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Is that Matt and Jack on the Mitsubishi Eclipse [Start the commotion] commercial? Just maybe the glasses and the haircut. Who are the female models in that spot anyway?
[Links to photos and a .mov file]
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he's gotta get some cashflow for mefi somehow.
posted by moz at 1:44 PM on July 24, 2001

I don't know how you could tell whether it is, when the commercial's coming down at a whopping 1K/sec. If we didn't have three T1s I shudder to think how slow it wouldbe.
posted by kindall at 2:16 PM on July 24, 2001

JK, I actually cheated. I saw the commercial on TV, not on the web. [Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...]. The two men in the commercial have striking resemblance to Matt and Jack. I waited until adcritic put the commercial up to ask.
posted by tamim at 2:51 PM on July 24, 2001

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