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The First MeFi UK Meetup: Oxford, Friday 26th September

Just a reminder for those that expressed an interest in our last thread - let's finalise details if we can: see this page for plans so far.

Oh, and if you know in advance that you can't make it, post here or on the Wiki, and we'll raise a glass to you in your absence (",)
posted by dash_slot- to MetaFilter Gatherings at 4:21 PM (68 comments total)

Oh, damn. Now I'm depressed and nostalgic.

I miss Oxford terribly (its where I went to school) - any chance you might visit The White Hart or The Bullingdon Arms or The Turf and raise a glass to a yank who wishes she were with you?
posted by anastasiav at 9:35 PM on September 7, 2003

i can't make it.
posted by quonsar at 11:37 PM on September 7, 2003

I can!

4 down 17,155 to go...
posted by i_cola at 2:19 AM on September 8, 2003

quonsar - I'm devastated that you can't make it! maybe a non-sequitur could be sent on your behalf....

Any way, I'd like to propose the Meet-up commence, in honour of anastasiav, at the Bullingdon Arms, around 8.00pm, for a swift pint. Then pick any combination of:

- eats at Noodle Bar/wherever
- down the High to The Wheatsheaf, to see nylon's band play, maybe around 9.00? (any up-to-date info on the gig, nylon?)
- more beer
- profit?? Apologies for that one...

Any other ideas folks?
posted by dash_slot- at 3:41 AM on September 8, 2003

I like the idea of getting some food somewhere. Maybe some of us could meet up earlier for eats, and then adjourn to the bar where we could join up with latecomers?
posted by adrianhon at 4:01 AM on September 8, 2003

Much as I'd love to, I won't be able to make it... I'll be panicing about the wedding the week after.

Have a drink and pay your last respects for another man down... ;)
posted by twine42 at 5:39 AM on September 8, 2003

Sadly, I now have a gig booked that evening...

Maybe next time.
posted by monkey closet at 5:49 AM on September 8, 2003

I am *so* pissed off I can't make it! And I live about a mile from the Bully...
posted by salmacis at 6:04 AM on September 8, 2003

I can provisionally make it. A floor to kip on tho, would be good if anyone has one spare :)
posted by MintSauce at 6:10 AM on September 8, 2003

Gutted I can't make it but I will be on the way back from me hols, will raise several glasses on the plane which may precipitate an air rage attack.
posted by johnnyboy at 6:15 AM on September 8, 2003

Will be there early but will have to catch last train to Cov which is a measly 9.30 departure.
posted by biffa at 6:15 AM on September 8, 2003

Mintsauce & Biffa* - I could put u up for the night, it'll be on sofa's or airbeds, but consider it? I_Cola (+1) are already booked in, and my protesting daughter is away that night, it should be real groovy, baby! Adrianhon also may have a space, if i recall correctly.

roll call so far:

sure - dash_slot- / adrianhon / i_cola /

maybe - biffa* / mintsauce

to be confirmed: Mossy / dmt / Joeforking / spandex / nthdegx / frasermoo / squealy / prentiz / nylon / seanyboy / cbrody / chrismear ... and any other interested parties within striking distance. All welcome!

Adrianhon: so, how about 7pm for eats? What do y'all think? Another interesting venue would be the Hi-Lo Jamaican place...never tried it, but it gets good reports from friends....

Shame you others are indisposed... like getting married, or travelling, or gigging. Next time in ... ?

*Biffa - maybe there's an early connection on the saturday? It'd be great if there was...
posted by dash_slot- at 6:49 AM on September 8, 2003

Yep, I can put someone up for the night as well - I have an airbed but you'd have to bring your own sleeping bag.
posted by adrianhon at 7:31 AM on September 8, 2003

Oh, and 7pm for eats sounds fine by me. I don't really have any suggestions for places to eat because I'll only be moving in to Oxford on the 20th and haven't been there much before. Jamaican place does sound good though.
posted by adrianhon at 7:32 AM on September 8, 2003

Hi-Lo Jamaican Eating House - review 1, review 2.

Map - look for the small roundabout about top left - it's 2 or three streets down from there.
posted by dash_slot- at 7:48 AM on September 8, 2003

Oh damnit. My September blows.

