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The MeFiPNW Meetup is this Friday at the Elysian in Seattle at 7:00PM. Will you be there?
posted by christian to MetaFilter Gatherings at 1:14 PM (18 comments total)

For those of you who want to stop by and weren't on the RSVP email the address and phone number are:

1221 E. Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Hopefully we'll see a good number of people.

Anyone who wants to make the trip to Seattle - now's your chance. Anyone in Seattle, you have no excuse. We know where you live and we'll come find you if you don't show up.
posted by christian at 1:17 PM on June 16, 2004

I can't make it up, a surprise family visit came up.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 1:20 PM on June 16, 2004

Unfortunately, I have an old friend's wedding to go to at that exact time here in town, so I won't be able to make the trip up from Olympia to Seattle. Plus, it's a Mormon affair, so I won't even get to drink at said wedding. :-(

Oh well, maybe next time. Of course, I'll be in Seattle the day after the meetup. *sigh*
posted by Captain_Tenille at 1:24 PM on June 16, 2004

No. No, I will most likely not be there. No vehicle, other plans, &c. But I'll send good vibes in your general direction.
posted by antifreez_ at 2:35 PM on June 16, 2004


I posted w/out seeing this - in a hurry making dinner, i guess. Sorry!

On the off chance that post gets nuked, I did offer a contribution:

"(P.S.: I am bringing my old-school Ace of Aces books to throw down, middle-school lunchroom stylie, on a non-MeFite who may be attending. Others with specimens of geeketry past are invited to join me in show and tell. By our nerdliness shall we be known!)"

So sorry!
posted by mwhybark at 8:10 PM on June 16, 2004

I'll be there.
posted by kindall at 11:15 PM on June 16, 2004

I'm in.
posted by tomharpel at 11:30 PM on June 16, 2004

I'm in!
posted by black8 at 11:33 PM on June 16, 2004

I'm there! Running late! See yas around 10!
posted by vito90 at 12:29 AM on June 17, 2004

Please make a cardboard cutout of me to stick at the table, the Elysian and their gardenburgers-with-bacon are one of the things I miss about Seattle.
posted by jessamyn at 5:26 AM on June 17, 2004

Alas, no: the Elysian is a five minute walk from home, but I'll be out of town for a wedding this weekend.
posted by Mars Saxman at 7:51 AM on June 17, 2004

Sadly, I will not be able to attend.

It just had to be on a Friday night, didn't it?
posted by filmgoerjuan at 11:46 AM on June 17, 2004

Dammit, why do I keep missing these things? I'm going dancing at the Timberline that night, even tho most of my Fridays are indeed spent at the Elysian. -sigh-
posted by tristeza at 12:40 PM on June 17, 2004

Yeah, no kidding ... always the worst date possible. If it was the weekend after ... well, I hope to move to seattle for job opportunities, so I would be coming. ;)

Alas, this weekend, I got invited to be on the advisory board of a volunteer organization, and we're doing a planning retreat on the oregon coast, so I'll be mounting up my trusty iron steed and rumbling out there for the weekend. (Or, since my iron steed is mostly aluminum, and it's a very tightly tuned sport-touring bike with a very quiet exhaust, it's more like whirring out to the coast... not as satisfying to say, tho.)
posted by SpecialK at 2:02 PM on June 17, 2004

Forgive me if I missed a discussion about this before, but can we have a bit more notice than 1 day in the future?
posted by tristeza at 2:15 PM on June 17, 2004

tristeza, there was a MeTa post here on May 29th. I thought a reminder post during the week would be a nice addition, but other than littering MeTa with posts, I'm not sure what else I could have done.

That said, we'll have another shortly. Seems like there's a good group of people up here, so MeFiPNW2.0 is not far away at all, methinks.
posted by christian at 2:32 PM on June 17, 2004

As I said, forgive me....I looked and didn't see it. :) Mea culpa!
posted by tristeza at 4:01 PM on June 17, 2004

My followup, and Tom's.

Others? Pix?
posted by mwhybark at 11:51 PM on June 19, 2004

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