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The L.A. MeetUp (unpopularly known as MeFiSoCalWenCom04) is coming: Not this weekend, but next weekend. I'm requesting "pre-registrations" so I can put together "swag bags" for those who attend. Still taking location suggestions. More details at MEAT.METALIFTER.COM Mis-spell it carefully.
And be warned... the Southern California MonkeyFilterites are coming...

posted by wendell to MetaFilter Gatherings at 2:47 PM (9 comments total)

I'm in ny, but I wish i was going--can i have a swag bag anyway? : >
posted by amberglow at 2:59 PM on January 9, 2004

I'm not allowed within the boundaries of the city of Los Angeles ever since I caused those riots in the early 90s, but DIZZAMN, a lot of people better show up if Wendell went to the trouble to make a meat-colored website!
posted by Hildago at 3:15 PM on January 9, 2004

under a little known california law, gatherings of more than five require the use of Certified Terror Alert Chickens (CTAC). while i myself cannot attend, i could provide you with this essential early-warning protective system at a favorable discount. have your people contact my people.
posted by quonsar at 6:20 PM on January 9, 2004

I'm in.
posted by Asparagirl at 10:17 PM on January 9, 2004

posted by clavdivs at 10:43 PM on January 9, 2004

amber, any surplus 'swag bags' (tentatively containing a button from azul, a badger badge, customized 'shout-out' napkins - emprinted if I can shove them through my HP inkjet - and either a plastic pancake or plastic pony, depending on availability) will be auctioned on eBay.

quons, in the words of Fred Flintstone: YEEEESH! I ask for a pony and I get a chicken that looks like it's wearing a McNugget extractor... PETA's people will contact your people.

and clavd, if that's all the Australians know about 'swag', I'm not going to attend any trade shows Down Under...

you can call me wen...
posted by wendell at 11:42 AM on January 10, 2004

ok wendell..let us all know when : >
posted by amberglow at 1:08 PM on January 10, 2004

Yikes! I just looked out my window and saw some guy (no safety harness) standing on the edge of slanted roof and leaning over to grab something that looks awkward and heavy from another guy on the ground.

Do you feel anything like that guy, wendell?
posted by taz at 11:51 PM on January 11, 2004

Holy mother of local meetups! I'm there. Be warned. I am scary-ish in a non-threatening, lurker sort of way.
posted by bedhead at 11:09 PM on January 12, 2004

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