t wait to use the rest and play the game. Thank you!
posted by hellogoodbye at 5:43 AM on December 4 [3 favorites]

OMG rekrap & ThePinkSuperhero — those ornaments are so fabulous! I love the flowing organic shapes!!
posted by Metasyntactic at 6:26 AM on December 4 [1 favorite]

Wow! My rainy morning has just been made 100x better thanks to homelystar! An awesome big thick juicy with info book on Zoology (my passion!) And it's on Kindle, so it's going on my phone where I can take it WITH me and enjoy it! Thank you so MUCH! and I don't blame the rest of it for heading to Puerto Rico, I'd do the same 😊 Thank you!!!
posted by The otter lady at 7:25 AM on December 4 [3 favorites]

My spoon has rested thanks to a lovely metal spoon rest engraved with "Metafilter Secret Beans 2021" from an awesome anon gifter. Thank you!
posted by Pineapplicious at 9:21 AM on December 4 [6 favorites]

You are most welcome, The otter lady! I live in Illinois, so indeed, the package must have just wanted a vacation before its trip to your part of the US...
posted by homelystar at 9:43 AM on December 4 [2 favorites]

I received the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday! Based on me mentioning I’m learning Norwegian, my gifter picked out two Nordic-themed books for me: The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas and The Windows of Brimnes - An American in Iceland. They also included a Norsk krone coin (very cool!) and a delicious maple sugar treat I ate right away. My gifter didn’t give their MeFi name, but please know I thoroughly enjoyed your card! Thank you so much!
posted by meggan at 9:50 AM on December 4 [4 favorites]

Update: My giftee is not anon, I just didn't look carefully at the gift tag. Thank you Munchning Langolier!
posted by Pineapplicious at 9:57 AM on December 4 [3 favorites]

I just came home to a bounty of candy and a graphic novel from an anonymous person in the great state of Washington. Thank you, whoever you are! I will enjoy the novel while I stuff candy into my face hole.
posted by bondcliff at 10:15 AM on December 4 [5 favorites]

Thank you so much, oomny, for your incredibly thoughtful gifts!!

First off, my cats absolutely LOVE the cat toy and have played with it for a solid hour since I opened the box; they’re way more into it than any other toy I’ve ever given them… I’m so looking forward to trying the local and organic Earl Grey tea tomorrow morning - it smells delicious - and my daughter has already asked to play the Anatomy Flux game tonight - can’t wait! The cat print is completely adorable, and your hand painted snowbird card is simply stunning and will have pride of place this winter.

Tea, games, cats, art - you completely nailed it! I am so touched by your thoughtfulness, creativity and kindness. Thank you and happy winter holidays to you too!
posted by widdershins at 11:26 AM on December 4 [4 favorites]

Received a gift of assorted cookies that are allergen friendly! As a vegan I enjoy having treats too share with my gluten-free friends! No idea this brand existed - always good to have a new go-to. Thank you, Secret Beans gifter!
posted by idealist at 11:41 AM on December 4 [1 favorite]

Thank you to reren for the lovely hand-illustrated card, *perfect* selection of enamel pins, and chocolate (which is now gone but was much enjoyed). This made my day and Janeway Cat approves.
posted by esoterrica at 1:57 PM on December 4 [2 favorites]

KingEdRa hacked my browser history and saw that I was recently shopping for a good travel mug but failed to place an order. He gifted me exactly what I was looking for along with a lovely note and a plug for what sounds like an amazing bookstore/beer bar called Rough Draft which I will definitely be visiting the next time I am out in the Hudson Valley. Thanks!
posted by maurice at 2:04 PM on December 4 [2 favorites]

KathrynH NAILED it on my gift! Local chocolates and local soaps. So perfect. I have already consumed one of the bars within seconds of opening. And the soaps seem really great!!
posted by kthxbi at 2:21 PM on December 4 [1 favorite]