Can't head down to Oxford. Anyone up for a Nottingham-based mini-meet?
posted by Katemonkey at 11:47 AM on September 8, 2003

We new yorkers do expect pictures, and shout-outs on cocktail napkins, ya know.
posted by jonmc at 6:59 PM on September 8, 2003

As do we Californians, especially those of us that grew up in Oxford and miss it terribly.
posted by jonson at 8:50 PM on September 8, 2003

Wow, guys, we idnt know you cared!

As it happens, it can be arranged. And it will be. Jonson - really? You're an oxford boy? where did u go to school?
posted by dash_slot- at 12:45 AM on September 9, 2003

We Slovenians not only expect pictures -- we want video, preferably one entitled "UK Metafilterians Gone Wild!" Ideally, this video would include uncensored footage too HOT for Metatalk.
posted by Ljubljana at 2:44 AM on September 9, 2003

We new yorkers do expect pictures, and shout-outs on cocktail napkins, ya know.

heh....theres a man who hasn't spent tooo much time in a UK pub....the UK'ers will have to scrawl something in the sawdust...
posted by mattr at 3:07 AM on September 9, 2003

Greece puts in a request for silly dances and hats of meat.

(Plus an up-close photo of toad-in-a-hole, or spotted-toad, or whatever those funny, toady things are that you UKers eat.)
posted by taz at 3:24 AM on September 9, 2003

*bursts through door, out of breath*
Sorry I'm late everybody, sounds like it will be a fine evenings entertainment.
...which I will not be attending as it is just too damn far to drive. That is unless there are people who want to share the petrol costs (M1, M69, M40) and distract me from driving.
Maybe a Notts meeting is an option?
posted by asok at 4:40 AM on September 9, 2003

toad-in-a-hole, or spotted-toad, or whatever

Toad in the hole

Spotted dick

Who says we don't have a culinary heritage to be proud of?
posted by monkey closet at 5:07 AM on September 9, 2003

Who says we don't have a culinary heritage to be proud of?

You forgot starey-dead-fish-pie. Gag.
posted by bifter at 5:20 AM on September 9, 2003

I feel like a ring-in since I'm not actually UKish, even though I've lived here for two years, but what the hell, if there's glass-raising going on I'll offer my formal regrets. Going to be on the opposite side of the world on the 26th. Save me some smal byrdys.
posted by rory at 5:31 AM on September 9, 2003

Man, I'd love to come, but I can't.

Raise a glass for me in the Wheatsheaf please, site of many an under age drink in my youth.......
posted by davehat at 6:13 AM on September 9, 2003

Why haven't I seen all this before? Where have I been? Oxford. Mmmm, will have to consider that one. I have a friend in Oxford but she has just acquired a Boyfriend, which means she no longer talks to her friends.
posted by Summer at 6:46 AM on September 9, 2003

My finances (or rather lack of them) preclude me attending the Oxford do, especially considering it's the day before pay day.

Now a meet-up in Nottingham city centre I could make, as I could walk to it and stagger back after.
posted by squealy at 7:08 AM on September 9, 2003

Hey Dash - I lived in Headington, then later in Summertown, I went to St Phillip & St James for primary, and Bishop Kirk for middle school, and by the time Upper School came around I was back in the states, but I come back and visit any time I get the chance, it's a lovely town. Here's hoping all of you have a grand time, and many a pint is quaffed.
posted by jonson at 7:21 AM on September 9, 2003

Squealy, its a friday, take the money out after the bank shuts and it won't register before payday.

dash_slot-: thanks for the offer but I'll have been in Oxford for a couple of days on work and won't have got much kip the two nights before so fancy being in my own bed, cheers anyway.

I will be free to start drinking from 5ish onwards if anyone else is ready for an early start.
posted by biffa at 9:10 AM on September 9, 2003

jonson - you may be sad to learn (or delighted, depending) that BK playing field is now housing (which in my experience, is what happens in the end to all school playing fields in Oxford). Phil & Jim may be moving to Aristotle Lane, and that site will inevitably become housing too, I guess. Next trip over here, you make sure you call me, y'hear?

Summer - please come. Your g/f will put you up, won't she - otherwise, you have to accept the only space available left in my (pokey little) flat. You can have the best sofa.... who'm I kidding, I don't have a 'best' sofa. You can have the only sofa worth sleeping on...

