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How to harness the 'critical mass' of MeFi?

May I toss out an idea here for something that could conceivably be considered for inclusion in the MeFi system? MeFites are very skilled at finding holes in one's argument ... but can that power be harnessed? [more inside]
posted by woodblock100 on Dec 8, 2007 - 32 comments

pileon someone you disagree with

In this thread (http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/58548) people are piling on jonmc simply because they do not agree with him..(MI)
posted by konolia on Feb 12, 2007 - 226 comments

going against the crowd? ok?

I've been letting my inner Stalinst (the one that I pretty much abandoned in college) comment for me and it's been fun having an opposing viewpoint instead of saying "yeah, me too!" Because that part of me has all the answers where the adult tends to shrug a lot. But I've been getting hate mail for it. Which is okay, even if it surprises me that anyone cares enough to actually do that.

But that leads me to my question-- does expressing strong views that run counter to general trends really ruin anyone's afternoon? My feeling has been that this is entertainment and no one's preconceived opinions ever change at the end of a discussion anyway. So polarity makes for more interesting angles instead of everyone nodding... [MI]
posted by Mayor Curley on Aug 12, 2005 - 145 comments

Troll vs. good poster?

Excuse me ignorance for a few moments, but I in all honesty cannot for the life of me understand why bevets is being considered a troll/flamer in this thread about evolution.
Now, I am a full proponent of the Theory of Evolution. However, that said, all bevets is doing is disagreeing with the Theory. Some people like orthogonality decide to actually respond to bevets' ideas. Not to pick on any one user, but then you get bshort who sounds more like a troll than bevets by not even thoughtfully responding to bevets' creationist ideas.
In all honestly, if byver wants to have an open dialogue about this topic, what is the problem? Does that make him a troll if he earnestly wants to discuss the topic, even if you all think he sucks at it because if so, then a whole LOT of users would be trolls with whom the masses just happen to agree with.

*note* I do NOT intend this thread to be a pileon over bevets (enough of that happened in the thread), but rather what makes a troll vs. a good poster since all I see here is a very strong disagreement in ideologies.
posted by jmd82 on Mar 26, 2005 - 58 comments

diversity of opinion here on PinkoFilter

"Why can't homosexuals take responsibility for their role in the propagation of HIV infections? It was their culture and practices that facilitated HIV infection and tipped the balance to epidemic. Even before this male homosexuals known for their association with transmission of disease".

"Queens are pathetic in old age as their protestations about the faults of others fail to hide their wrinkles"

Jesus you people* are hateful, and smug too.

I know that we need more diversity of opinion here on PinkoFilter, but where's the limit (if there is one)? (more inside)

posted by matteo on Nov 17, 2003 - 181 comments

disagree != troll

Orthodoxy again rears its ugly head. Trolling is alleged three times in a row because the poster's views diverged from the Metafilter norm (and the poster was alleged to be gasp repeatedly expressing similar views), with the worst yet to come; another poster is called blatantly biased and therefore "loses any credibility", and told "not to expect to be taken seriously" even though he has himself explained that bias and has been thoughtful and on point to discussion. Another was recently called out for not leavening his posts with, well, other posts expressing a different viewpoint. Is this really contributory to open discussion and debate? Is it really now to be verboten to express a point of view, especially in an FPP? Can someone join a discussion even though they have pre-existing views, whether they be based on bias or principle? Or are some on Metafilter simply annoyed by points of view they don't like?
posted by dhartung on Mar 29, 2002 - 104 comments

The Grand Liberal Metafilter Conspiracy

The Grand Liberal Metafilter Conspiracy. Step inside, won't you?
posted by solistrato on Jan 30, 2002 - 56 comments

"why we hate the dissenter"

There are some interesting things going on here worthy of discussion without this becoming a "why we hate the dissenter" metatalk thread.

Someone makes some pretty loaded statements many agree are worth explanation, and they're fairly shocking statements so names get thrown around too (perhaps just a normal reaction to being shocked).

Person returns and talks around the initial questions, claims everything is opinion so further investigation is pointless, and plays the victim as much as possible. Calls everyone on the site closed minded for shutting out his opinion.

Two things:

- This happens a lot (the "all you metafilter people blah blah blah...), and is worthy of further thought. How can a group claim to be open minded on one hand, but react strongly to someone going against the grain?

- Like many usenet sociological work before this site ever existed, there are obvious patterns on the behavior of strong dissenting personalities. I've seen posts in a thread just like this a zillion times before, funny how it repeats.
posted by mathowie on May 9, 2001 - 34 comments

And you wonder where all the conservatives have gone...

Etiquette/Opinions/View of the poster.

Since this post discusses all of the above, I don't know any other way to begin, or to jump in, but here goes - I, as a somewhat conservative person, one of maybe 2 here on mefi, have tried to be reasonably patient. The reasoning behind it was something like 'well, this is just a joke, if I ignore, I won't bite the trap as to trolls do this on ngs and I have long since learned to killfire', and at times felt that; and since I'm mostly disagreed with, I feel that the very thought of me 'calling foul' would be met with great hostility. Maybe I was right.

Example. The topic of this post is an opinion of the poster, and he does in fact semi-self link. There's nothing wrong with offering your opinion, in fact it's great. I guess, let me put it this way - what if, say I, were to post a link saying 'Democrats really do think with their dick' and would link it to the Jesse Jackson story + a post on FreeRepublic with me saying this (I don't even want to go near the FreeRepublic, mind you). Not to whine, but, I really want you to see my side of this. There are many other examples, and I'll continue inside. (as to not take up the entire page)
posted by tiaka on Jan 17, 2001 - 30 comments

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