Meggan thank you so much for the incredibly thoughtful and PERFECT gift. I feel so honored to be on the receiving end of something you clearly put so much effort into. (How the heck did you guess my absolute favorite tea?!) I loved everything and the Star Baker pin made me squee so loudly. Thanks to MochaPickle and Curiousnu for organizing, this is so lovely.
posted by Pretty Good Talker at 2:27 PM on December 4 [4 favorites]

I have been beansed by skycrashesdown! A lovely book about Seattle History, with *MAPS(!)* And an old McDonald's Great Muppet Caper glass in *great* shape. Thank you very much. Really lovely gifts
posted by DigDoug at 2:31 PM on December 4 [8 favorites]

Thank you so much to the anonymous gifter who gave me colorful artwork from and of Tucson! I love it and my three year old son loves the train but is slightly unhappy that there is no caboose!! Thank you, thank you!!
posted by unreasonable at 2:44 PM on December 4 [1 favorite]

Thank you kbar1 for the cards, stickers, and tattoos. I will use the sloth magnetic bookmarks heavily - my organization systems RELY on magnetic bookmarks! Truth be told, I would have been stoked to receive the cigar box empty - what a treasure (ROMEO Y JULIETA).

Lovely all the way around.

PS - My mother and brothers live in Phoenix, and I like to regale them with tales of how cool it is here in the frozen tundra of North Carolina. Currently: 61F. It was a warm day.
posted by jeoc at 3:31 PM on December 4 [1 favorite]

The universe first apprised me of a centrifugal force in 2019, when I was most pleased to send a boxful of gifties her way. This year, my guidance salutation, addressed to "serendipitous gift swap friend," was aptly read by centrifugal! Readers, she did not disappoint. I have benefited from her many talents with the following:
  • Two framed photos of sea creatures that she took at a local beach (fulfilling my wish for handmade items, sea-themed items, orange or green items, and local items) and destined for my home desk and my office desk, respectively
  • A jar of crabapple jelly made with apples from her tree (handmade, local, trees and nature themes)
  • A lovely (handmade) bud vase with a brown glaze, dotted with prints of seashell spiral points (sea theme; also, I love that shade of brown)
  • A (cozy) hand-knitted (purple) scarf (that she made) wrapped with rosemary sprigs (trees) from her garden (a great winter smell!) I'm wearing it as I write this.
Speaking as a literature major, I also appreciate her close reading abilities, as they have brightened my Christmastide. Thank you so so much, centrifugal!
posted by initapplette at 6:58 PM on December 4 [3 favorites]

Thank you SuzySmith for the lovely box of Penzeys herb blends! I pretty much only use Penzeys but I didn’t want to specify on my wish list in case I sounded like some kinda spice snob. And yet you knew!! Merry merry Beansmas to you and yours!
posted by exceptinsects at 9:30 PM on December 4 [1 favorite]

Initapplette, I'm so glad the package reached you intact and you liked it! I loved making each of those things and had fun putting the box together. I still think about the lovely gift you sent me in 2019, at a time when I really needed it, and am glad I could return some goodness to you.
posted by centrifugal at 9:59 PM on December 4 [2 favorites]

I’m in a sunshiny state, having already sent Part One of a gift to the Sunshine State. Part 2 will be headed along shortly .. so sorry for the delay.
posted by initapplette at 6:35 AM on December 5 [1 favorite]

Thank you to Tesseractive for the mixing bowls. I can always use more mixing bowls (especially as cookie season is upon us). The color even match the kitchen!!
posted by kathrynm at 8:32 AM on December 5 [2 favorites]

I got a package! I got a package! I'm in an agony of indecision as to whether to open it right now or wait ...
posted by darsh at 10:50 AM on December 5 [1 favorite]

Dear andree, you have made the season brighter for me with a whimsical pile of maritime gifts! I am from an ocean place but no longer live in one and what a delight to see all these sea treasures. Thank you so much, I do hope to get over your way in better weather. (Also, your penmanship is glorious!)
posted by wellred at 1:08 PM on December 5 [2 favorites]

