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Mefi London meetup disappeared from this page within 24 hours, due to a load of navel-gazing posts to MeTalk. Here's a reminder: P_G wants it to be Vaguely Competent this time, OK?
PS: I suggest Friday 25th March: venue - that's up to you.
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25th March is good for me.

As for a venue may I suggest The Head Of Steam at Euston. There's little to recommend it except that a) it's easy to get seats b) it's very easy to get to c) it's very easy to get away from. There are more glamorous and interesting pubs but they're all stuffed to over filling on a Saturday (trust me, I've just had a few nightmares tonight and there was only me and the missus). I guess I'm voting for practicality over glamour.

If anyone can suggest a pub that has loads of available seating, and is easy for folks to find (and has a good jukebox!) then please mention it now.
posted by dodgygeezer at 5:09 PM on February 19, 2005

So we want somewhere fairly-central London for a good turnout, not too crowded, with the option of going outside if this spring actually ever arrives.

Or we could do Karaoke. Though I have a feeling that might severely impact attendence numbers.

I do think we have to choose between central-and-crowded or further-out-and-not-crowded. I'm easy.
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The Head of Steam - 'we're good guys really...'
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You really want to do it on Good Friday? Also, I hate to say it but it's probably easier for those of us who don't live in Greater London to come down if it's on a Saturday. Although maybe I'm the only person like that. In which case you can just ignore me. Maybe that's the best thing to do anyway.
posted by grouse at 6:11 PM on February 19, 2005

I would probably say a weekend is best for most people, but as long as we can choose a fooking date then all should be okay with notifying work that I will be proper shitfaced and therefore incapable of doing owt.

Anyone recommend a place to stay for those of us doing the travel thing?
posted by longbaugh at 6:50 PM on February 19, 2005

How about Belgo's in Covent Garden? Muchos strongos beer, and good food. Might have to be booked, though, which could be problematic.

Or The Punch & Judy in the Covent Garden piazza? There probably won't be sitting room, on a Saturday, but being outside would be an option, even if it's raining. Anybody know if it's still a gay pub?

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
posted by veedubya at 1:03 AM on February 20, 2005

Another vote for a saturday, although in the past the fact that everyone wanted different days screwed up the meeting proper. You should at least decide a day and stick to it early. The meeting place doesn't matter so much, but I vote for somewhere near to public transport and cheap(ish) lodgings.
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OK, I'm going to stick my neck out here and set the date - if this is going to happen then we can't keep discussing it so here goes....

London Meetup: Saturday 26th March

There you go, that wasn't so hard. I even put it in bold to make it look more official. So, no more discussion of the date please.

Now, choice of venue. We have three choices so far - Head of Steam, Belgos, Punch & Judy. Personally I think Belgos gets too pricey, and both Punch and Belgos are just really busy tourist traps. By the way, anyone who doesn't know these venues can see reviews here: Punch and Judy, Head of Steam, Belgos. For what it's worth, I'm not making any great claims for the HoS just that it's convenient.

Any more suggestions, objections, requirements, etc. on venue?
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Yay! That's my birthday.

Oh, shit. It's my birthday.
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happy birthday then.

is riviera coming?
posted by matteo at 6:53 AM on February 20, 2005

It's Easter Weekend, right? Well, as a non-believer, I'd rather be supping pints with Mefites than anything else (The Church of DIY and Latter Day Paints aka Homebase doesn't appeal either).
I like the look of Head of Steam, that gets my vote.

I hope riviera is coming. Are you, matteo? Are you in the UK?

As well as Mefi & Viewropa, is it good form to go for the trifecta and invite Monkeys?
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Well, if it's all okay with you, I'll go ahead an invite teh Monkeys. We've been thinking of having a meetup ourselves, so we might as well go ahead and crash this one.

Or, you know, we could sit at the next table along and whisper quietly about you all.

Might I suggest we go for a Sam Smith's near Tottenham Court Road? The Bricklayers Arms, The Fitzroy, or The Angel are all within a few minutes walk, they're good, they're cheap, they're central, and they're often not too packed if you get there before mid-evening on a Saturday. They're also fairly easy to get away from...
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I reckon if people fancy one of flashboy's choices then The Fitzroy is probably the most practical. Hardly my favorite boozer but not a bad choice at all, particularly if folks want to do a bit of shopping first! Like he says though, you have to get there fairly early if you want a seat.
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Sam Smith's? Oatmeal stout. Yum, yum.
posted by veedubya at 12:56 PM on February 20, 2005

Right, The Fitzroy Tavern (really nice place), 6pm, Saturday 26th March. Moving to another of the many nearby places if necessary. Objections?

Regardless, email me with mobile number if you want in: *** *at* gmail *dot* com. We can then send communal emails to each other.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 3:59 PM on February 20, 2005

Agreed PG. E-mail on the way.
posted by dodgygeezer at 1:01 AM on February 21, 2005

Sorry, out.


I'm still in the smokes on the evenings of 16th-19th, in case anyone wants to be out 2 times in 2 weeks (!!)
posted by NinjaPirate at 9:04 AM on February 21, 2005

Can I come? (I do my shitkicking in Division 1 though).

*sends mail*
posted by the quidnunc kid at 4:43 AM on February 23, 2005

I've sent a mail, but heard nowt. I know this has slipped off the front page, but is it still going on?
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It has slipped off this page, sure, but I suspect we'll have a reminder up in the week beforehand. It's still a go, and the Monkeys are now alerted. Bookmark this and the Mofi link, we need to ensure that this info doesn't, er, get changed.
The Fitzroy Tavern, 6pm, Saturday 26th March.
Sorry that not everyone can make it, but that's sadly inevitable. Some day, Thomas....
posted by dash_slot- at 8:39 AM on February 26, 2005

I'm still up for this.

And that's really important to know because I am the life and soul of the party.

Just don't let me drink Ayingerbrau. You won't like me when I drink Ayingerbrau.
posted by dodgygeezer at 5:57 PM on February 26, 2005

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