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So SeaFi meetings were dime a dozen until I had worked myself up to go. What happened? I'm thinking maybe riding back and forth on the monorail reenacting scenes from "It Happened at the World's Fair". Or did the last meet result in something too terrible to mention?
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I would be interested in attending a Seattle-area event, if it was not on a weekend.
posted by jeffbarr at 11:22 PM on January 14, 2003

How about a non-Seattle-area event but on a Saturday?

We could do that.

Really? Is there one in the works. Did I miss the one skyscraper seems to be, might be, referring to?
posted by crasspastor at 12:29 AM on January 15, 2003

If my schedule allows I would be in on one. We had a few back in the day. I wanna see my favorite librarian again! Hi Jessamyn! How come you didn't pose in the Leather Librarian calendar? :)

Weekends are best for me...but if it's Super Bowl weekend there better be a TV around!

(I know not everybody's a football fan, natch, but some are, and maybe the get together could coincide with the game?)
posted by vito90 at 6:14 AM on January 15, 2003

Hi! yeah the last one I went to had us wandering around in search of food for hours as we all got hungrier and hungrier. You know, I could do a Superbowl get together [when is that anyhow? and who is playing?] and Saturdays are fine with me. We can have Kindall send something out on the list and see who bites.
posted by jessamyn at 10:40 AM on January 15, 2003

I'd be up for one...
posted by patrickje at 12:51 PM on January 15, 2003

The super bowl is Sunday Jan. 26 at 3 PM local time. Teams are still to be determined but it will be either Oakland or Tennessee vs. either Philadelphia or Tampa Bay. What do you say Jerry? Any other suggestions?
posted by vito90 at 12:53 PM on January 15, 2003

Milke's Chili Parlor. Vera's in Ballard. The Eastlake Zoo. Targy's--I couild walk to Targy's.
posted by y2karl at 3:06 PM on January 15, 2003

How about Goofy's? Dark and dank. Next to the strip club. I think on Sundays the men are dancing but I could be wrong.
posted by vito90 at 8:11 PM on January 15, 2003

Goofy's? Could you be a bit more precise and link or something, where is that?
posted by jessamyn at 8:54 PM on January 15, 2003

Oh, God. Please. Not the Full Monty.
posted by y2karl at 10:54 PM on January 15, 2003

Hmmm. I had forgotten the tale of the wandering MeFis, not having participated. I guess I had hoped for a more convivial response, not necessarily a cry for monkey-stuffed condoms, but perhaps a popular uprising of upper-left-coasters yearning to socialize.

y2karl: But could you walk back?
posted by skyscraper at 5:58 PM on January 17, 2003

lets bring this back to the top of MeTa in a day or so and make a plan, I'm all for it.
posted by jessamyn at 12:52 AM on January 18, 2003

y2karl: But could you walk back?

Absoolutely--I'm hi-pro, low-carbin' it, so no brewskis for me. Shucks, if I had a license, I could be a designated driver.

posted by y2karl at 11:06 AM on January 18, 2003

y2karl: Since when were people with self-control allowed to post here?

From the link, Targy's does look like a contender. Perhaps we could rent a wheelbarrow and you could shuttle the imbibers home.
posted by skyscraper at 9:47 PM on January 18, 2003

Targy's is okay by me...but if we're still talking the 26th will they have the Super Bowl on?
posted by vito90 at 8:30 AM on January 20, 2003

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