Dear holborne!! My dark chocolates arrived today and I am in Heaven! Thank you so much. Exactly what I asked for and they're perfection. YUM! My holidays will be decidedly better with my stash of delicious Li-Lac Chocolates. Thank you so much!!
posted by pjsky at 1:42 PM on December 5 [2 favorites]

Many thanks, exceptinsects! A trivet was a wonderful, practical gift that is also beautiful -- mine are peeling cork so this one will be a great replacement. The scarf is gorgeous and so silky, and the hand lotion smells amazing! A very lovely gift! I took a picture in case anyone else wants to see how gorgeous this stuff is!
posted by possibilityleft at 2:01 PM on December 5 [4 favorites]

A trivet was a wonderful, practical gift that is also beautiful

That trivet looks almost good enough to eat!
posted by cynical pinnacle at 2:21 PM on December 5 [3 favorites]

Thank you to the mysterious “follower of the old ways” that sent me the latest book from my favorite author, and some of my favorite tea to drink while I read it!
posted by jet_pack_in_a_can at 4:08 PM on December 5 [2 favorites]

I was utterly delighted to get a box with a gorgeous purple cowl made from hand-spun yarn, and great stickers I would have picked out for myself, and various other goodies from Portland. Thank you, Secret Gifter!
posted by rhiannonstone at 5:02 PM on December 5 [3 favorites]

Happy Holidays and a big Thank You to Nac (aka The demon that lives in the air) from your fellow Oregonian! I will definitely make time to read this book, it looks fascinating!

May your days be merry and bright……a big ask in Oregon but it could happen!
posted by ZenMajek at 5:35 PM on December 5 [3 favorites]

Secret Beans Elves, is it too early to ask for a statistics drop? Do we have a marmoset count?
posted by janell at 7:51 PM on December 5 [2 favorites]

possibilityleft, I’m so happy you like them!! It was fun putting a gift together for you.
posted by exceptinsects at 12:29 AM on December 6 [1 favorite]

That's wonderful, wellred, I'm glad you liked the maritime whimsy starter pack...! And thank you for the compliment on the penmanship - you may have just motivated me to send a few more cards out this year. :)
posted by andree at 4:12 AM on December 6 [2 favorites]

Mine came yesterday!

THANK YOU trillian! It couldn't have been a more perfect gift. A tote bag from her hometown, some stickers and a beautiful card. Everything she sent had significance to the area and it was great get a little history lesson thrown in. After being sick for a week, this was so nice to open.

posted by a non mouse, a cow herd at 3:48 PM on December 6 [2 favorites]

Y'all are the best secret gifters, and mochapickle has been working hard answering pretty much every email as fast as they come in!

This year, we've had 207 people participating. 178 of those folks have sent something out, 9 are almost ready, and we're still following up on about 20 others. If you haven't sent yet and haven't chatted with us recently, please reach out to us (memail or email) and let us know. :)
posted by curious nu at 5:22 PM on December 6 [11 favorites]

To the wonderful keeo: many, many thanks for a super special Beaning surprise! The extremely useful produce bags, citron carry bag, and reusable zipper bags are exactly the sorts of gifts I like best. (The zipper bags will be used tomorrow for taking snacks to the office.) The sentiments in your card were also lovely, and came at just the right time, bringing joy after a long first-day-back in the office. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!
posted by angiep at 7:04 PM on December 6 [2 favorites]

pjsky, I'm so glad you liked your chocolates! Li-lac Chocolates kinda saved my life during lockdown (although I ate perhaps more fudge than was good for me), so of course hereabouts we call it Li-lacdown. Har har har.