Counts sofas....still possess two...ok, not overbooked at present...

posted by dash_slot- at 9:52 AM on September 9, 2003

Thanks dash_slot. My cockles are warmed.
posted by Summer at 10:04 AM on September 9, 2003

Hey Dash - I was last over in 1998, and I walked through Summertown past BK, and my jaw hit the floor. Very sad to see the place of my strongest childhood Oxford memories is gone. On related note, that day my girlfriend had accompanied me on my nostalgia walking tour of Oxford, and we walked from the belltowers at Cornmarket & High in downtown all the way out Banbury to South Parade, cut over to Woodstock, down First Turn & through the port meadow to the Perch pub, where we had lunch, and then walked back. What a trooper she was, as I'm sure my little nostalgiafest couldn't possibly have been of much interest to anyone but me. Eventually I married her, woman like that, she's quite a catch. And when I go back, I certainly will look you up, always nice to meet a fellow mefite when travelling.
posted by jonson at 10:13 AM on September 9, 2003


How cute that americans leave off the word 'road' when giving directions... I thought you'd taken her on a tour of the whole friggin' county!

BTW, here's a pic of Port Meadow I bet you've never seen...

Well, I won't induce mass tedium in other readers by extending this parochial lil exchange, except to say the Perch, and it's near cousin The Trout (made famous in the 'Morse' series) are two of Oxford's finest all-round pubs. Any visitor should try 'em (as much for food and the views, as for the beer), I'm sure you'd agree.

Look forward to meeting you sometime, mate.
posted by dash_slot- at 10:38 AM on September 9, 2003

Sorry, I forgot to say that the pic linked above was taken by some GPS tomquackery that I don't quite understand, nor remember where I found it. Cool, tho', I thought.

Over & out/

posted by dash_slot- at 10:45 AM on September 9, 2003

That's a FANTASTIC pic, very cool. Okay, enough, this is becoming my personal Oxford reminisce bulletin board.
posted by jonson at 10:47 AM on September 9, 2003

Anybody know joeforking's email addy? he expressed in interest in the earlier thread, but hasnt popped in here, i just wanted to give him a chance to join in.
posted by dash_slot- at 12:01 PM on September 9, 2003

The Bullingdon Arms ... The Jamaican Eating House

Good God, are these places still there?

I went to the Hi-Lo with a female friend who lived round the corner - in return for "allowing" the owner to chat her up (she was gorgeous and very chat-up-able), I got lots of free rum and occasional cigars, she got free rum and quite enjoyed being chatted up so it worked out well for everybody. Small children with dreadlocks were running around (and this was past midnight). One of those small children is probably running the place now...

And the Bully is where I played a gig with Bill Brickey and Kerim Fidel from Chicago, playing covers in a band with an improbable name. And afterwards we had a lock-in and played until after dawn and a little old man called Martin (how is probably still there, the preservative properties of alcohol being what they are) sang a cappella about how (essentially) the English (i.e., at that moment in time, me) deserved to die, but it didn't really matter as more Guinness was always available.

None of this is of any interest to any of you, I realise, the point is that it happened a very long time ago.

(On the other hand, I remember when a disused store room in the King's Head was turned into another little cubby-hole to sit in and drink beer and look studenty, and it was decorated in such a way as to look like it was heritage and it had always been like that so these things work both ways, whichever things they are which I am not, now I come to think about it, sure about.)

I won't disturb your evening with my presence (since getting all those free rums, I've given up alcohol, which makes me bad for these sorts of shindigs), but have a good time.
posted by Grangousier at 12:18 PM on September 9, 2003

Grangousier - I personally would still love for you to come, if you are around - I've just had a great evening with 2 mates, a top (teetotal) bloke & his (not at all teetotal) partner. It can be done y'know. Besides, we're starting off with a quick & simple meal: no harm there, eh?

I remember when a disused store room in the King's Head ........Not to question your memory, but do you mean the King's Arms (Broad St./Holywell St.)? I can't think of a King's Head in Oxford, and the rest of the description sounds very K.A. ....

