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January 5

Slow for everyone? Or just me?

I've noticed that MetaFilter pages are coming up slower than usual for me, here on the east coast of the US. It's regularly taking between 2 and 18 seconds for content to show. This is isn't the case for my connection on other web sites. So, I ran some page load measuring tools that try to get a sense for how things load from various places in the world. [more inside]

September 13, 2023


Why all the bee chat all over the site this week? I appreciate it, but I'd like to both appreciate and understand it. [more inside]

August 9, 2023

Issue with creating new TV Fanfare posts?

Is anyone else having problems creating TV posts in Fanfare in Android Chrome? [more inside]

January 21, 2023

Reader View works differently on different subsites

The discussion in this Meta about reader-friendly Mefi pages had a side discussion about reader view and how it's not very consistent across sites. I suspect that Matter (an iOS read-it-later app) uses reader view and I've noticed a discrepancy: posts from Mefi Blue are saved with both the post and the comments, but posts from AskMefi only have the original question, no comments. I haven't tried it on other subsites yet, nor do I know how this works with other read-it-later apps, so if others can chime it that'd be great!

January 16, 2023

On a MetaFilter that can be actually read when sending links to friends

I have a friend who teaches autistic children. I want to send her Zumbador's post on autism that can easily read. On a phone. Which is not the case when it comes up with yellow text on a dark blue background to an outsider. This raises all sorts of questions for me. Let me list them [more within] in an off the top of my head order. [more inside]

November 21, 2022

Bug warning: MeFi Mail issues

Heads up: Sending MefiMail might silently break. When it doesn’t work, the message is not sent, and it doesn’t show up in your Sent Mail folder. [more inside]

July 12, 2022

Is there some trick to making "X new" work?

It will often happen that a post will say "N comments (X new)" for me, when "X" is wildly inaccurate. Sometimes there are 0 new when it tells me there are some, and other times there are some new but not as many as it says. Is there something within my control to improve how well this works? [more inside]

June 27, 2022

What happened to text copy on iPad?

Sometime in about the last week, the ability to copy text, say, from a comment or a post, has been lost on my iPad. If I try to copy text, I am confronted with only the choice to copy an image—an image that appears to be the blue background. I am no longer able to select or copy text in either Safari or Chrome on iOS (iPad in my case). I have tested several other sites and this frustrating deficit seems to be limited to metafilter. Have somehow, after years of participation with iPad somehow lost my way?

December 26, 2021

Line breaks within list items don't work as expected

Pony request: better handling of HTML lists (ordered and unordered) in posts and comments. [more inside]

July 30, 2021

IRL alerts aren't working

Granted with the pandemic, there have been many fewer IRL events, but given IRL alerts aren't currently working, shouldn't that be noted on the IRL page? Right now, anyone who checked out the IRL page would think they were working. [more inside]

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