I came home today after getting soaked in a downpour to the loveliest package from charmedimsure -- a whole herd of chocolates, *plus* homemade raspberry gin and blackcurrant preserves. I hadn't eaten for most of the day, so I had some of the preserves on toast with butter for dinner, which hit the spot perfectly. (I like having breakfast for dinner. For every meal, actually). This was a lovely way to end the day, thank you so much!
posted by holborne at 9:14 PM on December 6 [2 favorites]

I said I wanted to be surprised but that I prefer practical things – I got both! I’ve greatly admired the woodwork/bowls shared by Bondcliff on MetaTalk, especially here and on the recently created Mefi Art and Makers Club, so I was thrilled to find that Bondcliff was my gifter and that he sent me a beautiful handmade bowl – the lines, the smooth texture, the maple color – it’s gorgeous!!! He also sent me a jug of genuine Vermont maple syrup - I’ve never had the real deal! Thank you so much Bondcliff!
posted by kbar1 at 11:45 PM on December 6 [8 favorites]

The mail came early today and in it was a package from Nerd of the North. I now possess a tea towel so gorgeous that I may frame it instead of use it, a lovely Great Blue Heron charm from a local gallery and a notecard so pretty that my spouse asked to see the back so he could contact the designer and order more. All from local stores and artisans, which is totally my jam. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
posted by theBigRedKittyPurrs at 7:58 AM on December 7 [2 favorites]

I got lovely gifts from essexjan! Thank you so much! I love that it was all themed around your home area. The art magnet is a pretty addition to my little collection, the scarf is dreamy, and I will be keeping my rings in the little handmade wooden bowl. Handmade wooden things are so satisfying :D
posted by brilliantine at 9:57 AM on December 7 [3 favorites]

I just received a box of amazing treasures from jeoc, who it turns out was my bean-ee a few years back! Everything was beautifully (and spoopily) wrapped, and I squealed with delight over every little bit of ephemera that was part of the wrapping. And then inside that wrapping were gifts! The BLM sticker went immediately onto my laptop, the fuck it stickers are going right on the cover of my 2022 planner, and both the adorable glass spider and the skull candle have already found homes on my desk. The blessing bottle is safely tucked away - it knew where its home was! - and I am trying valiantly not to eat the lip balm, because it is YUMMY. Thank you thank you thank you!!
posted by okayokayigive at 10:17 AM on December 7 [2 favorites]

The name of my gift-giver was lost in the shuffle, but I received a lovely assortment of teas and wonderful smelling candles. One of the candles was in a coffee cup, but, unfortunately the cup broke in transit. I really appreciate the thought, though. The Galveston swag is wonderful!
posted by ASlackerPestersMums at 11:17 AM on December 7 [2 favorites]

Oh! And I got a beautiful seashell ornament! It is hanging on the very front of my tree. Very beautiful and festive! Thank you so much!
posted by ASlackerPestersMums at 11:19 AM on December 7 [2 favorites]

I'm so happy you like your gifts, brilliantine. The magnet artist, Walter Spradbery, is buried in my local churchyard and I often walk through the woods where his house used to be. The bowl is a little piece of 'my' forest in your home - I live in a cul-de-sac in the forest and, weather permitting, I get out amongst the trees every day, so to be able to send something made from the forest is very special for me. I wasn't 100% sure about the scarf, but when you said you like teal, I thought the copper/teal combination worked very well.

Happy Holidays!
posted by essexjan at 1:45 PM on December 7 [5 favorites]

I received my gift yesterday from sweetmarie! I am saving the wrapped part for later this month, but am looking forward to using the lovely unwrapped note cards for my letter project (always accepting new people to write to! Currently running at about a 6-8 month backlog).
posted by chiefthe at 3:00 PM on December 7 [2 favorites]

Dear The Elusive Architeuthis, thank you so very, very much for the magical gold package which found its way to my doorstep. We're deeply ocean and aquatic creature obsessed in this house, so your presents were amazeballs to a very high order. I love the resusable bag spawning fish, and will keep it clipped to my super cool mom fanny back during weekend outings to the farmers market. The aquarium by our house also has an amazing display of sea horses that we spend a lot of time staring at, so the notebook was a big hit. And finally, the toffee is pure, undistilled delicious. Each present resonated, and I'm very appreciative of the kind thought you put into every element of the present. You rock.

p.s. I love your user name.

