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pony request: auto link obvious urls in posts

I'm not a huge voice on this site but I'm a regular visitor. I often read, and occasionally comment from my phone. It'd be nice if the URLs added in comments were auto linked, it would make it easier for both posters and readers. I understand that their can be ambiguity in URLs but maybe we could make some simplifying assumptions, such as anything matching http://(optional.)(whatever).(whatever) gets linked. I'll keep visiting either way.
posted by askmehow on Sep 20, 2013 - 55 comments

Automagic Hyperlinks

People are pasting urls as text a lot more frequently, it seems, despite how easy it is to make a hyperlink with the "link" button under the text area. Maybe it has to do with people using mobile devices? In any case, would it be possible to add a routine that would automatically detect for "http://" in the text, and turn them into hyperlinks?
posted by crunchland on Apr 20, 2012 - 70 comments

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