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because of cliquiness and popularity rankings. I don't think the author gets that not many people take the popularity rankings seriously. And when people redesign, they're doing for themselves or their readers, not for higher rankings. I haven't checked the beebo site in a couple weeks, and when I did, I was surprised to see how high MetaFilter was.

Weblog-as-genre is blowing up in terms of numbers, especially if you open up the definition of weblog to "anything regularly updated and listed in some sort of time frame." Tools like blogger are making personal publishing easier and there will be more and more of these types of pages everyday. I don't see an end in sight or any cause for concern from the "old guard" of the weblog community. About the only problem weblog writers and readers face is trying to find and read all the good ones each day. But that's what update lists and meta-blogs are for.
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why do people insist on psycho-analyzing the weblog community? they look at certain actions, decide that the person is doing x because of y, and write up rant based on it. when in reality the reasons behind that person's actions are completely unknown to the ranter.

besides, how could anyone imagine that we'd grow weary of ourselves?
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That's a pretty silly article. The idea that there's one "web log community" on its face. In any genre of personal Web sites, there will be the most popular sites and those people that aspire to be the most popular sites. Some people have always wanted the people they think are cool to link to them.

If anything, I think that the world of Web logs will grow more diffuse in the short term. The web log format itself is a good one. Ars Technica has nothing to do with the web log community, but they run one hell of a web log. There are hundreds of web logs out there that are associated with nothing but computer games. We don't even talk about those guys in the web log community, but they're doing the same thing we are, really.

Personally, I try to avoid all of the meta stuff on my home page. I don't link to other logs unless I'm stealing a link from them. I generally don't like to stories about web logs, either. That stuff isn't really interesting to me, for whatever reason.

One thing I will say is that the growing popularity of certain web logs is a mystery to me. I just don't see the quality.
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Bend to my will, mortals, for I am posted by bradlands at 11:28 PM on March 8, 2000

Bend to my will, mortals, for I am THE MOST POPULAR WEBLOGGER ALIVE!!! Bwahahaha! Bwahah--

What? 26...and falling? Eh. Whatever.

Good links, wry commentary, fun people...separating world wide wheat from world wide chaff on the world wide web. It's just people doin' stuff, y'know?
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It's OK, Braddadocio, you're still in the top 17 in my book. Now just hurry up and publish that Whateveritis you've been teasing us with for weeks! If you don't deliver before you go to SXSW, I may be forced to re-start my own blog!!! And THEN what'll happen to the "Weblog Community", huh?

Gee, is it time for my medication already?

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I was going to say, Wendell. The parodies have been sexcellent and all, but... when are you going to log something again? Besides here, that is. :)
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You people are joking, right?

Someone writes an article about how webloggers spend too much time writing about each other so you comment by writing about each other.
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You need a fine appreciation of irony to hang out with this crowd (either that or total clulessness might work).
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I guess I'm working the totally cluess angle pretty hard then.

I suppose there must be a certain irony in the fact that this weblog includes a link to an article stating that weblogs spend too much time talking about weblogs.

Ermm.....maybe this irony thing can go too far.
posted by dodgygeezer at 2:54 AM on March 13, 2000

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