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Metafilter is ridiculous this morning (1/13/06)

The Front Page this morning is ridiculous. A post about a non-existent blog asking for money. A post about nothing! (And crappy nothing to boot.) A newsfilter post about, well, news, that's supposed to be outrageous somehow. And then a post that 1) leads with a previous MeFi post, 2) is mostly predicated on one picture. If you don't have the makings for a good FPP, you don't. It's ok, you can post something good when you come across something good.
posted by OmieWise on Jan 13, 2006 - 67 comments

Please no Iraq posts

As ineffective as the injunction against Iraq-related threads on the posting page was, maybe something similar might be a good idea to head off what is certain to grow into an onslaught of suboptimal posts like this one over the coming months.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Jan 24, 2004 - 61 comments

Terrorist threat alerts do not make good posts.

I think this thread is a prime example of the kind of things not to post to MeFi...
posted by evanizer on Feb 11, 2002 - 14 comments

Kill Post

How about a "kill post" function, with a tipping point. A little button next to front-page posts, that if 10, 15, 25, whatever people click within the first 10 minutes (or 5 responses) of a post, it gets deleted from the front page.

It's democratic, it's brutally efficient, and it will cut down on front page non-posts. I think people here are mature enough not to delete posts just because they're political.. and if not, the tipping point can just be scaled up a bit.
posted by cell divide on Sep 26, 2001 - 5 comments

Island of Bad Posts?

I just noticed another insanely long no-link post was pulled this morning. It might be useful to have a Island of Bad Posts archive where stuff that gets pulled is anonymized and listed along with a 25 word description of why it was pulled. This page could be linked to the register page for new users so they can learn through negative example as well as learning by positive example just by reading the site. Plus I'm sure a lot of us are just curious about what's getting pulled....
posted by jessamyn on Apr 11, 2001 - 6 comments

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