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There was a MeFi Meetup in London yesterday. Here is the photographic evidence.
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"I'm with rapist" would really make a very good t-shirt. We could market that.

Man, I could do with some Ayingerboost right now. And a shave.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 4:07 AM on March 27, 2005

Nice to meet you all, very amiable bunch of fellows.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 4:08 AM on March 27, 2005

Jesus, I know I tend to gesticulate quite a bit in my conversation, but it seems I spent the entire evening gurning and wildy throwing shapes. With my fearsome red eyes.

Yous all were lovely, anyway.
posted by flashboy at 4:10 AM on March 27, 2005

posted by Dean Keaton at 4:53 AM on March 27, 2005

posted by Pretty_Generic at 5:07 AM on March 27, 2005

How's yer head, dodgy? I'm impressed with the speed you got the pics up.
I had a real laugh. It was worth the trip up from town to meet y'all. Oh, and P_G/flashboy - any 'cocaine & hookers' stories from the Spanish Bar? (",)
posted by dash_slot- at 5:15 AM on March 27, 2005

Shit. I just remembered the Spanish Bar.

Thanks for the octopus, flashboy.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 5:18 AM on March 27, 2005

Oh, lordy. I only just remembered about the octopus. My head hurts quite a bit today.
posted by flashboy at 5:34 AM on March 27, 2005

Well Protestant.

gramschmidt - paypal *** -at- gmail -dot- com ta very much
posted by Pretty_Generic at 5:45 AM on March 27, 2005

My head hurts. A lot. I'm going to saw the bastard thing off to stop this horrible pain.

It was great to meet all you guys, you couldn't have been more splendid. I'd take a bullet for any of you chaps.*

So flash tell us more about this octopus you were carrying around with you.

Right, I'm off to post all your photos on Am I Hot Or Not. Let's see who wins.

* Disclaimer: Your life may be at risk if you rely on this information in a combat situation.
posted by dodgygeezer at 5:50 AM on March 27, 2005

you made me homesick. ah, england... real beer and ugly brits. ;o)
posted by andrew cooke at 5:56 AM on March 27, 2005

Pretty_Generic has a big head.
posted by orthogonality at 6:23 AM on March 27, 2005

I want flashboy's shirt. Man, that meetup looked good, wish I could have been there downing huge pints with you.
iBook based shoutouts are the rage.
posted by dabitch at 6:29 AM on March 27, 2005

orthogonality - makes sense.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 6:35 AM on March 27, 2005

Oh, 13th Floor Elevators!
posted by soundofsuburbia at 7:01 AM on March 27, 2005

looks like you guys had fun--and what spanish bar?

i do! i do! both conceptually and physically ; >
posted by amberglow at 7:24 AM on March 27, 2005

I too want flashboy's shirt.
posted by kenko at 7:26 AM on March 27, 2005

hmm. i just rated this hot motherboard (dual processor, five memory slots, the biz) and the site just showed me another (butt ugly, cheap onboard graphics, no way you'd be seen with that in public). how do i get to see what others thought of the hot one? or is that site just a tease - a bunch of ugly mobos got together and planned how to trick someone into clicking on them?
posted by andrew cooke at 7:31 AM on March 27, 2005

Kicking RAD! Your shout-out format is awesome.
posted by naxosaxur at 8:05 AM on March 27, 2005

BTW, anyone who missed the 1st episode of the new Dr Who - it's being repeated at 7pm on BBC3.
posted by dash_slot- at 8:30 AM on March 27, 2005

kenko, first person to get the shirt of flashboys back gets it.
starts seductive dance in front of flashboy. *wiggle wiggle* ......while turning up the heat to max..
posted by dabitch at 8:32 AM on March 27, 2005

BTW, anyone who missed the 1st episode of the new Dr Who - it's being repeated at 7pm on BBC3.