I've just seen from your blog that you like Leviathan from Blegvad. I still have his Chesterton-inspired "Children are innocent and love justice while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy" strip blu-tacked to my living room door!
posted by dash_slot- at 4:08 PM on September 9, 2003

Damn, yes, King's Arms. I knew I'd get that wrong. It's probably ten years since I was last there and I never stayed sober for very long when I was, so little details like that slipped past me. I knew someone at New, so got drunk there quite a lot in the Old Days.

I've had more reverie: I used to work at Oxford Holographic when it still sold holograms; I played at the old Old Fire Station (a sort of hippy-inspired arts centre) before it became the new Old Fire Station (an alleged arts centre not inspired in any way).

If that wretched cocktail bar at the foot of Little Clarendon Street is still there, though, I may get morose.

I am a huge Blegvad fan, yes. I was very pleased to see recently that Sort Of Books, that published the book of Leviathan and are named after a Slapp Happy album, are publishing Tove Jansson's The Summer Book, which I recommend to everybody and anybody, whenever possible. This last is tangential and unrelated, but I seize even a tangential and unrelated opportunity to plug that book.
posted by Grangousier at 1:16 AM on September 10, 2003

Of course Oxford can't compare to Cambridge.
posted by Summer at 1:48 AM on September 10, 2003

Well, no, obviously not.

Very flat, Cambridge.
posted by Grangousier at 4:06 AM on September 10, 2003

Well, just added myself to the 'definites' list. Always up for a piss-up... I mean, er, stimulating conversation with a few great minds. I am keen to see Nylon in action, and would also add my presence to the 'getting food' posse.

So... is this the plan? 7pm meet for foodage, move to Bullingdon at 8pm, Nylon's gig fits somewhere in here, and then wherever the night takes us. Right?
posted by chrismear at 5:36 AM on September 10, 2003

It is true that Oxford cannot compare to Cambridge (says a former Cambridge resident).

I've just updated the wiki page with a possible plan for the night, which is completely open to be changed. Also, if anyone wants to kip over at mine, just email me. While I bet dash_slot's place is nicer :) he might not be able to take everyone.
posted by adrianhon at 5:50 AM on September 10, 2003

I may be able to make it up - not too sure still with work commitments (work experience my bottom, I should be studenting ;). Most of my mates will be up there in their private houses, but I have college accomodation so not up til the 5th. Fresher's week. Great fun :)
posted by Mossy at 6:31 AM on September 10, 2003

I notice that Nylon has put details of his gig up at the wiki page; looks pretty fun, I wouldn't mind having a look after the dinner and pub (although I understand that it may not be everyone's cup of tea).
posted by adrianhon at 3:41 PM on September 10, 2003

adrianhon - It's a beautiful thing: Mefi meetup & mefi music - all in one terrific package!

Anyone have a mini-disc recorder? With cameras and that, we could set the standard for Mefi geekdom...
posted by dash_slot- at 4:40 PM on September 10, 2003

"finance problems". I like it. I woulda said I was brassic meself, though I understand how there might be translation issues. If you could all keep your fingers crossed for 8, 20, 28, 34, 43 and 46 on Saturday I'd be very grateful.
posted by squealy at 4:42 PM on September 10, 2003

I won't be able to make it to blighty this month either, alas.
posted by fvw at 6:44 PM on September 10, 2003

Some of us Canadians expect shout outs too. On the back of coasters then.

They're small round cardboard thingy's, a little larger than pasties [not the UK pasties!].
posted by alicesshoe at 9:51 PM on September 10, 2003

I woulda said I was brassic meself, though I understand how there might be translation issues

Sure is - you mean boracic I 'spose... ;-)
posted by bifter at 1:29 AM on September 11, 2003

So where is the Wheatsheaf then, anyway?
posted by adrianhon at 2:52 AM on September 11, 2003

Yes bifter I meant boracic, but we pronounce it brassic in Brum 'cos we speak funny like.
posted by squealy at 4:16 AM on September 11, 2003

On the back of coasters then.

Beermats. We have beermats here.
And they're usually multi-coloured so shoutouts may not be easy using them
posted by biffa at 9:11 AM on September 11, 2003

They're white if you peel the multi-coloured paper off them. Alternatively, you could always take some paper. (It's this kind of outside the box thinking that got me where I am today).
posted by squealy at 10:07 AM on September 11, 2003

I'm sure we can find something suitably 'Briddish' to do shout-outs on. Lord knows I've got a ton to do...

