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A Metafilter Discord - Metacraft

A few years a Discord server called Metacraft was created for Mefites to hang out and share their crafting projects. It's recently been expanded to include a few more channels for broader activity. If you're looking for somewhere to chat about crafting and showcase what you're making, post pics of your pets or the view out your window, or just somewhere lowkey to hang out and shoot the sh*t, check out the server :) [more inside]
posted by womb of things to be and tomb of things that were on Apr 28, 2022 - 26 comments

MeFi Discord channel

Howdy! So, scrolling through the video game trailers post, I noticed there's quite a few resident gamers here in MeFi. Which made me wonder: Does metafilter have it's own Discord channel? I think it might be a good idea. It would be a good place to banter about politics while queueing for some Overwatch or whatever, and avoiding the casual racism and misoginy that permeates most multiplayer games. For those not in the know, discord is a low latency voice and text app designed for gaming. It's pretty good.
posted by _Synesthesia_ on Jun 12, 2017 - 16 comments

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