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I'm going to be in Boston around the week of the 18th of July, and was wondering if any Boston-based (or closish) MeFi-types want to meet up somewhere and have dinner, or argue about why we hate what.

I'm proposing the 19th - which is a Tuesday. Thoughts?
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I have yet to make it to a Boston meetup. Anybody else up for it?
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Not sure if I can make it or not, but being a Boston Mefite, I hereby bless this meeting request.


I think it'd be good. I don't think we've had a meeting since the ALA meeting back in February or March.
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Relocating back to Boston this week and would be interested in making one of these meetups but argh, I'll be on a work trip from the 18th-20th. Have a beer for me though. I know I will.
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I'm there.
posted by Ryvar at 6:17 PM on July 5, 2005

Maybe. Figure out a locale, and I'll try to come in to town. The Littlest Bar might be a great option for a Tuesday night.
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Oh, he wants dinner. How about Fajitas and Ritas around the corner from The Littlest Bar?
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I hate mexican, but I'm not big on eating in front of other people anyway so I'm content to just drink a coke and chat.

The last Boston meetup was held in very very loud and crowded bar where seats didn't open up until people had already started leaving, so perhaps something quieter, roomier, and with an open WAP nearby?
posted by Ryvar at 7:05 PM on July 5, 2005

Oh, he wants dinner. How about Fajitas and Ritas around the corner from The Littlest Bar?

That's a good idea. And there's about 60 other places to adjoin to if Fajitas and Ritas becomes deadly crowded.
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Only problem I see with Fajitas and Ritas is that they close at 9PM on Tuesdays.

Ryvar brings up a very good point - it should be quiet enough to chat, and waiting an hour for a table is a no-no.

I'll try to brainstorm some places, but I'm defintely open to suggestions. Fajitas and Ritas' location seems decent, though I'm concerned about parking near the common. What about something in Cambridge?
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This chick is playing Ryles on July 19. Doors open at 9PM. Cover is $8.
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Cambridge is even better for me.
posted by Ryvar at 9:25 PM on July 5, 2005

I'll be in Boston for work the week of the 25th, so if anyone wants to meet-up, but can't do it the week of the 18th let's plan something for the following week.
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FlamingBore - that's fine if everyone decides on the next week instead - but I won't be there past the 19th (in any usable way).

But if everyone decides next week works best, I'll happily bow out and let the rest of it take its course.
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and waiting an hour for a table is a no-no

That pretty much nixes the Littlest Bar.

I'd recommend either the Times (Irish pub), Bukowski's (well-stocked dive), or the Linwood (best all-around).
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What about the Red Fez? It's in the South End but has its own (free) parking lot, it isn't loud or crowded and it has food and super atmosphere.
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Bukowski's in Inman is pretty empty on Tuesdays, as is The Thirsty Scholar. It's easier to find places now that most the students have fled.

There's also a slew of places near North Station that are usually pretty empty in absense of a Fleet Center event.

The Burren Adventure was done in by a private party in the back room that sucked up 50% of the bar's seating.
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Please don't make it in Inman. One of the nice things about hosting a MeFi meetup in a city is the ability to use the city's public transportation if the need arises. The 30 minute walk/stumble to the Cambridge T would be a real pain in the ass.

It's in the South End but has its own (free) parking lot

Methinks MC may have alterior motives for the South End recommendation!

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Bukowski's in Inman is pretty empty on Tuesdays, as is The Thirsty Scholar.

Inman rocks, and Bukowskis is always good (with a good selection of beers)...parking in Inman does not rock. The Druid rocks, parking in Inman does not.

I'd lean towards Cambridge, too.

As a warning: the Red Sox are at Fenway from July 14 - 20, so doing anything in the Fenway-to-Prudential area will be a complete least in my suburbanite view...
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Difficult for me to get there from Maine on a school night . . . .
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Oof. Sox games make everything tricky. Trying to balance the need to be near the T and the desire for actual sitting/talking room at a bar is likewise tricky. Combine that with the need to get a bar that has decent parking, is near the T, is not crowded, and on a game night...

It's been awhile since I've been near Allston on a weekday game night, but that could be a possibility. Tuesday nights are league dart nights, so some (Sillouette) would be full up, but others like Sunset could be doable if they take reservations.
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Sports Depot in Allston?

Seriously...a pretty standard sports bar, but it's got tons of room, a relatively big menu and beer list...and a non-functional waterfall! Plus, the sox/yankees game on the hundreds of TVs around the place coupled with rowdy locals could be fun...

I dunno, just an idea. Other Allston places could be good, too, esp. since the students are gone.
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How about Sweetwater, right of Tremont in City Place?

TVs for the game, inexpensive & very good food, trivia downstairs (I think on Tuesdays), and it's just a quick walk from the Boylston T stop. "Eat 'til 1, drink 'til 2"
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I've been thinking of making a trip to providence and/or boston later this month, so may try to coordinate with this... however, not sure if friends can put me up on, as janetland puts it, school nights.
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Allston parking will be problematic; while the students may be "out" for the summer, they'll likely be hanging around their apartments getting wasted/high. Allston may be less-crowded in the summer, but only relatively speaking. If you want to avoid the Fenway crowds, go downtown. Most of the suburbanites are too afraid to brave the downtown traffic just to get a pint.

