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Who's going to ALA?
posted by willpie to MetaFilter Gatherings at 12:33 PM (13 comments total)

Some of you library types must be going. Who wants to meet up?
Also, non-library Chicago people: wanna come hang out with some librarians? Want to pick the venue? Please?
posted by willpie at 12:38 PM on June 19, 2005

I'm going, I'm on &$%# ALA Council. There will be a bloggish get-together sponsored by OCLC/WebJunction at 5:30 on Sunday, location TBD [OCLC Blue Suite?] which might be an okay meet-up location. Otherwise I'd say "after a membership meeting, you ARE going to memebrship meetings, right?"

My schedule looks like this, if anyone has good ideas, I'd love to hear them.
posted by jessamyn at 12:55 PM on June 19, 2005

I can't make it :( have a great time folks!
posted by mlis at 1:47 PM on June 19, 2005

Also, non-library Chicago people: wanna come hang out with some librarians? Want to pick the venue? Please?

I would be down for hanging out with librarians, but when? when? will y'all be available and not conventionating?
posted by kenko at 3:22 PM on June 19, 2005

Hmm... I'll be in Chicago on the 25th, but not for the ALA. I'm staying with my sister for the night at the U of C, which doesn't appear to be too far away. If someone organized something on that night I might come.
posted by sbutler at 4:01 PM on June 19, 2005

Howzabout we call it Saturday evening? I'll be available then, anyway. I'm not 100% sure what the part of town I'm staying in is called, but it looks like I'm walking distance from Navy Pier (as, indeed, are most of the official ALA hotels; strangely, this is rather far from the location of the actual convention) any fun places to convene near there? Bonus points if the venue has kickass Chicago-style foodstuffs.
posted by willpie at 8:23 PM on June 19, 2005

Next year, probably. Have fun, all.
posted by Alt F4 at 9:03 AM on June 20, 2005

I'm contemplating NextFest on Saturday. Anyone else?
posted by jessamyn at 1:07 PM on June 20, 2005

Saturday at 8 the Butchershop Quartet is playing at the Chopin Theatre. They play one (1) thing, the Rite of Spring, on two electric guitars, bass, and drums. It's pretty awesome.
posted by kenko at 6:37 PM on June 20, 2005

I should at least warn you that you're in town during Taste of Chicago (6/24-7/4), which is (I think) the biggest and most crowded annual event in Chicago. It takes place between where the ALA meetings are and where most of your hotels appear to be, so it may take you a bit longer than usual to get around.

I'm an amateur library nerd and would love to meet some professional library nerds, but I've got a full dancecard next weekend. Have fun.
posted by Slack-a-gogo at 4:31 AM on June 21, 2005

Thanks for the warning, slack.
So, um, I guess we're not doing a big meet-up, huh?
posted by willpie at 5:18 AM on June 23, 2005

I'll be at ALA. For those who haven't attended before -- it's HUGE and there's never enough time to actually get to everything you want to get to.

willpie - the ALA hotels are part of the convention itself. Only the exhibits are at McCormick. Meetings, seminars, presentations, etc. take place at the hotels.

If there is a meetup, someone email me (address in my profile)...
posted by INTPLibrarian at 1:37 PM on June 24, 2005

willpie: was there a meet-up? Pictures? Swag? Come on, Come on, lets hear all about it!
posted by mlis at 11:26 AM on July 1, 2005

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