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Reminder: Hands Across the Bay MeFiSF meetup in Berkeley, starting at 5 PM at the Albatross (San Pablo and University), Sat, April 16th. More detail at Attendees will receive a gift!
posted by caitlinb to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:47 PM (13 comments total)

I hope the gift is something to imbibe.
posted by DaShiv at 7:21 PM on April 14, 2005

After the candy-heart-stroke-of-genius, my interest is piqued!
posted by scarabic at 7:33 PM on April 14, 2005

I guess you have to show up now!
posted by caitlinb at 10:15 PM on April 14, 2005

caitlinb... mysterious as always.
posted by epimorph at 10:52 PM on April 14, 2005

I think what caitlinb meant to say was that attendees could improve their chances of receiving a gift with bribes of an alcoholic nature.
posted by cali at 11:33 PM on April 14, 2005

Ha ha! I have the gifts! You will ply me and caitlinb and cali with drinks until we deem you worthy!
posted by bendy at 11:47 PM on April 14, 2005

Waitaminute, I thought we were talking about gifts, not bribes? Curse you, woman! False advertising! Boycott!

What, booze? Oh okay, I'm there.
posted by DaShiv at 12:41 AM on April 15, 2005

We'll all be there, if only in spirit, for all, right? All 23K+ of us, right?

posted by iconomy at 6:05 AM on April 15, 2005

No, just giddy with power joking. They're gifts.

iconomy, absolutely. Get me the address list and I'll start mailing them out.
posted by bendy at 10:12 AM on April 15, 2005

Lazy bastard that I am, I work at the most ten weekends a year. So HOW THE HELL do these things come up ONLY when I have work obligations?
posted by majick at 11:11 AM on April 15, 2005

We have some trouble. The reminder email just came in, and it has deets for both the Albatross and the Odeon. I think it's just a cut-and-paste issue from an earlier meetup, but everybody be sure to come to the ALBATROSS in BERKELEY at 5PM on SATURDAY :)

If you wind up at the Odeon, I'm sure you'll have a fine evening. But there may be no one to "meetup" with.
posted by scarabic at 12:24 PM on April 15, 2005

I was just in SF from Tokyo. Left on the 14th.

Please consult my schedule before you plan the next SF MeFi meetup. ;)
posted by gen at 2:10 AM on April 16, 2005

posted by caitlinb at 9:29 AM on April 17, 2005

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