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Attention Best Posters from August 2006

Attention Best Posters from August

Please go to your profiles and make sure you have some PayPal information entered so that mathowie can give you the $30 you so rightfully deserve. This means you b_thinky, bigmusic, blahblahblah, cenoxo, CodeBaloo, ColdChef, dios, Drunken_munky, emph, HuronBob, hydrophonic, jason's_planet, jonp72, jonson, ktoad, languagehat, LobsterMitten, MetaMonkey, Miko, mygothlaundry, nthdegx, ottereroticist, peacay, pwedza, reklaw, signal and y2karl. Thanks for making MetaFilter in August rock!
posted by jessamyn on Sep 1, 2006 - 69 comments

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