Your mail bud,
posted by batbat at 4:33 PM on December 7 [4 favorites]

Today I received not one but two boxes from Idealist! A book I’ll dive into this weekend, cards and some amazing honey…thank you! And to curious nu and mochapickle, we appreciate you so much! Love this holiday tradition and spreading some cheer. Happy holidays, MeFites!
posted by OneSmartMonkey at 11:32 PM on December 7 [1 favorite]

After enjoying reading along with this thread my delivery came! Thank you LizBoBiz for the lovely candles, thoughtful fridge magnets, and nice smelling lip balm. The small candle jar didn’t survive the journey but the candle did!
posted by ellieBOA at 1:56 AM on December 8 [3 favorites]

Thank you to my gift-sender! An excitingly big, square box has just arrived in the mail - to preserve the surprise, I'm not looking too closely yet, so I'm not sure who it's come from, so I hope my sender sees this! (Will also email the Gift Swap masterminds to let them know...)

I'm afraid I'll probably not open it until early January - I'll be away for Xmas and I always enjoy having a few gifts to open when I get home, so I'll update again then.
posted by penguin pie at 4:56 AM on December 8 [2 favorites]

Got a notice that my giftee’s gift is out for delivery today. : )
posted by SisterHavana at 5:14 AM on December 8 [2 favorites]

Thank you so much, wellred, for my awesome Toronto-themed gifties! The raccoon pin made me laugh out loud and is currently on my pinboard surrounded by a few other animal pins. And I think the pencil case and notebook are going to get a lot of use in my work bag.
posted by zoetrope at 8:04 AM on December 8 [3 favorites]

Ooh zoetrope so pleased you're enjoying, we have a light covering of snow right now which just makes our trash pandas cuter. And thank you to dear mochapickle and curious nu for all their hard work.
posted by wellred at 8:15 AM on December 8 [2 favorites]

Thank you to dizziest for the lovely recipe book and chocolate! I am also eagerly awaiting the calendar :) Thanks again and Happy Quonsmas!
posted by randomquestion at 8:51 AM on December 8 [2 favorites]

Thanks to captain_science for some funky soaps (cabbage! perogis!) and a great looking Mary Roach book!
posted by craven_morhead at 8:58 AM on December 8 [2 favorites]

Oh boy, thank you, bunnysquirrel!!! Easily one of my top ten most undignified noises popped out of me today when I opened this tiniest of gifts!!!


These little dino friends are so itty bitty my phone is incapable of doing them any justice. I think if I ever get my home decorating act together I'm going to make a little miniature vignette of my office where I have much larger dino friends on a shelf and put these little guys on a little shelf and really complete the picture. So cute. Thank you!
posted by phunniemee at 11:12 AM on December 8 [2 favorites]

Such lovely presents from mochapickle! A big box arrived a week ago, along with some curiosity-provoking details, but I held out until the rest came today. The gorgeous wrapping revealed mochapickle's wonderful eye right from the start. Inside, several delightful objects accompanied by personal notes all conveyed how thoughtfully mochapickle took my gift guidance to heart. There's an ingenious colander-bowl combination that will be ideal the next time I want to rinse sushi rice, and a serving board made from a single piece of wood by mochapickle's neighbor. The smallest of the presents is maybe the most perfect symbol of both what I asked for and how mochapickle both understood it and elevated it. It's "just" some binder clips, but they're especially nice ones, and packaged with an eye for design that shows them for the precious objects they actually are, which is further explained in the accompanying note about how they're from mochapickle's own small stash. (If you're thinking, "binder clips as a present?" it's only because you didn't see my gift guidance, which in part explains why zip-ties are my kind of gift.)

