javaone/san francisco - anyone going? meetup? June 17, 2005 3:29 PM   Subscribe

javaone/san francisco - anyone going? meetup? saturday 25th maybe (yeah, i didn't realise the "java university" thing was an extra cost til i bought my tickets)?
posted by andrew cooke to MetaFilter Gatherings at 3:29 PM (17 comments total)

Hey Vancouverian here who will be in S.F. on Saturday. Would love to attend. Time/place?
posted by cascando at 5:08 PM on June 17, 2005

Well, since I'll be at there, I might as well geek-out to the extreme and join you guys. I'm in.
posted by sexymofo at 6:19 PM on June 17, 2005

I'd be up for a meetup, and I'll drag DaShiv along too.
posted by epimorph at 1:11 AM on June 18, 2005

well at least we'll look good in the photos. :o)

anyone know of a suitable place?
posted by andrew cooke at 5:30 AM on June 18, 2005

Heh, where is caitlinb when you need her? :) I'm not really in tune with the SF bar scene, but the Zeitgeist seems to be the default choice for meetups.
posted by epimorph at 11:16 PM on June 18, 2005

Unfortunately, I can't make it. I have a performance I'm going to that night. But, I'd recommend someplace in North Beach, like Cafe Trieste (a historic coffee house) rather than Zeitgeist which, to be honest, is kinda dirty and grungy and more appropriate for meetups of local folks.

Also, its not too far from the Convention center.
posted by vacapinta at 1:04 AM on June 19, 2005

hmmm. i'm getting the vibe this isn't going to fly. i've never been to a meetup before, let alone suggested one, but i think threads normally have more people posting than this. i'll check back mid-week and post (in this thread) again and see if people are still interested. or does anyone else think otherwise?
posted by andrew cooke at 8:29 AM on June 19, 2005

Four people said they want to come, and you think this won't fly?

I think North Beach is a bit of a trek from Moscone, really, unless you definitely want to go over there. Zeitgeist is at least as inconvenient, with nothing special to recommend it, unless you require a huge beer list and/or are using bicycles for transportation. With a nice small group, it might be fun to go to North Beach and do the Italian restaurant thing, though, depending on how much that idea appeals.

There are a lot of spots right near Moscone, and while few jump out as particularly special on their own, the closest are: Chevy's (shunned as a chain but oh so convenient), Thirsty Bear (Howard, between 2nd and 3rd), any of a number of places in the Yerba Buena / Metreon complex (adjacent to Moscone, includes Jillian's and a food court), and the Chieftain (Howard, at 5th) - just to get you started.
posted by caitlinb at 9:43 AM on June 19, 2005

Four people said they want to come, and you think this won't fly?

let me check. yep. seems like that's what i wrote.

does everyone turn up, normally? i was thinking maybe 50% would show, which leaves 2.5 of us and a beer.

but hey, now i'm in another disagreement with someone here, which gives my life meaning. i can sit in a corner thinking "told you so" and feeling deliciously indignant, or someone might appear. seems like win-win.
posted by andrew cooke at 10:05 AM on June 19, 2005

does that need a smiley?
posted by andrew cooke at 10:06 AM on June 19, 2005

Smiley or no smiley, makes no nevermind to me. I'll be in New York, anyway.

I don't worry too much about how many people will show up, myself. If there's 2 or more, it's a meetup, as far as I'm concerned. Well, or a date, but anyway.... Also, people show up without posting as well as posting without showing up. And since the javaone crowd is a captive audience, you are likely to have some turnout.

On a tactical note: I find that the single biggest predictor of whether something like this will fly is whether the person who called for it is very clear that they will be there. (N.b., riffola, who has been very shy about meetups lately, confirming his presence at "meet Caitlin month.") You're not a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, of course, but you're coming from far away, so you can definitely play the novelty card. If you say you might not, unless you get firm RSVPs, then people won't be as likely to show.

So I recommend just choosing a place, saying when you'll be there, and, if you wish, making some additional contact info available for last-minute coordination. Maybe even make an entry. Just build it. They'll come.
posted by caitlinb at 10:52 AM on June 19, 2005

caitlinb's advice is solid.
posted by vacapinta at 10:55 AM on June 19, 2005

ok, so andrew cooke will be receiving offers of drinks at thirsty bear at 8pm on saturday 5th of june.

he will look something like this, but without the headphones.
posted by andrew cooke at 11:48 AM on June 19, 2005

bugger. 25th of june.
posted by andrew cooke at 11:50 AM on June 19, 2005

See? I was right, caitlinb's involvement is exactly what was needed. Thanks, yo.

Another piece of advice: post a reminder thread on Thursday or Friday.
posted by epimorph at 1:28 PM on June 19, 2005

i might go if this happens.
posted by inksyndicate at 7:39 PM on June 19, 2005

posted by quasistoic at 11:21 PM on June 19, 2005

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