FYI: I fixed a small bug this morning. February 21, 2004 9:04 AM   Subscribe

FYI: I fixed a small bug this morning. The html shortcuts were not showing up in firefox browsers but should now, and they seem to work fine on all three sites.
posted by mathowie (staff) to Bugs at 9:04 AM (7 comments total)

Indeed, they work. Thanks!
posted by dobbs at 10:40 AM on February 21, 2004

Thanks. Any idea what caused it?
posted by yerfatma at 2:25 PM on February 21, 2004

Whee!! - it's fixed in Camino too.

I thought it was a problem on my end.
posted by milovoo at 2:32 PM on February 21, 2004

There's absolutely nothing wrong with your end. Stop fixating.
posted by yerfatma at 4:19 PM on February 21, 2004

good point, although my version of fixating was basically "hmm, that's odd". I do a lot of browser tinkering so I figured that I had disabled it as a side effect of something else.
posted by milovoo at 5:02 PM on February 21, 2004

My end is one of my more attractive features...
And I haven't fixated in at least.. say, fifteen minutes...
posted by wendell at 5:21 PM on February 21, 2004

I hadn't even noticed they were missing, but I'm glad they're back.
posted by kindall at 2:24 PM on February 23, 2004

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