Thank you, mochapickle, for the great presents and notes, for all the care you put into suiting them to me, and to you and curious nu for organizing!
posted by daisyace at 12:26 PM on December 8 [4 favorites]

And can I just say... for so many years, I've kinda hated exchanging presents in real life. The kinds of things I wanted, if I asked for them, I was told, "That's not a present." The anxiety of trying to meet other people's expectations and hopes, and knowing I wasn't that good at it. Group gift swaps where the thing I brought was never one of the stolen/coveted things even though I'd really tried. Here, each year, I'm amazed that someone who doesn't know me carefully reads what kinds of things I like, and goes so far beyond the call to deliver just the right kind of thing and then some. And likewise, I love delving into what my giftees might want, and how appreciative they've been. Thanks again to everyone who makes it so we can keep having this heartwarming gift exchange!
posted by daisyace at 12:35 PM on December 8 [7 favorites]

Here, each year, I'm amazed that someone who doesn't know me carefully reads what kinds of things I like, and goes so far beyond the call to deliver just the right kind of thing and then some.

What if the real friends were all the people we argued about declawing cats with along the way
posted by phunniemee at 2:01 PM on December 8 [4 favorites]

daisyace, I'm so glad everything arrived safely and that you especially liked those binder clips. It made me happy to know that through our love of pretty yet practical things, we are very much poured from the same pot of tea. The colander is identical to mine at home and it's a marvel for rinsing a tumble of cherry tomatoes or vast handfuls of sugar snap peas, but sadly its disappoints with the rice I've tried as all the grains get stuck in those precisely rice-sized holes. I am hoping you will have better luck...

It was so fun finding items for you! Wishing you a lovely holiday!
posted by mochapickle at 2:08 PM on December 8 [2 favorites]

So, as y’all probably know, it is still a WILD time to be a health care worker, even one like me who’s not right on the front lines of covid. After spending today tracking down information from no less than seven separate hospitals, I was pretty worn down and also ready to kill for a functional, universal medical record system.

And then, like magic, I got a box! All the way from Shetland! Full of intriguing little packages in matching paper!My roommate’s nosy cat, Charlie, naturally had to come investigate.

Inside, I found a whole array of wonderful local goodies. Real Shetland wool yarn in three colors! (Some of this may become fingerless gloves to wear in my cold workspace). Lemongrass rosemary soap that I just held up to my face and inhaled for a minute! Fancy body scrub! Sourdough pink pepper crackers! And, possibly best of all, a sort of cookie called PUFFIN POO! I don’t think I actually mentioned this in my guidance, but I have the sense of humor of a teenage boy so this is perfect! Haha, I’m going to eat Puffin Poo! Here is the whole haul in all its glory.

There was also a beautiful card inviting me to write back to my recipient and share what I do with the yarn. I think I will. Thank you so much, Mairi from Shetland. I didn’t see your username anywhere in the package, but I thank you so much and hope you have a wonderful beansing too. Between this package and the eggnog that came with my groceries I do believe I’ve managed to turn the day around.

Meanwhile, I am slow and still finishing the last piece of my package, but I am making a vow here to have it out by the end of the week.
posted by ActionPopulated at 4:27 PM on December 8 [3 favorites]

I received a box from cozenedindigo a couple days ago that ended up at a neighbor's place accidentally. Eventually, it made its way to me, very fortunately.

She was generous to make a donation to a charity that is particularly meaningful to me (and effective to boot), which is exactly what I was looking for this time of the year. The chocolate was a nice bonus - I'm a huge fan of Theo Bread and Chocolate bars. Thank you!
posted by saeculorum at 5:20 PM on December 8 [3 favorites]

You're welcome, saeculorum! The chocolate looked so tasty, I may have to get some for myself.
posted by cozenedindigo at 5:49 PM on December 8 [2 favorites]

Many thanks to Mandolin Conspiracy for the lovely card (featuring a rocket-wielding trash panda and their friends) with kind words inside, and an awesome plotter print from fellow mefite seanmpuckett! I even have a frame to fit.

Thank you so much--sorry it took me a few days to get to my post office box.
posted by maxwelton at 6:20 PM on December 8 [2 favorites]

Thank you so much to Snarl Furillo who sent me a sweet little gift box of soaps, a solid lotion bar, and lip balm all from a small company in Oregon. These all smell so fresh and herbal, I can't wait to use everything . Thank you so much! <3
posted by Sparky Buttons at 6:46 PM on December 8 [1 favorite]

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