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MeFiChi Meet-Up: Hopleaf upstairs bar, Jan. 29, 8:30pm. Look for the pancakes.
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Sorry for the repost, but the original announcement A) didn't have a confirmed place, B) didn't have a time set, and C) was mis-categorized and fell off the front page really quickly.

I figure 8:30 is early enough for the folks who want it early, and late enough that the later crowd won't miss it. Plus, the upstairs bar doesn't open till 8 anyway.
posted by me3dia at 11:50 AM on January 18, 2005

thanks. i missed that one (and there's no updates in the first one).
posted by crush-onastick at 12:31 PM on January 18, 2005

Hmm. Wonder if I can make it up....
posted by eriko at 2:37 PM on January 18, 2005

Parking in Andersonville was mentioned on the other thread, usually you can find a spot down Winnimac/Carmen/Argyle/Winona/Foster/Glenwood, it may take 15 minutes of driving around, but they're there, and you'll be within 1-4 blocks of the Hopleaf.
posted by corpse at 3:32 PM on January 18, 2005

Dang. The 28th woulda worked for me, but the 29th I've got a going-away party to attend(just down the street at the Ten Cat on Ashland, actually). Sorry, guys, looks like it'll have to be next time...
posted by 40 Watt at 12:40 PM on January 27, 2005

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