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In the interest of having a positive example in MetaTalk (rare, I know), I put forth this example. I thought the phrasing of the original link was sub-standard, but after the first few comments the discussion was positive and, as so often happens here, a member with a more in-depth knowledge of the field helped the understanding of others.

I also thought it might be worth mentioning so that those who are upset by his politics and (debatable) trolling can see that fold_and_mutilate does contribute positively in other ways.

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I considered whether or not the MetaTalk masses would consider this a worthwhile post to the grey, but decided it was something that doesn't get mentioned enough here. Consider me the ray of sunshine lighting up your afternoon (which, itself, is grey if you live on the west coast of Canada).
posted by The God Complex at 11:19 AM on October 3, 2002

Oh, and sorry about posting that to bugs. I had to go back and edit something and didn't notice that it changed the pulldown menu when I hit 'back'.
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well thank you for this, god complex. i enjoy foldy, regardless of the fact that certain mefi "klukkers" tend to view him as the local "intellectual nigger". i see they are staying away from this thread in droves. good deal! helps keep the air breathable! woof!
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I have big problems with foldy - I just can't muster the intellectual distance to regard him with amusement.

However, I have always detested the kind of man who demonizes everything his opponent says just because it came from his opponent.

So - my hat's off to foldy. He made useful, sensitive, helpful, non-inflammatory comments that were non-political in nature. His stature went way up today in my book.
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Whenever a medical or health issue comes up I look forward to something helpful and intelligent from fold_and_mutilate.
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I was quite pleasantly surprised by that comment as well. I wish that some the other members of MetaFilter would step out of character every now and then and give the rest of us a more well-rounded view of their personalities. Too often people with very strong beliefs come off like two-dimensional characters.
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These accolades make the baby Evanizer cry.

No, seriously. I have always been glad of fold_and_mutilate's membership here. He brings a unique perspective to all of the issues he comments on.
posted by rocketman at 1:13 PM on October 3, 2002

When I saw that Foldy even


at the end of a post, I almost fell out of my seat with shock. Sort of like when Mr. Spock cried for the first time.
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He brings a unique perspective...

I'm sorry, but if GRINDING. THE. SAME. TRITE. PARTISAN. AXE. THREAD. AFTER. THREAD strikes you as "unique", you should hang out at the student union of a liberal-arts college sometime.
posted by dhoyt at 1:25 PM on October 3, 2002

I'm sorry, but if GRINDING. THE. SAME. TRITE. PARTISAN. AXE. THREAD. AFTER. THREAD strikes you as "unique", you should hang out at the student union of a liberal-arts college sometime.

In response, I'm sure, to the same trite arguments he probably sees by those that disagree with him.

Regardless, I wasn't trying to start a debate as to whether or not you agree with him. I'm simply pointing out an example of a thread where he behaved in an entirely different manner, since, you know, people have brought him here at least a couple of times to bitch about what he contributes. There has to be some balance.

I was also, on a larger scale, trying to show that members can turn a discussion that gets off on the wrong foot into something more meaningful than a bunch of one-liners--which have there place, but not taking over an entire thread.
posted by The God Complex at 1:32 PM on October 3, 2002

there = their.

see related Smart Dalek grey discussion.
posted by The God Complex at 1:35 PM on October 3, 2002

I know what you're saying, The God Complex. Good points all around. I'm just being a wise-ass.
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I said I enjoyed his unique perspective, not necessarily his approach. His perspective on the topics here is usually quite different from that of other members.

While I don't agree with a lot of what he has to say, I enjoy imagining what it would be like to meet him face-to-face.

posted by rocketman at 1:51 PM on October 3, 2002

Fold_and_mutilate is a wonderful man defending life in its many forms. Asking him to limit himself to being a personal MeFi physician (which is sort of implicit) is to miss the point entirely. His advice on breast examinations is morally and intellectually on the same level as his hatred for violence, murder and cruelty of any sort.

