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NYC Meetup : M.I.A. is playing a free concert at Central Park Summerstage on August 7th at 3pm. In addition, my old friend Schyler523 will be in town. Whadda you guys say?
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I dunno. You can have to line up really early to get into Summerstage. I would be glad to meet up after though, say at Manitobas finally.
posted by dame at 2:31 PM on July 27, 2005

if it's not this hot, i'd love to see MIA--otherwise definitely at manitobas. : >
posted by amberglow at 4:33 PM on July 27, 2005

M.I.A.? Definately.
Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll pass.
posted by Smart Dalek at 5:53 PM on July 27, 2005

Yay! Mani-fuckin-toba's!
posted by jonmc at 7:30 PM on July 27, 2005

that place better be great, after all the nudging.
posted by amberglow at 8:18 PM on July 27, 2005

It *must* have better bathrooms than the last one, so it already wins in my book.
posted by dame at 8:37 PM on July 27, 2005

i noticed that too /princess tinybladder
posted by amberglow at 9:14 PM on July 27, 2005

I prefer the bar across the street from Manitoba, 7B.
$3.75 pints of Yuengling.
posted by Edible Energy at 11:46 PM on July 27, 2005

Ah, my first >100 comments post! Good times, good times.

I'd go see MIA, but I'd have to practice holding back laughter, I think. If she dances in person like she dances in that video.
posted by blacklite at 11:52 PM on July 27, 2005

Manitoba's...finally. Unfortunately for me, August 7th is a Sunday so I can't make it. I'll catch y'all later.
posted by safetyfork at 7:51 AM on July 28, 2005

Posting from the library in Lake Placid, so I'll be unable to reply to anything until the weekend, but I am excited to hang out with the usual suspects, either at summerstage or manitoba's!

Supposedly, the weather should break as i get to the city, I think a cold front is coming through. If not, then it can't be that much hotter than Missouri (which admittedly is really uncomfortably hot)!

posted by schyler523 at 8:41 AM on July 28, 2005

Oh, if we are rescheduling, I leave on the 8th, so anytime between this Sat. afternoon and the night of the 7th is good.
posted by schyler523 at 8:58 AM on July 28, 2005

But she's so fun live! And yes, blacklite, she really does dance like that in concert.
posted by Bear at 12:40 PM on July 28, 2005

Sundays are always bad for me after 5pm or thereabouts, so if people in general prefer any other day, it's more likely I'll be able to show. But don't move anything around on my account. It's possible I may not be able to go on another day.

(It is true, however, I have yet to go to Manitoba's and w/jonmc's relentless pitch I'm all geared up to go).
posted by safetyfork at 2:15 PM on July 28, 2005

Speaking of the 7th-8th of August, Kitundu will be performing at the Wave Hill Garden in the Bronx those days. I'll be there.
posted by Edible Energy at 8:26 PM on July 28, 2005

Kitundu, I would see live. Thanks for the heads-up.
posted by Smart Dalek at 4:01 AM on July 29, 2005

It'd be better for me if this was saturday since I have a family obligation on the 7th, and it would be really ironic to have a meetup an Manitoba's without me.
posted by jonmc at 11:45 AM on July 30, 2005

So let's make it next Saturday at Manitobas. That way jon and the fork can make it--they both really wanna go.
posted by dame at 11:52 AM on July 30, 2005

Kitundu's gig is at 3pm on the 6th, allowing plenty of time to catch the meetup.
posted by Smart Dalek at 12:43 PM on July 30, 2005

*jams pith helmet upon head*
*lights Calabash pipe*
*adjusts pince-nez spectacles*
*strokes handlebar moustache*

I should daresay, of course, that back in the old days, one would merely hire a hansom cab to get to Manitoba.
But thanks to our illustrious age of progress, one merely taps the brass rail with one's foot.

*puffs dramatically on pipe*

posted by Smart Dalek at 12:58 PM on July 30, 2005

what time?
posted by gaspode at 7:43 PM on August 1, 2005

Great. I'll try and be there Saturday Aug. 6th.

Around 8 or 9?
posted by safetyfork at 6:49 AM on August 2, 2005

why not start a little earlier?
posted by jonmc at 9:05 AM on August 3, 2005

Sure. Whatever's clever works for me!
posted by safetyfork at 2:11 PM on August 3, 2005

Cool. I'm gonna be there for a little while, (earlier rather than later), losing my meetup virginity.
posted by gaspode at 9:31 PM on August 3, 2005

Somebody needs to set a time and post to the MeTa Frontpage a reminder.
posted by jonmc at 7:05 AM on August 4, 2005

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