BTW, has anyone contacted riviera?
posted by i_cola at 10:30 AM on September 11, 2003

i_cola - No, I didn't think of him/her, as I don't think he expressed an interest in the earlier thread. No reason not to, tho - give it a go, eh?

Adrianhon - the Wheatsheaf is down Wheatsheaf Yard, off High St., opposite Ryman's shop, or off Blue Boar street on this map.
posted by dash_slot- at 3:08 PM on September 11, 2003

Damn them all, this thread has slipped off the Metatalk front page now. And for what? American squabbles, curse their traitorous hides!

I guess we'll have to do a repost nearer to the time then...
posted by adrianhon at 5:24 PM on September 11, 2003

A beermat. You'll have to show us what that looks like then.

Don't forget the legal size paper then.
posted by alicesshoe at 10:53 PM on September 11, 2003

dash_slot-: Yah, I have a Minidisc recorder and a mike. Do you want me to bring them along? It would enable some serious geeking-up...

And is anyone keeping a list of all the shout-outs/beermat-demonstrations/other-random-crud we're supposed to be doing?
posted by chrismear at 10:04 AM on September 13, 2003

chrismear: Uh, yeah, I kindof am tracking that, and trying to email all who showed interest in this, or the other two threads.

If I missed anyone that you recall was interested, or it was you I overlooked, sorry! Hope you're gonna come along anyway, and join in making plans for the night...

I've emailed nylon to ask about recording the gig: fingers crossed. If he gives the go-ahead, then by all means bring the gear. Now, I'm running out of my measly 55mb nt:hell webspace....anyone wanna host, if we can upload with his blessing?
posted by dash_slot- at 10:05 AM on September 14, 2003

dash: I could host without much difficulty, but surely the most appropriate place would be music.metafilter.com? I know that mathowie hasn't been updating it much recently, but he might give an exception for such an uber-Mefi event as a Mefier's music recorded by Mefiers at a Mefi meetup.
posted by adrianhon at 11:35 AM on September 14, 2003

Also, it just occurred to me that if we're going to have a big UK meet, maybe we could spice it up with CD swaps of some sort? At least a few people will be getting to Oxford fairly early (Chris, Biffa, Dash, Adrian, etc) and I've always thought that the whole Mefi Swap thing sounded cool, apart from all the hassle of posting things around.
posted by adrianhon at 12:38 PM on September 14, 2003

Aah, that's a great idea, adrianhon, but from my pov, my cd-burner is bust. So I can't go there. I could however bring a Mefi CD which I got in a previous swap...

"will they take that?"/george carlin
posted by dash_slot- at 2:22 PM on September 15, 2003

i must give my apologies, i'm going to be in spain with my girlfriend. i think i received an e.mail from someone called hugh? but it caught my eye as i emptied my junk folder, alas, one that slipped away.

thanks for the invite and have a great time everyone!
posted by triv at 2:28 PM on September 15, 2003

holy bejesus, i have enough performance anxiety just brushing my teeth in a morning, never mind having another SHAMBOLIC gig streamed for the critical, exacting, perfectionist masses out there to download and snigger at.

i bit off a bit more than i could chew by inviting everyone along, didn't i?

inferiority-complex mimsying aside, i think it would be hilarious to record the gig, and rest assured i have absolutely no problems with it being done, or subsequently broadcast, if any of you have the bandwidth available for such a feat. it even gives us a good chance for some unprecedented shout-outs: even though we're a predominantly instrumental band, i DO have a megaphone, which is used rather predictably to bark out some tired mark e. smithisms during the last track. the lyrics, such as they are, usually consist of literal translations of foreign tongue twisters or engrish taken from japanese pornography, but i see no reason not to use the opportunity to say hello to a few absent friends (albeit barely audibly, over the top of howling gales of feedback and broken consumer electronics).

so yes, by all means bring the recorder, chrismear! this could end up being embarrassing, but i'm willing to take the chance in the name of art and stuff.
posted by nylon at 4:09 PM on September 15, 2003

posted by dash_slot- at 10:51 AM on September 16, 2003

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