Flagging error February 28, 2005 5:24 AM   Subscribe

After flagging a post I got this message: "Error Occurred While Processing Request... Element SITE is undefined in URL". Not sure if the flag registered or not, or if anyone else is seeing this message.
posted by taz (staff) to Bugs at 5:24 AM (3 comments total)

Holy misreadings, Batman! When I first glanced at this, I saw "Element STFU undefined in URL."
posted by goatdog at 8:04 AM on February 28, 2005

That would never happen, goatdog; all the STFU elements in Metafilter are always clearly defined.
posted by taz at 8:09 AM on February 28, 2005

jesus at first I had read "Element SHITE etc", I'm not kidding. goatdog we both need glasses
posted by matteo at 10:21 AM on February 28, 2005

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