The fact that he does take the time to go into detail about what might seem less than universal concerns shouldn't tell us "he can be a good guy, after all" but, rather, alert us to how much he loves life and how equally important are his other opinions. You gotta take the rough with the smooth - specially, as in f&m's case, when it's all smooth.

I disagree with him all the time but he's made me change my mind three or four times, keeps me on my toes and reminds me of how brave you have to be nowadays to simply be against any form of infliction of pain and suffering and dare to make it go all the way, i.e. into politics and society, beyond animal rights and into the whole of communal life.

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What Miguel said, sort of. I tend to agree with fold_and_mutilate most of the time and I have never understood why people get so vexed about him, it's only a matter of opinion, for gawds sake. Either agree or not, if he is going to upset you, don't read him, move on to something else, it's not as if there is ever a shortage of reading matter on here, never mind elsewhere and in the real world.
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Miguel, I wasn't insinuating anything of the sort. I happen to enjoy his posts a good deal, regardless of whether or not I always agree with them. At the very least, they make me evaluate my stance on issues--I think that's at least half his point, anyway.

I was posting this for those who purport to paint him with a brush of trolling, as if he exists on this board only to cause controversy and the like. I'm of the mind that it's only fair that I should point this out in light of all the threads I've seen bashing the guy.

And, as I stated, I'm pointing out that a few informed members can help get a down-on-its-luck thread (so to speak) back on its figurative feet. You know, instead of just bitching about it in 'the grey' all the time.

Ya know?
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God Complex,
you're right, bad threads can be reedemed by good posts (like foldy's for example). When Matt doesn't delete a lame post, that's reason; somebody saved the thread.

BUt: God C, you may be omnipotent but you haven't been on MeFi that long, you know?
Opposition against foldy, for the most part, has not come from people who dislike his politics but from those who don't like his disdain for the community (check out his past comments, in blue and gray if you don't believe me) and the very, let's say un-diplomatic wording especially of his older comments (and the needless trolling of this kind of FPP's )

I've defended him also, and I'd regret his leaving MeFi.

God Complex, if foldy is really a doctor (you know, I'm from the Kaycee Nicole MeFi class, I'm simply careful) then I'm not surprised that he has intelligent things to say about breast cancer. So what? Of course he can contribute positively, he obviously is a smart man, you shouldn't be surprised. But saying things like, eating a burger is the equivalent of raping a child ( I'm not making this up, check his old comments) and of crashing a plane in the WTC, well, this is not constructive. Arguing that if you don't agree with PETA you're a scumbag, well, that's pretty extreme. He's accusing everybody of extremism, but _he_ is the most extreme user here
Preachers with unpopular ideas AND bad manners, can only piss people off.

And also, foldy, I know you're reading this: your closing line is amusing. I didn't know you were a Jerry Springer fan

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A news story held up as a good example of an FPP on Me-Talk! The evolution continues...

posted by mischief at 6:42 PM on October 3, 2002

Yes, recently fold_and_mutilate has impressed even me, one of his most vocal anti-fans. He deserves his props.
posted by kindall at 7:05 PM on October 3, 2002

The God Complex: my remarks were in no way directed at you. I'm sorry if I gave that impression. Shockingly, I actually agree with you! ;)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 9:54 PM on October 3, 2002

A news story held up as a good example of an FPP on Me-Talk! The evolution continues...

Yeah, because that's what I said (that's sarcasm). I said at least twice it was sub-standard but an example of how members can actually help turn something lackluster into something else. You know, self-policing can involve more than just bitching all the time.

Miguel: Shocking? Hardly. I'm a likable young chap with my ear to the ground and my nose to the grindstone.

*looks up the expression nose to the grindstone, notes that it has to do with work and quickly erases it*
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TGC: I was just trying to get another mention in MeFi/MeTalk taglines list.


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I wanted to e-mail foldy, yet the mail always returns marked, No Such Address.

Thank you Foldy, for your input.
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