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Hi, I'm new here. I don't want to beat a dead horse.

But I'm tempted to post my current dilemma to AskMe: I'm a new professor who gave my class of seniors a programming assignment to work on yesterday. Two of them asked for help by addressing me as "Mrs. Dashy". Here's the thing: no matter how a woman approaches the topic of sexism or implicit bias she's told "you're doing it wrong" -- so, how do you suggest I handle this? I read academic blogs, and I thought GracieABD handled her "teach naked" situation just perfectly. I was well familiar with it before it popped up here. .... or is this beating a dead, battered horse to a pulp?
posted by Dashy on Sep 6, 2013 - 22 comments

Bringing out the dead

My first pony. [more inside]
posted by Trurl on Sep 1, 2011 - 44 comments

Updating old, dead FPP links?

Dead link updating pony? [more inside]
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur on Feb 22, 2010 - 40 comments

The AskMe Answer That Will Never Die

It's the AskMe answer that will never die... [more inside]
posted by benzo8 on Sep 5, 2008 - 61 comments

Dead MeFi threads

How and under what circumstances do MeFi threads die or become deleted?

Perhaps this is an FAQ and someone can point out an existing answer, but a week or so ago, I posted a comment on a thread I found on the front page, and about an hour later found to be missing from the front page.

There is still a link to the thread in my personal comment history, but it seems otherwise publicly inaccessible.

Also, many of the comments in the thread indicated that the posters fully expected the thread to be deleted and that they were jockeying for "last post".

I've read most if not all the introductory matter here, but I don't remember seeing anything that covered this.
posted by hwestiii on Jan 25, 2006 - 37 comments

Dead Milkmen <3 Metafilter

Thought I would let you all know... Metafilter is appreciated by living Dead Milkmen.

Yes! We rock!!! *air guitar solo*
posted by insomnia_lj on Mar 15, 2004 - 10 comments

MetaFilter Offline

Was anyone else offline last night between 6 & 11 p.m. PDT besides me?
posted by Lynsey on Jun 9, 2003 - 11 comments

Blogger = dead?

Is blogger dead?
posted by capt.crackpipe on Jan 31, 2001 - 3 comments

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