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Chicago MetaFilter Get-Together? Delilah's on 6/2 - 8PM. Is this on for sure? I ask because there is an electronic music festival thingy happening at the same time. Any alternate locations/dates we can meet?
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I ask because there is an electronic music festival thingy happening at the same time. Any alternate locations/dates we can meet ?
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 7:51 AM on May 31, 2005

well, i plan to be at delilah's thursday at 8pm, but i cannot vouch for anyone else. it's $2 whiskeys on thursday!

i'm pretty busy in june, so the 2nd works for me. so does the 14th.
posted by crush-onastick at 8:11 AM on May 31, 2005

Just to clarify, the electronic music festival is happening at Delilahs on the same night. I'm not sure how feasible a MeFi get-together would be as they may have a pricey cover charge (I can't check this from work right now). Any alternates? Ideas?
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 8:19 AM on May 31, 2005

I hate to say it, but I'm also going to have to sit this one out. I'll be at an 8PM work event in another part of the city. Play nice, take pictures.

The Delilahs website doesn't have their schedule updated past today yet.
posted by Slack-a-gogo at 9:01 AM on May 31, 2005

I'd prefer to do it sooner rather than later, since I'm leaving Chicago at the end of June. The later it goes, the less likely I'll be able to attend.

Since that date/time works for most people, let's pick another location. How about the Ginger Man on Clark?
posted by felix betachat at 9:04 AM on May 31, 2005

Sounds good Felix. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to see them.

tharlan, where are you going? We'll bring the meetup to you. ;)
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 9:16 AM on May 31, 2005

I say we do it that night, just in a different location. Gingerman would be fine with me.
posted by me3dia at 9:52 AM on May 31, 2005

I'm in Chicago on my holidays from June 4-8 if anyone fancies coming out for a pint ....
posted by bonaldi at 12:04 PM on May 31, 2005

It's a Mod (not electronic) musical thing going on at Delilah's on 6/2. There's no cover, but I imagine it'll be pretty crowded. I saw a poster for the event when I was drinking there yesterday. It was a little confusing for me, since the "Kinetic Underground" theme and style looked very similar to the "Kinetic Playground" bar/venue which recently opened on Lawrence, across from the Aragon. I guess both Mod event and new bar reference the old Kinetic Playground which was an incarnation of the Rainbo ballroom/roller-rink/vacant-lot on Clark just north of Lawrence.

The Cubs are on the West Coast, so the Gingerman will probably be just fine.
posted by tew at 3:22 PM on May 31, 2005


I would love to come but I'm afraid I cannot. If I'm in Chicago Thursday night it will be at the Siskel Film Center.

Well, that may not happen after all. Let's call me a 50/50 shot then.

BTW, I'm moving back to Chicago, and I need a job.
posted by dhartung at 11:53 PM on May 31, 2005

Somebody ought to jump on that last aside. I've already said I would vote for dhartung for president.; I'd definitely hire him in a flash, given the opportunity. I wish I were still an editor/manager.
posted by taz at 12:01 AM on June 1, 2005

I have a show at the Tomboy (just north of the Gingerman on Clark) but it's an accoustic thing and won't run all that late. I sure hope you are all still there when I make it.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 6:55 AM on June 1, 2005

Why do these always happen on nights I can't make it? I have a Jaycee board meeting (though believe me I'd rather come to the meetup!)
posted by SisterHavana at 8:22 AM on June 1, 2005

dhartung, If you're looking for editorial work, the U of C alumni magazine is hiring an associate editor. It's a really great publication.
posted by Sully6 at 9:03 AM on June 1, 2005

Tomboy (just north of the Gingerman on Clark)
Interesting definition of "just north," Kev. It's two miles away!

Anyway, I'll be there.
posted by me3dia at 1:39 PM on June 1, 2005

I can't even get an accurate gauge of who's going tonight, but I plan on skipping out early on my other event and will hopefully be by Gingerman around 10PM to see if anyone's still there.
posted by Slack-a-gogo at 3:25 PM on June 2, 2005

I'll be getting there at some point. Actually I'm chronically early so I might try to be late.
posted by kenko at 4:54 PM on June 2, 2005

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