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What do we think about kuro5hin?

What's the relationship between kuro5hin and MetaFilter?

Searching MeFi for discussion about kuro5hin.org didn't answer my question. The site founder, Rusty Foster, does have a MeFi account, but his comments don't help much, either.

It's been said at both sites that the readership overlaps, and both sites seem to be compatriots in the community blogosphere, but I was somewhat surprised that K5 readers (well two, at least :-) didn't buy buying my assertion that K5 didn't have to link to a certain story because MeFi already had done so. Then I realized that MeFi readers would probably say the feeling's mutual.

I'm relatively new to MeFi, but I think I'm a quick study. It seems to me that because of that site's structure, K5 is more suited to long, developed, original stories. Its sophisticated mojo system (comment ratings, etc.) and nested comments allow more thorough discussions. But MeFi feels much more like a traditional blog -- updated several times a day with brief links and comments. K5 favors technology and culture stories, while MeFi is much more eclectic.

I hope other, more experienced MeFi members who also hang out at kuro5hin.org will elaborate.
posted by tbc on Sep 22, 2002 - 31 comments

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