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Today's Suck isn't all that amusing, but the little "five years ago today on Suck" is, mentioning the weblog's favourite cutie, Jason and Suck for Dummies. Technically, that makes Sock 130 years old in web years. Which might explain why the link is dead.
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Actually, it's still up on 0sil8:

Shame on Neale for not tracking it down. ;) To my knowledge, it's the oldest thing done by me that's still on the Web (unless you can find something older...a MetaTalk challenge?).

Please excuse the fact that it's not really that funny anymore (if it ever was to begin with). You'll also probably notice that I changed the title from "Suck for Dummies" to "Suck for Dimwits" because IDG Books threatened to sue me if I didn't take it down or remove all references to their "for Dummies" trademark, which they called "an extremely valuable asset of our company and we want to protect it against dilution." Rather than fight it or ignore them altogether, I changed it because I didn't have the time to deal with it (i.e. I caved in like a wuss).
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Hmm, I was mentioned in the November 1st, 1995 column, and all I had to do was write a fan letter. (I was going by the nickname "Flyp Doink" back then.) Does that make me 3l33t, or just pathetic?
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Man, all this retro shit makes me miss Spiv and Stim or whatever the hell the names of those sites were. I remember having Troom as my homepage, back when it was a early-teenage-girl version of Spiv.

Not so fortunate these days.
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Ooh, ooh, if we're bragging about being mentioned in Suck: they didn't mention me by name, but one of my websites (no longer active) was mentioned in the February 14, 1996 (a month ahead of Kottke, HA!), article about OK Soda (my site was an OK Soda fan site). Unfortunately, I was running it off my PC in my dorm room, so the URL couldn't really be permanent.

Ah, the good old days of I don't suppose any of you happened to visit? My roommate had a classic "Packard Bell Sucks" page up on it.
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if we're bragging about being mentioned in Suck

In that case, Kurt Cobain wins.
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