IE 5.0 SP2 on Win2000 SP1 will not let me use ctrl-shift-a April 18, 2001 12:30 AM   Subscribe

IE 5.0 SP2 on Win2000 SP1 will not let me use ctrl-shift-a. I just get an 'errors on page' in the lower corner. Any ideas?
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Double click on the 'errors on page' icon, it should throw the line number and column of the Javascript error.

posted by lagado at 4:26 AM on April 18, 2001

Upgrade to IE5.5?
posted by daveadams at 8:20 AM on April 18, 2001

I'm running fine on IE 5.0 (5.00.2920.somezeros), and win2K professional ( 5.00.2195).

I certainly don't know the answer, but is it possible this is related to the configuration of your browser? Some things to try if you want:

Reset advanced settings to default
Check to make sure your security settings aren't turned to 'high'.

You can do both in the Tools\Internet Options menu. For advanced options, click the Advanced tab and find the Restore Defaults button. WARNING: if you (or somebody else) has made specific changes in here, this will wipe it out. Proceed w/ caution.

Security: go to Tools/Internet Options, click security tab. Check the slider bar on the right to see your security settings.

Hope that helps out, sorry if not!

posted by daver at 4:16 PM on April 18, 2001

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