A "Post with Comment" feature? April 30, 2001 2:13 PM   Subscribe

A "Post with Comment" feature, which enables you to post a link *and* the first comment in a thread at the same time.
posted by rcade to Bugs at 2:13 PM (2 comments total)

Damn, I post to Bugs often when I mean to post elsewhere.
posted by rcade at 2:13 PM on April 30, 2001

Don't you think you're being a bit of a spoil-sport, rcade?
Grabbing first comment has become something of a competitive sport at Mefi.

Rather than sitting there in the text box composing your next opus, try writing your post up in a word processor first and then making two posts in rapid succession.

If you still get beaten then, well, I think you've just got to hand it to the other poster for being quick off the mark.
posted by lagado at 4:56 PM on April 30, 2001

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