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Cleveland Meetup Reminder! • Sunday April 3, at 7:00pm; Great Lakes Brewing Company. [+]
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As it stands:
sciurus, Shane, stuart_s, googly, picklebird [old thread]
have expressed interest in attending. But all are welcome to join. I believe we'll be having dinner there.


Ohio switches to Daylight Saving Time on the 3rd. So remember to change your timepieces an hour ahead or you might be an hour late. That goes for you too sciurus.

Directions to the Brewery.
Brewery Address for easier Mapquesting:

2516 Market Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

See you there!
posted by sciurus at 10:26 AM on March 31, 2005

Hm. Cleveland meetup!

Maybe I'll be there!

Note: try the cheddar beer soup. It's made with Great Lakes Dortmunder Lager.

Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale is my favorite.
posted by By The Grace of God at 10:59 AM on March 31, 2005

I like the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter myself. Please come!

Oh yeah, I'll be the young tall slouchy skinny dude. I'll call ahead and try to get a corner reserved for us.
posted by sciurus at 11:42 AM on March 31, 2005

Have a Burning River for me.
posted by me3dia at 12:47 PM on March 31, 2005

The future mrs. leotrotsky (a native) & myself shall make all reasonable efforts to attend. We're Ohio City fans.
posted by leotrotsky at 3:32 PM on March 31, 2005

If you know Ohio City, my wife and I used to live in the purple house on Fulton Road just south of Lorain (not far from Great Lakes).
posted by jaronson at 9:31 PM on March 31, 2005

I think I'll be there. . .
posted by Shane at 5:05 PM on April 1, 2005

Great Lakes Brewing Company's Dortmunder Gold. The beer of beers. This beer will stop you dead in your tracks. You will take one sip and look heavenward, and thank the powers that be that you live in a time where such a beer could be made and in such a town where it could be served. And the astonishing thing is, that Clevelanders can actually go to ANY grocery store or supermarket, buy Dortmunder Gold and take it home and drink it at their leisure. (The stuff is not pasteurized, I think, and can't travel.) Meanwhile, the poor suckers in NYC are sitting in their $2,000 a month studios, swilling Rheingold, and thinking they're cool because they live in the same city where David Letterman reluctantly tapes his TV show. But I am speaking here only of Dortmunder Gold. Great Lakes other varieties of beer in themselves would be enough to earn near-hysterical raves -- but Dortmunder Gold... The sheer, towering greatness of this beer overshadows all other beers in all other places, no matter how good, the way Beethoven say, overshadows Schubert and Spohr, the way Hank Williams overshadows Webb Pierce, the way Tolstoy overshadows Chekov... you get the idea.
posted by Faze at 8:15 AM on April 2, 2005

Guess I'll have to try the Dortmunder Gold tonight...
posted by googly at 10:59 AM on April 3, 2005

They don't take reservations for parties under 8 people so I'm just going to show up a little early in case there is a wait.
posted by sciurus at 1:06 PM on April 3, 2005

Thanks sciurus. picklebird and I will be there...
posted by googly at 2:46 PM on April 3, 2005

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