Difficult for me to get there from Maine on a school night

Yeah, why Tuesday?
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I'm in on the 19th. What about Grendel's? it's on the T, in Harvard Sq, and should be reasonaly quiet on a Tuesday
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We're doing a good job of living up to the old "25 players, 25 cabs" tradition of Boston.

It sounds like the 19th is the date of choice; if I'm not doing anything early the next day, I'll go to any site selected. Someone pick a few options, and put it to a vote.

Heck, I'll do it. Vote:

A) Fajitas and Ritas, downtown.
B) Bukowski's, Inman Square.
C) Sports Depot, Allston.
D) Grendels, Harvard Square.
E) None of the Above, I vant to be alone.
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B or D is good for me!
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Whichever is most like a library but still serves alcohol for the rest of you guys.
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Grendel's has fantastic and cheap sangria, that's my vote!
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Grendel's sounds like a good idea. It's near the T, parking around Harvard can certainly be found.

I'm voting for D. It seems like it's the best of the options.
posted by christian at 1:57 PM on July 6, 2005

Although, reading the citysearch profile on Grendel's is pointing towards it being crowded often.

I'm wondering if something less pubby and more family-restaurant-ish might be better. They'd be more likely to take a reservation, and less likely to be stocked full of people who don't plan on leaving anytime soon.

That said, I'll go with majority rules.
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Word up.

Unless anyone wants to take Cab 26 to Kowloon in Saugus......I keed, I keed...
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If the Harvard Square location still thrills, there's "Phat Boyz" BBQ, a new place in where Rock Bottom/Brew Moon used to be on Church Street. More open space than Grendel's.

But space may depend on the number of people showing up.
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Well, I'll try to make it, but it'll be hard . . . . actually, Kowloon would be better for me, hehheh.
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I still like the Harvard location, robocop is bleeding. I'm going to call both Phat Boyz and Grendel's to see if either would be willing to take a reservation.

Can I get a confirmation from those who expect they'd be likely to make it? Some of you have posted with info/suggestions, but not said you'd be there.

A simple "yea" will do. :)
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yea x 2 (MeFi lurker bf)
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Maybe one of these days, though, we'll actually have a Boston meetup in - oh, I don't know - Boston?
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yea x2
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Maybe one of these days, though, we'll actually have a Boston meetup in - oh, I don't know - Boston?
Ha. Wishful thinking.

What I don't understand, why do meetups always happen in dives? If I wanted to break bread with a distant pen pal, I'd reserve a table at Smith & Wollensky. Maybe go to the North End. Find a decent restaurant, good food, nice atmosphere. If I only get to see my friend once a year, I don't skimp.

MeFi, Wikipedia, etc. -- every time I read about a meetup, it's happening in some sleazy sports bar or a budget buffet restaurant. Lame. But I'm not the "meetup" type, so carry on. Just thought I'd let y'all know about that show.
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cribcage, I think the idea is to find someplace that has a reasonable atmosphere that is cheapish so that many will come.

as much as I'd love to have MeFiBoston at, say, Ciao Bella on Newbury St, many might feel the price tag for the italian food isn't worth it considering they're mostly going to argue politics and talk about JRun anyway.
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Second cribcage. Mayor Curley, if you want to arrange something in the South End, or anywhere in Boston, let me know.

How come the Linwood didn't make the list? Ran out of letters?
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curley had a good idea with the red fez, but everyone want's to stay on the other side of the river... will try to get there.
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Well, the price tag for Italian food at Ciao Bella isn't worth it, because (a) all prices are inflated on Newbury Street, and (b) Ciao Bella sucks.

I thought I addressed the cost issue. But if you insist on being niggardly, that's cool. Go to the North End. Avoid the Eurotrash cafes and stick to the Mom & Pop restaurants. If you can't handle the prices at, say, Alloro, then you belong at McDonald's. [Personally, I prefer Assaggio. But whatever. Lo Conte's is great. Ditto for Massimino's. Et cetera.]

I'm not attending, so I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything. It's just something that's always mystified me: Meetups invariably happen at dives.
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everytime someone says "niggardly", I'm reminded of The Ratbastard's story written about the incident you linked, cribcage.

The biggest issue I have with the North End and Back Bay is the lack of parking. Cambridge seemeded like a reasonable compromise.

I'm not sure we'll ever get everyone to agree on one place, so I'm going to stick with the direction we're headed in unless a comet or some other catastrophe makes that impossible.

Will post details shortly.
posted by christian at 12:22 AM on July 9, 2005

Grendel's sounds good to me. And if it's too packed there, there are plenty of options in the Square. I suppose if we move we can leave a note on the fence. Oh, and I may actually come this time.

Unless anyone wants to go to PJ Kilroy's by Fenway...
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yea to Harvard Sq.
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Okay - seems like a fair amount of interest.

So let's say Grendel's in Harvard, 8PM on Tuesday?

If folks would like, they can email me and I'll be happy to pass along my cell # for co-ordinating stuff.
posted by christian at 12:59 PM on July 11, 2005

I believe I can actually make this one - count me in.
posted by jalexei at 2:16 PM on July 11, 2005

i can be at grendel's at 8pm. i rather liked the sweetwater suggestion since it is in boston (and right down the street from where i live).
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