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so i'm making the great leap from albuquerque to chicago in a month, and i was wondering if any of y'all wanted to party like it was going out of style (more inside, etc)
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i will be living in ravenswood, so don't make it too complicated to get there. and if we're lucky, i'll drag my illustrious fiance along.
posted by sugarfish at 2:53 PM on January 2, 2003

(she won't have to drag!)

it doesn't have to be a bar, or anything. though i suppose a bar would loosen people up.
posted by moz at 3:18 PM on January 2, 2003

(I didn't know there was a to-be-married couple at MeFi - congratulations - for some reason moz, i thought you were in the UK)
posted by dhoyt at 3:57 PM on January 2, 2003

Yeah Chicago. Gutherie's? Or was there already a MeFi Chicago gathering there? I can't remember.
posted by gramcracker at 4:58 PM on January 2, 2003

thanks, dhoyt :) nah, i wasn't ever in the uk. but the actual morrissey used to be there, until he moved to la.

where's gutherie's?
posted by moz at 8:11 PM on January 2, 2003

Just a couple blocks from Clark and Addison. It's a bar with board games! Booyah!
posted by gramcracker at 10:41 PM on January 2, 2003

Unless you went to a sorority/fraternity stay away from clark and addison.

Clark and foster area has some nice places, and they are really nice if you like to see women kissing each other.

There are plenty of places in ravenswood on irving park road, but if I were you I'd try the abbey pub on elston. It's a bit west, but, its dimly lit and run by someone that looks like my grandma. They also import these 17 year-old irish waitreses who can't pronounce the spanish words found on the pub's menu -- hearing "q, qu, q, qualase, quasilalidla, quesi" after a couple of pints is very amusing.
posted by stvc15 at 2:15 AM on January 4, 2003

Oh, you guys always want to meet up north. Come to the South Side! Baby Doll Polka Club, man! It doesn't get any better than polka music & airplanes. Plus if she's in the mood, Eddie's mom will bring in homemade potato salad!
posted by macadamiaranch at 10:49 AM on January 4, 2003

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