And Pretty posted the torrent link to it in the last thread--it's really good.
posted by amberglow at 8:35 AM on March 27, 2005

Dance seductively all you like, dabitch—my dart gun, loaded with darts coated with powerful tranquilizers, will win the day.
posted by kenko at 8:46 AM on March 27, 2005

You have no idea how hot I look in full medieval armor. ;)
posted by dabitch at 8:49 AM on March 27, 2005

Okay, I'm going to have to vote this best meet-up pick ever.
posted by taz at 9:20 AM on March 27, 2005

er, "pic".

(maybe "pic" + fat Irish cock = "pick"?)
posted by taz at 9:38 AM on March 27, 2005

so apparently your ugly mugs broke MeFi. ; >
posted by amberglow at 9:39 PM on March 27, 2005

Agreed Taz.

I like the creative shout-outs. Very cool.

A young Soupy Sayles?
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 9:41 PM on March 27, 2005

Thanks for the pics, was really nice meeting you all!
posted by keijo at 11:06 PM on March 27, 2005

faints due to armor and heat. kenko darts flashboy and wins...
posted by dabitch at 1:07 AM on March 28, 2005

What Spanish bar? I'm guessing Sevilla Mia - downstairs in Hanway Street?
posted by benzo8 at 2:50 AM on March 28, 2005

No waaaay, I've spent many a shitfaced hour in there..... Was it there?
posted by dabitch at 5:03 AM on March 28, 2005

Yeah, that's it. The one below the Troy, then across the road for tapas and flamenco. Oh, the octopus, the octopus.

*looks down*

Hey, what's this dart sticking out of my shthsclrdddddddd... *thud*
posted by flashboy at 5:14 AM on March 28, 2005

That looked like a riproaring good time.
posted by sciurus at 5:32 AM on March 28, 2005

It was certainly hilarious - can't wait to do it again.
posted by keijo at 5:42 AM on March 28, 2005

Sorry I didn't make it down to your boat race meet the next day, keijo. I was having some difficulty with things like "moving", "standing upright" and "speaking" the next day. "Drinking coffee" and "watching The OC" were about the limit of my abilities...
posted by flashboy at 6:11 AM on March 28, 2005

Excellent. Thanks, P_G.

Ah, it felt so good to be back in London, hanging out on the screen of an iBook. Good 2D times.

No one spilled beer on quonsar or amberglow, did they?
posted by gramschmidt at 6:48 AM on March 28, 2005

No worries flashboy, the weather wasn't too good anyway. Although it was a fun event, with a people flashing from their balconies (why is baring your body such an English thing? :)) and just a huge amount of people around. All good fun, but we'll do something later I'm sure.
posted by keijo at 7:54 AM on March 28, 2005

Pretty_Generic, have any UK relatives now living in Dallas, Tx?
Seen your English born double in the USA.
posted by thomcatspike at 10:27 AM on March 28, 2005

Yeah - Thanks guys.
dash. I'm holding you personally responsible for my lack of callout.
I thought we had something special man.
posted by seanyboy at 12:18 PM on March 28, 2005

seanyboy: Damn - I proposed you, honestly I did. But, well, I guess not everybody made the cut. *shrug* Oh yeah - and you're fired.

KevinSkomsvold : who the hell is Soupy Sayles? Google doesn't help at all. Should I be flattered or horrified?!!?
posted by dash_slot- at 12:25 PM on March 28, 2005

Soupy Sales was a comedian and for a short while a kid's show host in the 60s...He's most famous for telling all the children watching to go into their parent's wallets and purses and take out all the green paper and mail it to him.
posted by amberglow at 1:24 PM on March 28, 2005

Ooh, bizarropeege.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 1:25 PM on March 28, 2005

Thanks, amberglow. I think...
posted by dash_slot- at 3:29 PM on March 28, 2005

he was very fun--tons of energy and smiley and always cracked up at his own jokes. ...On New Year's day, 1965, Soupy asked his young audience to go to Daddy's wallet and get those "little green pieces of paper with pictures of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln, and Jefferson on them, send them to me, and I'll send you a postcard from Puerto Rico." This led to a suspension (most people believe he was fired outright). ...
posted by amberglow at 3:42 PM on March 28, 2005

What a sausage party.
posted by sharksandwich at 2:58 PM on March 29, 2005

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