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The Joy of FPPing

To people who have done this; why did you create Front Page Post(s) on MetaFilter? The motivations are interesting in themselves, and may also provide positive reasons for people to cross the rubicon from lurker to poster. [more inside]
posted by Wordshore on Dec 7, 2012 - 120 comments

More META than META!

When you describe AskMeFi to others, how do/would you characterize/qualify/paint the responses in a macroscopic way? [more inside]
posted by milqman on Jan 9, 2010 - 96 comments

a 'news-oriented weblog'

While Googling around, I found this project, done by someone at Berkeley, using a Metafilter thread to point out various types of 'audience'. It seems to have been done to fulfill one of the assignments in this course, whose professor calls Metafilter a 'news-oriented weblog' in the syllabus (scroll down near the end of the page). Are you a "Sharer of News"? An "Idea Generator"? A "Quoter"? Or could you be a "Contrarian", or perhaps a "Humorist/Summarist"?
posted by evanizer on May 29, 2002 - 18 comments

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