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censorship on Metafilter

My post titled "The Most Dangerous Video on the Internets" was pulled after appearing for a mere 10 minutes or so. In addition to that, jessamyn's posted "reason" was a cheap resort to name-calling. The video to which I was linking is 2 hours long. How can you possibly have decided that it was worth censoring after a mere 10 minutes? Are Metafilter readers really unable to decide for themselves whether or not they should view the video? I've received an email reply from jessamyn which I appreciate, but believe her reasons to be without merit. I like Metafilter a lot (it's my homepage), but really don't like censorship which is exactly what this smells like. I'd like to know more about this decision.
posted by msquare on Jul 18, 2007 - 106 comments

Admin for a Day

Admin for a day: To raise money (and give himself an occasional break) mathowie could occasionally auction off 24-hour admin rights. These temporary admins could delete posts, suspend miscreants and maybe even manually register new users.
posted by timeistight on Nov 10, 2004 - 57 comments

"an average day in the life of mathowie?"

Matt, have you ever thought of detailing "an average day in the life of administering MetaFilter?" [more inside]
posted by machaus on Oct 3, 2002 - 5 comments

Who's your MeFi crush?

Okay, there's been some negativity round these parts lately, so let's try this: Is there any MeFiosi upon whom you've developed a sort of (intellectual?) crush? (Potentially lame query, I know, but I figure it'll get some positive feedback going. We've spilled a lot of bytes talking about the people, or personae, we don't like, ad nauseam, so I figure the opposite is worth a shot. So shoot! Free love!)
posted by donkeyschlong on Jul 31, 2002 - 97 comments

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